5 Fab Friday Finds

First Friday of 2016! What did you do all week? I mainly got organized and finishing the last quarter financial statements for Quickbooks. Ho-hum, the fun of being self-employed. I’m also reading new design books that my sister-in-law & daughter gave me for Christmas — they know me so well!

For this 1st Friday of 2016, here are my 5 Friday Fab Finds!

1/ Petite Alliance Mosaic by Tabarka

What a gorgeous juxtaposition of something organic and sophisticated. This is what they stated about the collection… & I couldn’t agree more — The warmth of wood in contrast to the opalescence of unique stone captures an understated elegance that transforms any surface into a timeless work of art.

Tabarka Studio Mosaic Tile Petite Alliance

2/ Colorful Stackable Etagere

How cute would this be in a nursery or kid’s room?

3/ Apparatus Studio Censer

Because I want my essential oils smoking from a brass torch!

Apparatus Studio Censer

4/ Fornasetti Candle

I saw these locally at Prize and it is even more adorable in person. It is pretty pricey, *sigh* but the container is definitely a keeper!

5/ Gold Brushstroke Tray

Serving in these platters will make your everyday get togethers even more festive!

Have a fun-filled weekend folks!

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