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Thinking of going vintage or vintage-style in your bedroom design? I still get conflicted at times, what does vintage actually mean?  Vintage style harks back to the 1940s and 50s, when furniture had been passed down from generation to generation, so it had that old, well-used, well-loved look. It was a time when a bedroom was an essentially feminine space, light and airy, replete with frills and pastel colors, and of course, lots of accessories.

1. Get the Look
The bed is the focal point of any bedroom, and going vintage, means going for a bed that is sturdy, yet somehow delicate, comfortable and inviting.  Bedsteads or frames made from metal work well, as do wooden frames, with carved finials and headboard designs.  Canopies are also a feature of vintage bedrooms and they are easy to dress and change if you want to, by swapping the fabric for a different color or accessorizing with fairy lights.  Essential pieces of furniture for the bedroom include bedside cabinets with drawer storage, a wardrobe or armoire and a dressing table.

2. Color schemes and fabrics

Easy on the eye is the key to a vintage look.  This means going for a color scheme of pastel colors, teamed with lots of white or antique cream.  Keep the bed linen and drapes the same fabric and pattern if possible to tie the room design together.  Create accents with cushions in contrasting colors.  Create layers of texture, especially on the bed, by placing a fringed or embroidered throw across the foot.

3. Genuine vintage furniture

Flea markets are a great place to find genuine vintage furniture for a fraction of their original price, as well as other outlets like antique shops, auctions and craft fairs. Patience is the key here though, as it may take a while for you to come across the piece of furniture that is just right for your bedroom, but the feeling when you do is awesome. Remember not to rush into buying an item just because you have fallen in love with it as well though. Ensure that you have sufficient space, and that it will serve as a functional, as well as beautiful, piece of furniture.
4. Modern vintage furniture

Sometimes you just cannot find genuine furniture and you will have to resort to buying modern.  But this does not mean you have to sacrifice your vintage style.  A lot of modern furniture is made in an old, or should I say, vintage style, so while it may not be authentic, it will at least look right. Take a look at some examples on Furniture Village.
5. Accessories

Accessories can also give a modern room a vintage look.  Fix light sconces to the wall, either with or without candles.  Landscape paintings are perfect for a vintage style, but these need to be in wooden frames, preferably painted white.  Place hatboxes on top of wardrobes or under a chest of drawers or the dressing table.  Not only with they give you additional storage, they will also instantly achieve that vintage style. To complete the look, decorate the dressing table with old-fashioned bottles and jars of cosmetics and perfumes.

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  1. Awesome post on putting together a vintage bedroom! I think it is really hard to pull off the look genuinely. Your tip of mixing old and new “vintage” pieces is brilliant. Great post!

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