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Hello everyone! Well, well it’s been a while. This Summer has been incredibly hectic for me but in a very good way. I haven’t posted in a while & thanks to my assistant Rachel who has been posting incredibly informational and wonderful posts about the wonders of sheer curtains, the allure of natural fiber wall covering and some helpful tidbits on lighting. She is amazing, no?

I completed about five DIY projects for I’m getting more of them up here soon! I did an interview with an awesome American writer living in the Netherlands, yup, the power of Skype; for a small feature of my home { from grunge to a bit of glam home makeover } for a national print home mag. I’m incredibly excited! And then I met the super adorable and gorgeous, Amy Hadley of YNN Austin for a house proud video segment. Not sure if I did ok…but oh well; learning along the way. We talked about beautiful brass…duh, literally the metal of the moment; Kelly Wearstler’s obsession and not your grandmas alloy.

Anywho, I think I’ve told you that I adore Jeff Lewis’ paint, he made choosing paint a little less scary and stressful I think. For a couple that I did a color selection on, I decided to go with it and advised them to go with an unboring Scandinavian feel. Gone are the days when the only neutral is beige. For small spaces and if your home have several walls, do not break them up by choosing different colors, go with an unboring neutral and pair it up with cheerful accessories, a bright-hued chair or accent table wouldn’t disappoint as well.

color board

Here in Austin, Jeff Lewis paint is available at Treehouse. While you’re there, explore not just the paint department but…oh, everything else in their shop. You’ll nab amazing ideas for your next home re-do! And please, please, have an amazing weekend…you deserve it!

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