Coveted: Fur Stools

fur stool

Lately I’ve been coveting the chic versatility of fur stools and the element of surprise they can add to a room. Anytime you can put warm and fuzzy in the same sentence as glamor, count me in. I rounded up three different fur stools that can enhance a bohemian abode, tickle the fancy of a modernistic heart, and stools that can add a touch of elegance to your living room. The top stools with the wooden legs gives the fur stool an earthy component, while the second stool’s clear, angular glass gives it a modern flair. Last but not least, is this set of perfectly shaped poufs sitting on gold and silver accents conveying dignified, poised, and beautiful! Which one fits your living room’s personality?

Fur Stools: 1 Wooden-legged fur stool//Clear-legged fur stool//Gold & silver accent stool

Image sources: Top/Bottom

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Yes, Charmie is my real name. I’ve recently left the sunny land of Austin and is currently freelancing as an expat in Thailand. I'm currently soaking in the amazing culture and the design aesthetic that comes with it. An eclectic nature at heart, I gravitate towards patterns and pieces that tells a story of a well traveled home. From the traditional art of wood carving to the meticulous weavings in fabric, these are influences go past the suitcase and into my design.

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