Grout 101 | What you need to Know

I think everything I know about tiles these days comes from my Fireclay Tile newsletters. Believe me folks,everything you need to know is presented to you in a matter-of-fact, simple, easy to understand manner with matching amazing images. I guess I can tell it’s written by a woman {or maybe it’s not, I don’t know}. Those handyman, installers, manyly-man websites just don’t cut it for me.

So, first about grout. My go-to decision has always been to match the color of the tile. I just think it looks cleaner, more cohesive and shows subtle nuances of the tile itself. If there are various colors in the tile {like with porcelain, etc}, choose the lightest color in the tile. Grout line size? Backsplash tiles should be smaller & floor tiles larger. Handmade tiles by the way usually have larger grout lines just because of the variations; you and your installer can make this decision together in collaboration with the client. And how about sealants? It’s always recommended with a few exceptions. Tile School – Grout 101 from Fireclay Tile can be found here.

The takeaways are:

1/ Types:

a. Epoxy – most durable, use in areas where food & moisture will be present; usually doesn’t need a sealer

b. Sanded grout – For installations with grout lines wider than 1/8th of an inch, like Glass tiles

c. Non-Sanded – For smaller grout joints with spacing between 1/16th and 1/8th of an inch; for vertical installations

2/ Grout Color:

a. Same: Will highlight the whole tile installation

b. Contrast: Will highlight the pattern of the tile

c. Neutral

3/ Grout Line: 

a. 3/16″:  Recommended for Ceramic Tiles

b. 3/8″: Recommended for Glass tiles

c. 1/8″: Recommended for hand painted tiles.

Now, can we just ooohh and ahhh over their glorious hand painted collection? Here are some of my favorite installations:

Kasbah Trellis // Fireclay Tile

Kasbah Trellis // Fireclay Tile

Persian Star & Sintra // Fireclay Tile

Ogee Drop // Fireclay Tile

Thank you Fireclay Tile … or the endless tile inspiration and knowledge! Keep doing what you do & beautify backsplashes & bath floors everywhere!

May your spaces scream of beauty and awe and your rooms effortlessly curated. Interior Design Austin and beyond. Design questions or dilemmas? Drop me a line! Click here >>>

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