Black Walls White Floor

black living room

via Domino

I think this room is so wonderful. I have a new obsession with dark walls, whether it’s black or deep blue, maybe even an eggplant hue. So regal, so rich, so warm and in this space it totally works — the floors and ceilings are white, there’s floods of lights coming in the room and the space is further toned down by white, cream and taupe accessories {the rug, stool, throw, art, lamp}.

Happy Friday everyone, try to stay warm and enjoy and if you’re an Austin, check out the Austin Modern Homes Tour this weekend!

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2 thoughts on “Black Walls White Floor

  1. Candice on said:

    I totally agree; I think that dark walls make a room instantly regal, so sophisticated and serious but bold. I think there’s more pressure, though, on the other details…

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