Setting the Table : Feasting in Style

Hello friends! Today, we have a special guest post from the lovely Nycia of Inspired Events here in Austin. We’ve connected a while back but we only met each other a couple of weeks ago and totally hit it off. Could it be because we love design and event styling? Ummm, no brainer, right? Today, she is sharing with us some of her design ideas for the Holiday table and gatherings.

If you are like me the excitement of setting the table for the Holidays makes you a little giddy. With holiday soirees already starting,  I am narrowing down my table display ideas. Although my family is pretty large and we normally set our table buffet style, I still have to give our setup a little thought. Of course you want to feast in style no matter what; sit down or buffet.

When thinking of your table scape, first narrow it down by color, then build your table from there.  It’s always nice to find a picture or decor piece to inspire you with your color palette. Also remember to get creative, with what you already have on hand, as well as your surroundings with nature is also a great way to build your table, by bringing in those natural elements. Here’s two table styles built off the same floral inspiration and colors.  What’s your feasting style?

1. Simply Traditional


2. Touch of Modern


Whether Traditional, Modern or anything in between, all the little details count. Your holiday table is the first place to start in making gatherings festive! Thanks so, so much Nycia!

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