For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been passionate about curating visually pleasing spaces and vignettes. Arranging books and accessories on a shelf so they look balanced, adding simple but beautiful touches to gift packaging, choosing color palettes for a room and helping friends coordinate all the little details that make a tablescape a wowscape.

So when did my infatuation with design and styling begin? I remember vividly how I would arrange knick knacks around the house. At this very moment, I realize that making subtle changes to your surroundings can give you a totally different experience. As I got older and got to travel, I saw how much beautiful finds are out there and thought that amazing pieces should be in every home.

I’ve always enjoyed sharing my ideas and collaborating with friends on styling projects. This led me to the start of my design blog which has opened a faceted door of opportunities and meeting new friends. Since then it’s been a brilliant ride of inspiration and gratitude doing anything from styling with HGTV.com and Make it Over magazine, to having our urban oasis featured in the Austin-American statesman, and having our home featured in a national print home magazine, Make It Over, from the makers of Cottages & Bungalows.


Well-edited and immensely functional are the two main ingredients I always put into my design. Add refreshing to classy, a dash of “oomph” to sophisticated and you’ve got a recipe for my style aesthetic. My design style is never sterile and a hundred percent unpretentious & approachable.

I love a room of storytellers. Pieces that act as little mementos, curiosities and artifacts all throughout the house that reminds us of amazing experiences, or your favorite books that inspire you daily, to a tasteful display of artwork from your kids to put a smile on your face.

I currently live in the buzzing and bubbly city of Austin. I am married to a wonderful guy who loves music and poker and have an amazing daughter with quirks I hope to inherit someday. In the Fall of 2014, we had a new addition to the fam, a baby boy and I couldn’t be more inspired & in love! My pastry of choice is always a French Macaron {in any flavor or hue}. I won’t take coffee unless it has lots of milk {Cafe Au Lait or nothing!} and I absolutely adore courtyards.

If you have any questions about design, a project, or just want to kick it over a cup of coffee (or tea) feel free to contact me. Let’s stay connected and share inspiration through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Do visit me at Houzz as well!