8 thoughts on “Make friends | Ignore Enemies

  1. Hi Maureen!!!!!

    I was at the Tree House this past weekend and introduced myself!!! I hope you remember. This post resonated with me as I am dealing with a similar situation!!!!! It’s amazing how the negative and hurtful things resonate so much deeper than the positive things that happen in life. Keep on trucking!!!! I am excited to hear that you just started your business and are successful!!!! You go girlfriend!!!!!! I think it’s pretty wimpy that the person who sent the e-mail did it anonymously!!!!! I don’t know you very well but am proud of watching you follow your bliss!!!!! Keep it up, you inspire me!!!!!!


  2. Maureen– you’re incredible and I think we can all see that. Each individual is remarkable in their own way, and we face our own daily battles. Each person you encounter in your life is a teacher to some degree. Even with harsh words, it teaches us that we all have a hard critic.

    Thanks for the book, I can’t stop reading it over and over again. Such an amazing gift <3 love you!

  3. Hey Maureen,

    So sorry to hear about an anonymous person sending such a rough e-mail. I think it says a lot of a person who can’t even reveal who they are, just pass judgement while hiding. As Swiss-Miss has pointed out a few times, haters gonna hate.

    I’m dying to get that book and think I will do so this week. Austin Kleon has some great motivational tweets as well. He sent out a dare this weekend, or at least I took it as a dare, to create something everyday and post it for people to see. While I find this a daunting task something I’m going to do.

    Kudos to you for chasing your dream and taking it step-by-step. I live in Austin and it seems to me that you are having great success. Obviously, keep going…you’re headed in the right direction. Bummed I didn’t make it to Treehouse to your Color Theory class on Saturday to meet you.

    • Thank you so much Katie for the comment. I just recently discovered Austin Kleon #what’swrongwithme. He’s just in our backyard! Yes, you must get his book!!!

      I’m doing more classes at Treehouse so stay tuned. Grateful for people like you!

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