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At the end of October, I was lucky enough to attend the first ever Design Camp. It’s a conference + soiree hosted by celebrity interior designers Lori Dennis and Kelli Ellis and a slew of their friends who are equally experts and taste makers in the design world. It was an amazing experience. I’m starting a series appropriately called Top 10 Reasons to Attend Design Camp written by some of the people I was lucky to have met.

Today, Sharon of Sharon Taylor Designs is sharing her insight on the camp. She’s an event planner and an interior designer extraordinaire whose work has been featured in amazing mags like Better Homes and Gardens, Real Simple and the like. That mix of Rococo + Vintage mix room above? That’s actually one of her work. Cool beans, right?

That’s her in the lovely black ensemble in the top picture and looking chic en route to the class.

And here’s her Top 10 Reasons…

1. Networking: Chatting it up with fellow designers, industry experts, and colleagues.

2. Trending Alerts: Getting up to date on the latest design trends by experts and being exposed to visual trends as well as the descriptive lingo that we can later use with our own clients.
3. Camp counselors and expert panelists are genuinely interested in YOU!
4. Green Design: Learn about how and why it is so crucial for the world we live in today!
5. ‘Making Magic’: Inspiring speakers who moved me to the point of goosebumps.
6. ‘Decorate Fearlessly’: Moving me to think outside of my own comfort zone.
7. One on One Interaction: AWESOME experience with industry experts and publishers.
8. Book Signing: LOVED adding signed copies to my personal design library!
9. Making new lifelong friends! Laughter. Wine!
10. Extremely helpful tips on getting articles and projects published.

Thanks so, so much Sharon! Please stay tuned for more campers sharing their experiences. The next camp is in Atlanta. You must check it out…here’s how to register.

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