Emerald Green and 5 Hues to Match

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I couldn’t be happier that Emerald Green is Pantone 2013’s Color of the Year. It’s rich, it’s bold, it’s mysterious, and it matches so well with other amazing hues! Sometime, last October I started getting together my workspace in our new home and I was drawn to emerald green right away and started buying accessories in green and painting in this hue. The home office is still evolving …. looking for the perfect fabric for throw pillows and paper to decoupage my old file containers. Any ideas?

Today, I want to explore what hues is the best match for Emerald Green.

1. Emerald Green and Black

Let’s face it, dark and dark states translates to drama, don’t you think? The room below works because of the floods of light entering the room and splashes of whites and creams all over that diffuses the richness of these colors together.

via Elle Decor

2. Emerald Green and Blue

Royal hues unite! Another case of dark on dark. For a bedroom, salon or a bar room, these colors would work so perfectly!

blue and green room


3. Emerald Green and Gray

Our beloved gray can really work it with any hue, pairing it with emerald green is so sophisticated!



4. Emerald Green and Pink

A glorious hue with a playful one…utterly bold and dramatic don’t you think?

pink and green room


5. Emerald Green and White

And of course, classic white and emerald green is both preppy and refreshing.


via House to Home

What do you think? Do you have a favorite? Are you infusing some emerald green in your home this year?

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9 thoughts on “Emerald Green and 5 Hues to Match

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  2. that top photo has long been a favorite of mine! i couldn’t find the source either and it drove me crazy for days – i want to know what the rest of the room looks like! i really like the emerald and blue too, it’s so moody in a sort of ultra modern way.

  3. Wow, Maureen, I love those combinations of colour – especially the green and grey! It’s so nice to see something completely out of the box. I would love to have any of those rooms in my home. Thanks for sharing.

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