Bachelor Pads for the Modern Man

From most of my social media postings, my style has been dubbed by some people as feminine. I have been dying to style and design a bachelor pad {thanks to a few people that’s giving me a chance!you know who you are}. It may be true that the “sterile” and “cold” are never in my design vocabulary. But masculine, lived in and curated are not…. these are the words that a bachelor pad or space should speak about.

The term “bachelor pad” conjures up images of uncomfortable minimalism on the one hand, or disorganized slovenly chaos on the other. Creating a bachelor pad that is stylish, comfortable (and clean) however, is easy with a few key items and a small amount of interior design skill.
The Kitchen:
Piles of pots and moulding dishes are nobody’s idea of classy; if any room requires a minimalist theme, the kitchen is it. If washing up isn’t high on your to-do list, invest in a dishwasher. Even the smallest kitchen spaces can accommodate a slim-line washer, and being able to simply rinse and stack should take care of unsightly and unhygienic washing up. For small spaces with limited cabinet space, chrome rails with hooks are great for storing pots and pans. Make a feature of your lack of storage. If a new kitchen is within your budget, look into kitchens with inbuilt gadgets and features for a slick and stylish finish. The buzz words for a bachelor pad kitchen are ‘clean’ and ‘functional’.

The Living Room:
The living room is likely to be your main entertaining space. Leather sofas are stylish and easy to clean. It is likely that the television will be the focal point of the room, either for watching movies or playing video games, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore other features. Make your seating area the center piece of the room; if your room is large enough, create a sofa arrangement in the center of the room to create an illusion of extra space and to draw attention in to the ‘entertainment’ area.
For a stylish room that isn’t stark, opt for woods instead of plastic and metal finishes; wood can still be sleek with clean lines if you keep to one type, and it is complemented perfectly with soft leather furnishings. Lamps instead of overhead lights help with creating a homely atmosphere. Opt for high tech lamps such as the Poplight – accessories should be cool but stylish. If you must embrace your inner geek, consider aesthetics as well; a lamp shaped like a storm trooper head might seem like a great idea, but it is unlikely to win you points with the ladies.


The Bedroom:

Piles of laundry and damp towels are not sexy. If you are congenitally incapable of folding or hanging, make sure that your wardrobe has space for your laundry basket – hiding the evidence of your slovenly habits is a step above displaying dirty underwear for the world to see.
Invest in a good quality bed – leather is a great option for style and comfort; a leather sleigh bed like these oh-so masculine ones from Indigo Furniture are perfect, and with one of these in the room your need for extra accessorizing is minimal. Keep linens to good quality cottons and block colours and, once again, use lamps for low level lighting as opposed to over-head lights that are harsh and brighter than is ideal.

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