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Back from a whirlwind trip from NOLA folks! I can’t believe it’s Monday again. Today on the blog, let’s talk art. Whether you’re a serious collector or happy with amazing art you can buy so affordably from street artists or online, art is that one {or more} crucial piece {or pieces} that can make or break a space. Today on the blog, a local abstract and contemporary Austin artist, Dawn Winter, shares with us how she creates artwork that’s truly personal for clients . Take it away Dawn!

Contemporary Art Lake Bled

We commissioned Dawn to make a contemporary abstract art for a couple that depicts their excursion to Lake Bled in Croatia.

As an Artist who has delighted in personalizing my own living space for many years, I’ve discovered that adding unique and personal items to my home has been truly satisfying. Often, I have added touches of texture and color through original artwork and sculpture. As a result, I find that I am surrounded by memories of special excursions, past travels and a living space that is both personal and unique to me.  I find this to be deeply satisfying and comforting.

What are some tips you can share when a client is ready to commission art from an artist like you?

1/ Set aside a time to look at the space together with the artist.  For me, this gives me a sense of the design objectives, clues as to the color scheme of the space, and a feel for the space.

2/ If this is not possible, photos of the space where the painting will be displayed are important. This will give clues as to which colors to emphasize in the painting.

3/ Share photos of other paintings and descriptions of the “look” for the painting is extremely helpful.

4/ A list of colors that not only work well with the desired space, but colors that a collector likes and dislikes. Telling an artist hues you absolutely dislike is a must!

5/ Providing photos of favorite images, whether it is other paintings, travel photos, paint chips or a design board, is always helpful.

6/ Any other pertinent information such as strong dislikes and, conversely, strong preferences such as a realistic portrayal of a subject matter or more of a loose, abstract interpretation is always helpful too!

7/ Last but not the least, if the client is working with a designer, communicating with the designer is essential as well.

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 4.57.04 PM

With the abstract art as the piece de resistance, we’re curating a wall in their bedroom with other pieces.

Recently I was asked to provide paintings for Anthropologie.  With this opportunity, I envisioned what I believed would be bring a unique style and color palette to other’s homes. I am fascinated by color and I love the use of texture…and I am pleased that the framed canvas prints found on retain that quality.

Dawn Winter seasmoke Anthropologie

Dawn Winter’s Seasmoke 1 & 2 available at Anthropologie!

The experiences I have shared with others from these collaborations have reinforced my own belief in investing in unique artwork.  Time and time again, collectors have expressed gratitude and satisfaction with having a distinctive and authentic living space.  Their living space reflects an authentic design that is unique to them.


Thank you so much Dawn! I have used her art twice & not only are her creations beautiful & one-of-a-kind, Dawn is also extremely gracious! Don’t forget to check out her work.

May your spaces scream of beauty and awe and your rooms effortlessly curated. Interior Design Austin and beyond.

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