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In interior design, inspiration is truly everywhere. sometimes the hard part is zoning in which inspiration will direct you to a home or space that truly reflects you. One cue that I tell my clients sometimes is to think about what they like in their accessories, fashion accessories that is.  Are they all about jewel tones and geometric patterns? Me? I’m all about curves in big pieces of furniture and totally in love with the Lexi Headboard from My Chic Nest  {above} but the hues and lines is such a nice complement to these Angles jewelry collection at Color by Amber. 

And let’s talk about facets a bit, there’s faceted studs {how cute are these studs below and the bow & arrow necklaces!} calls for something softer, something plush, like a velvet connection. Ahhh, the Bella sofa is just divine!


How adorable are these jewelry pieces? So, I know I rarely talk about fashion here but I recently got introduced to this jewelry line, Color by Amber. With design forward styles and an ethos that’s all about sustainability, I am hooked! I have the honeycomb gold cuff, swoon!

So, a few notes for this Monday, check out Color by Amber and get interior design inspiration from the outfits you wear.

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