The Simple Process of E-Design

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Happy Monday! I hope you had the best of Derby + Cinco de Mayo Weekend! I want to share the ongoings with a new E-design client. So, a friend just asked me what I meant by E-design. In my mind, I thought everybody knows. E-Design is short for “electronic design” or “virtual design”. It’s simply a new way of helping clients with decorating a space, a room or even their whole  house electronically, virtually, remotely through e-mail, phone and online . The reasons to want E-design varies ; it may just be that they are in a different demographic , they don’t have the resources or don’t really need full design service. Let’s face it, clients are more design-savvy than ever {well, with so many design-decorate-diy-craft shows, blogs and mags out there!}.

The morris

This is Megan & Jeff {aren’t they adorable?}, newly married, young & just bought their first home, a charming bungalow in Tennessee. Megan e-mailed me & said that our design aesthetic jives & she asked for my  help design their L-shaped living room. Here is a simple step by step list of how the process worked:

1. The e-mail was Step 1.

2. I asked her several questions of likes/dislikes, how they would like their space to feel, function and yes, which furnishings/accessories that to them absolutely must stay {heirloom, sentimental value}.

3. She sends me images of the house and the space in all angles, a floor plan with dimensions {but no worries — if you don’t have the actual plan, you can just describe it, rough sketch it but measurements are a must!}.

4. I started doing a time log via Google Doc that I share with them & we made a secret group Pinterest Board of inspiration images, because a picture is worth a thousand words {yes, when doing E-design, these online resources are very helpful}.

5. I sent them a mood board to give them a framework for design, notes on color palette, furniture dimensions, accessories, etc.

6. I made another Google Doc spreadsheet on what is needed and possible resources {I extend a % of my to the trade discount with them if they decide to purchase with one of my suggestions that’s a wholesaler or to the trade only accounts — a win win for both of us}.

7. They are executing as we speak & of course I’m available via phone & e-mail for questions & advise {because Design truly is a process}.


What do you think? They have been pretty happy so far and we are now in the process of getting their bedroom together! The couple is sending me images of the living room soon for the big reveal! I can’t wait!

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2 thoughts on “The Simple Process of E-Design

  1. Megan on said:

    Can’t say enough great things about Maureen!! I wish I could show you the “wish list” I shared with her prior to her living room design. She incorporated each and every element in a unique, surprising way and it turned out beautiful!

    My husband was a little hesitant about hiring someone to help us and even more hesitant about e-design. After Maureen completed the first design, he cannot wait for her to design the rest of our home! He loves that she’s just an email away to ask a question about a purchase or change to the original design. We both love that we’re working with someone who knows our ultimate design aesthetic and “feel” for our entire home.

    The best part is that you can work at your own pace but have a big goal in mind. As newlyweds, we started out with virtually no furniture and we have A LOT to purchase to fill our home. It’s so worth it (and less stressful) to see the end result in front of you. It’s helped so much with budgeting and has really limited my spur of the moment purchases (that I end up donating or regretting!).

    Maureen has been super patient and has been able to effortlessly make sense of all the images and ideas I throw her way. Love her and love her work! 🙂

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