15 Ways to a Fresh Home

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When we think of the word “fresh,” we often associate it with the words “new” or “cool.” Even though I love decor shopping and scouting for the hot new trends that’s out there in the design world, I truly believe that giving your home a fresh start is not about getting new, expensive things. It’s about having a different perspective, a visual perspective that is. Here are 15 easy and inexpensive ways to invigorate that once-an-amazing-now-lackluster space:

1. Fill that vase with flowers. Come on, there’s a vase somewhere in your house! Flowers gives life & beauty to any space. In the words of the great Alexander McQueen: “There is no greater designer than nature.” I couldn’t agree more!

flower bedside table Flower in a vintage bottle at my bedside table.

2. Rearrange furnishings.If you are an avid HGTV fan, I’m sure this is nothing new to you. Place the club chair and a side table where the sofa was, a pair of stools under the entryway table or choose a different focal point in your living room.

3. Paint those wooden chairs a new hue. Tired of the ho-hum wooden dining chairs? There’s nothing that a few coats of paint can’t do. Bring out your adventurous you and choose a bright and bold hue.

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4. Bring out those memorabilia. Your own photographs, postcards and travel mementos will make an amazing wall collage. If you are wanting a cohesive look, choose frames of the same color.

Travel Postcards

Me and my husband have been collecting vintage postcards from our trips.

5. Declutter. Of course, right? Sometimes the inner beauty of your home is just covered by all those junk. Clear your space up and let go, you’ll feel so much better!

6. Stencil a wall. Stenciling is not as hard as it sounds. They now come in various designs from modern to flamboyant, whimsical to avant-garde. It will give your walls a breath of fresh air.

7. Have some fake moldings. Architectural details adds elegance to any space. If real moldings does not fit your budget, do you know that just a few white lines gives the illusion of having moldings? Of course, you can always hire a trompe l’oiel artist.

Inviting Home

8. Slipcover that sofa. Maybe you’re yearning for a cottage look but that modern sofa doesn’t fit the design. Slipcovers is the answer! In crisp white or gray and a cozy space is just within your reach!

9. Dress up a console with a table skirt. Tables are so easy to dress up! Just a few yards of fabric and your amazing sewing skills and voila! A new console!

Luxe and Lillies

10. Change chair cushions. Those dining chairs looking drab? Some new cushions is just the trick. Go for a playful or geometric pattern to give your dining room a vibrant feel.

11. Change hardware. In the design world, details are just as important as the big picture. Pulls, latches and knobs…little details that are so easy to change up. Go from brass to polished nickel, vintage glass to colorful bohemian patterns. The choices are endless.

via Horchow

Change the knobs to something more ornate and it will totally change the feel of the piece.

12. Build a canopy. I’m not talking about the outdoors but a simple fabric canopy over your bed. Rods and fabric is all you need and drama is about to begin in your bedroom….literally.

Apartment Therapy


Zune Top


13. Bring in mirrors to reflect light. Your space feeling a little cramp? It’s an old design wonder but bringing in mirrors truly makes a space look larger and brighter.

14. Mix up your textures. A space has more depth when different textures are involved. Bring in a cashmere throw or a plush area rug and you’ll feel the instant warmth throughout the space.

15. Get crafty with your accessories. Accessories are the easiest to replace when redesigning a room, but if you’re not ready to part with the ones you have, then get crafty! Spray paint them, decoupage, or use some washi tape and you’re on your way to have “new” accessories that’s totally you!


I made these vases for a photo shoot from Orangina bottles by painting them and adding a washi tape.

Here’s to decorating affordably!

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5 thoughts on “15 Ways to a Fresh Home

  1. these are all fabulous suggestions! i am in the midst of freshening up my home right now. where i am starting is with some serious de-cluttering. of course that’s the least fun part but i think it will by far have the biggest impact. i am also going for a fresh coat of paint, a nice clean and bright white. be sure i will be referencing this for when i need extra motivation!

  2. Beautiful post, Maureen. I like to start freshening up the house this time of year in anticipation of spring and flowers always help get me started. Lovely images! Thank you

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