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I must admit, I do have a wallpaper fetish; c’mon how can I resist those gorgeous patterns in a wide array of colors and textures. I absolutely can’t have enough! I’m always stalking Schumacher, Osborne and Little; Cole and Son; I feel like we all have been friends for so long. For people who is a little scared to take the plunge to use wallpaper in their space, start small. In the guest bath perhaps? A little accent wall in the home office?

In the design world, I think Anna Spiro is a rockstar, an Aussie rockstar that is. The designer extraordinaire of Black & Spiro and the brainchild behind the blog Absolutely Beautiful Things is all about bright and cheerful spaces; where patterns are mainstays and mixing and matching is the norm. She debuted her array of wallcovering in partnership with Porter’s Paints last year and of course it didn’t disappoint.

It came in three patterns: Rosey Posey Trellis, Higgledy Piggledy Stripe, Round and Round the Garden. You probably know which pattern I’m in love with the most. Well, I’m a big “trellis” fan. In the US, her line is available at Sydney Harbour Paints. My samples are coming soon and getting ready to present it to a design client. Are you a wallpaper fan?

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2 thoughts on “Absolutely Beautiful WallPaper

  1. Wow, Maureen, those are some eye popping papers! I love the way they define a room and yet blend into the surroundings at the same time. Fantastic. Thanks for the inspiration.

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