A French Style and Mint Design Board

Happy Wednesday folks! It’s kinda nice staying put in Austin for a while and having time to do some blog posts. I’ve been driving around town and really admiring how this city has so many home design styles to offer. As you know, I will ooohhh and ahhhh at modern and minimalist homes but old styles are still the ones that capture my heart.

I made a design board for a lovely couple a few months back. They have a gorgeous colonial home in the heart of Hyde Park. There’s a path that looks like it’s going to a secret garden and courtyards abound. I am in love. I made this design board for the foyer area for them:

french style foyer

I was going for neutral walls with splashes of mint green and gold, Louis chairs, architectural mirror and French Country textures. It will be functional yet beautiful. Just when I thought I have listened intently to my design client, I think I took her words quite literally or zoned in only to a few things she mentioned. I did not prod enough or studied her words and image choices enough. It’s something I need to work on and have since made my design questionnaire as thorough as possible. I am also taking more time to know the client. At times, I think I already know their vision but then I realize, I don’t. You see, the design process is that, a process. The “getting to know each other” phase may be fast for some but slow for others. To steer that process is all up to me.

Hmmm, this week is turning out to be a week of introspection for me it seems like. On a lighter note, isn’t that colonial home above with a  lime green door just gorgeous? I always love the classics with a twist of the unexpected!




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