Changing the Game

Happy Monday folks! I hope your weekend was swell. It has been a bit soggy where I am but I’m not complaining, we direly need the rain because of this lingering drought. Today, I want to talk about change. A few weeks ago while sitting at a hotel room by myself, I had an epiphany. I was overwhelmed, stressed out and unfocused. I have been juggling so many things and something has got to give. I was torn about being responsible about what I started and staying true to what I want. Well, I don’t want this to be too dramatic {I’m talking about the online shop by the way — The Inglenook Decor}. But a long time ago, I thought being a shop owner was what I wanted to do, at least it was at that time. I wanted a brick & mortar shop but with the economic downturn, I settled for just an online shop. It did ok and I’m grateful for all the customers that supported it, the press mentions it got {a few, both local & national} but I learned almost right away, it wasn’t for me. I didn’t give it my best shot and it’s just not me not to give it my best. I felt I’ve shortchanged the people that supported it but most of all, I shortchanged myself.

change the game

I’m not totally reckless and adventurous but I know I do ok with change. Sometimes, it is so hard to say goodbye even though the “falling apart” has happened a long time ago {I’m partly talking about Liam & Miley as well here}. I just know that a change is inevitable. I may consider it a  failure {or not} but I’m willing to fail {hopefully not a lot} to get to that place where I have truly found out who I “need” to be. I don’t want to regret not trying. This season, I’m focusing more on my design work, get better, improve my craft, gain experience, learn and most of all connect with people {and hopefully make them happy}.

So, in the words of the great artist, Macklemore, yes I’m changing the game but inside, I’m still the same {a bit stubborn, a bit sweet but all the way driven}. I hope you’ll continue to be there with me!

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5 thoughts on “Changing the Game

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  2. Good for you! Be true to yourself and follow your passions, that’s what youre doing and I admire you for the change. I went through a change in my life this year and it was tough, but I’m happier! Best wishes for finding your bliss.

    • Thank you so much Nancy! I am so much happier when I started to explore more of my creative side 4 years ago but I find that our evolution is constant. thank you for the kind words!

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