The Right {Brained} Insight

My amazing friend, creative gal, Charmie shared this vid on her Facebook page a few weeks back & I have played it more than once. It’s a bit long but I assure you, it will enlighten and inspire you!

  Jill Taylor’s Talk on Ted.Com

So, in the past couple of weeks I’ve been taking on more design projects {which fuels me so much!}. There’s nothing like deadlines & logistics though that slowly numbs your creativity. So, even though, actual drawings are not a must with my design projects {because of softwares that are so easy to use!}, I make it a point to draw more. As creatures of the western world, I do think we rely so much on our left-brain that our lives are filled with anxiety and stress. Albeit, both hemispheres are so important, yet neglecting one will most definitely spell disaster.



I realized that I like going old school — like drawing floor plans. There should be a marriage of our right and left brains. Much like a relationship, one is more dominant than the other. Nurturing our creativity {everybody has it!} will definitely make us whole, expansive, and alive! So, I definitely concur, Jill Taylor!

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