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If you don’t know it yet, all interior designers, stylists and decorators can’t have enough of, well, design books. Heck, we have shelter mags and design magazines overflowing in every console, cabinet, and even the floor of the house. What more, hardbound, thick books with gorgeous covers? Coffee table books should go into rotation is a new styling tip I’m brewing. Last week, I received this book, Tom Scheerer Decorates by Vendome Press, with gorgeous photos by Francesco Lagnese and  written by Mimi Read; the book not only inspires but educates at the same time.

Mimi was spot on about the decorating style of Tom Scheerer, when she stated “it’s a more restrained brand of chic.” It’s old-fashioned and classic yet modern and well-edited at the same time. It’s unpretentious, the kind that you admire but know that it’s also approachable. It’s never screaming out loud, yet it catches your attention.

See for yourself and read some of my takeaways from this glorious design book:

1. You can repeat a pattern in wallcovering and furniture. Here, he paired cane-inspired wallpaper with a cane-inspired secretary.

Tom schereer bathroom design

2. Cobalt Blue looks amazing in a traditional dining room.

blue dining room Tom Scheerer

3. Spaces should be perfectly imperfect. Here, a staircase landing {or a foyer area?} is functional, yet beautiful and full of character.

Interiors of Tom Scheerer for Book

4. Floor to Ceiling Pastel Color Paint is dramatic.

Tom Scheerer Interiors

5. Whitewashed walls and floors paired with organic and earthy hues brings depth to a space.

interiors tom schereer

6. Do not be afraid to mix several styles that seemingly don’t go together. Here, the classic is mixed with the global and modern and contemporary.

tom schereer decorates book

There are more styling, design and decorating tips to gather from this amazing book of course! What interested me the most is the background behind Tom Schereer’s design philosophy. He said he is turned off by decorating that’s all about superficiality and frivolity. That design should be “about being able to balance symmetry, asymmetry, deliberation and improvisation, harmony and dissonance.” Very well said, design & decorating is not “trivial” as other people may perceive it to be. It’s creating spaces, rooms and homes that speaks, that’s full of life!

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