A Little Update on the Home Office

Happy Friday everybody! I just wanted to share a little update on the home office. It took me a while trying to decide which table to get in between my two white tufted chairs. I was wanting for it to be cohesive with my console | chest of drawers but still be on the affordable side. I was initially going towards one with a faux malachite top which…yikes was going to cost me $800 bucks or so. I went instead with the Renard Side Table from Ballard Designs. I thought the design was slick and timeless and at $179, it’s a steal! It came in one box and took me about ten minutes to assemble. Yes, I did it all by myself without help from the hubs. No tools needed either! It is polished steel though which didn’t have the gold/brassy hue of the other furniture in the space.

This is what it looked like before:


But there’s nothing a little paint can’t do. I always use leftover stuff, like leftover primer and acrylic paint. I had Folk Art Metallics in Antique Gold…a whopping $2.99 at Hobby Lobby. I did have to do four coats though.

And here it is now:

What do you think? My husband also finally got the West Elm panels up. We got the grommet velvet panels in iron in the living room and the home office. I think it’s the perfect texture and hue for the old house. The accessories are from the shop. Now, I just need some throw pillows in this area and it’s the perfect nook for guests or clients. I’ve already had some visits from friends that week and they loved lounging in the area while sipping on wine and munching on crackers and goat cheese.

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16 thoughts on “A Little Update on the Home Office

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  2. Wow, Maureen, I am loving your new blog! How did I miss the switch over? I love the clean layout, the images, and especially that home office! I have some panels from West Elm as well and I love them.
    Congrats on this new look – fabulous!

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