Art to a Personal Level // Dawn Winter

Back from a whirlwind trip from NOLA folks! I can’t believe it’s Monday again. Today on the blog, let’s talk art. Whether you’re a serious collector or happy with amazing art you can buy so affordably from street artists or online, art is that one {or more} crucial piece {or pieces} that can make or break a space. Today on the blog, a local abstract and contemporary Austin artist, Dawn Winter, shares with us how she creates artwork that’s truly personal for clients . Take it away Dawn!

Contemporary Art Lake Bled

We commissioned Dawn to make a contemporary abstract art for a couple that depicts their excursion to Lake Bled in Croatia.

As an Artist who has delighted in personalizing my own living space for many years, I’ve discovered that adding unique and personal items to my home has been truly satisfying. Often, I have added touches of texture and color through original artwork and sculpture. As a result, I find that I am surrounded by memories of special excursions, past travels and a living space that is both personal and unique to me.  I find this to be deeply satisfying and comforting.

What are some tips you can share when a client is ready to commission art from an artist like you?

1/ Set aside a time to look at the space together with the artist.  For me, this gives me a sense of the design objectives, clues as to the color scheme of the space, and a feel for the space.

2/ If this is not possible, photos of the space where the painting will be displayed are important. This will give clues as to which colors to emphasize in the painting.

3/ Share photos of other paintings and descriptions of the “look” for the painting is extremely helpful.

4/ A list of colors that not only work well with the desired space, but colors that a collector likes and dislikes. Telling an artist hues you absolutely dislike is a must!

5/ Providing photos of favorite images, whether it is other paintings, travel photos, paint chips or a design board, is always helpful.

6/ Any other pertinent information such as strong dislikes and, conversely, strong preferences such as a realistic portrayal of a subject matter or more of a loose, abstract interpretation is always helpful too!

7/ Last but not the least, if the client is working with a designer, communicating with the designer is essential as well.

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 4.57.04 PM

With the abstract art as the piece de resistance, we’re curating a wall in their bedroom with other pieces.

Recently I was asked to provide paintings for Anthropologie.  With this opportunity, I envisioned what I believed would be bring a unique style and color palette to other’s homes. I am fascinated by color and I love the use of texture…and I am pleased that the framed canvas prints found on retain that quality.

Dawn Winter seasmoke Anthropologie

Dawn Winter’s Seasmoke 1 & 2 available at Anthropologie!

The experiences I have shared with others from these collaborations have reinforced my own belief in investing in unique artwork.  Time and time again, collectors have expressed gratitude and satisfaction with having a distinctive and authentic living space.  Their living space reflects an authentic design that is unique to them.


Thank you so much Dawn! I have used her art twice & not only are her creations beautiful & one-of-a-kind, Dawn is also extremely gracious! Don’t forget to check out her work.

May your spaces scream of beauty and awe and your rooms effortlessly curated. Interior Design Austin and beyond.

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5 Fab Friday Finds: Timorous Beasties

Happy Friday everybody! The familia had a fun 4-day trip to NOLA. I’ve always loved the city! Today’s 5 Fab Friday Finds is just from one studio, the Scottish design powerhouse duo Ali & Paul from Glasgow, Timorous Beasties. It’s the first time I’ve seen their wallpaper in real life at Perch on Magazine Street & I was seriously enamored. They take traditional designs and give it a rock and roll twist. Here are my Top 5 from their wallpaper line.

1/ Indie Wood

I just adore foliage and birds and in such vivid colors like these!

2/ Fruit Looters

Sheez, birds, birds and more birds! Plus fruits and blooms, what’s not to love?

3/ Omni Splatt

An explosion of such bold colors, literally!

4/ Cloud Toile

In pink, this cloud toile is just heavenly!

5/ Damsel Damask Wallpaper

Damask never goes out of style don’t you think?

Hubba, hubba glorious wallpaper! Have a great weekend!

May your spaces scream of beauty and awe and your rooms effortlessly curated. Interior Design Austin and beyond.

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10 Tips from a Pro when Remodeling a Kitchen // Kitch Cabinetry & Design

The kitchen has been dubbed meeting central. Where everybody seem to assemble whether it’s family members or guests & even if dinner is still 2 hours away. It’s also #1 on the list of what most homeowners want or desperately need to remodel. Floors stuck in the 70’s? Wonder how people lived 10,20,30 years ago with limited pantry shelving? I mean, where do they put at least 3 cereal boxes? Those kitchen cabinets make you cringe? Yes, it’s time … to remodel your kitchen that is! I asked an amazing & experienced pro, Jenn of Kitch Cabinetry & Design here in Austin of her 10 Tips When Remodeling a Kitchen. Here you go!


1. Ask yourself, what is the scope of your remodel and do you have a contractor? There are factors such as plumbing, electrical, hvac, permitting & structural questions that a qualified contractor can deal with so you do not have to do the leg work. I can’t imagine calling each trade professional and trying to schedule each one, especially in Austin’s booming housing economy!  In the long run, it will save time, money and lots of headache.

2. I hate to use the B word, but a BUDGET is vital to a remodel.  Many times when I ask my clients their budget for cabinetry, they have no clue.  I understand that, but everyone has a secret number floating around.  A contractor can help you establish a realistic amount of money your project will cost you.

White Cabinetry Kitchen

3. Educate yourself.  Consumers know less about cabinetry than any other item in the kitchen. It is easy to get online and compare appliances, tile and flooring.  But cabinetry is different.  They are the largest, most visible, and potentially most expensive purchase in your kitchen.  Your choices are incredibly varied and influenced by your needs and tastes, budget and floor plan. When shopping around, make sure you compare apples to apples.

4. We all know you have excellent taste, but a designer can take it to another level.  Todays designers are more than fluff and stuff. They often act as contractors, hiring the correct trades and scheduling, along with sourcing lighting, tile, flooring, paint…etc. Then the magic happens. They know how to pull it all together.  Designer’s work hourly, by room, cost plus, and may even offer package pricing.  Make sure your designer has qualified contacts.  Kitchen design is a bit different than overall interior design.  At Kitch, we deal with circulation clearances, appliance specifications, will this door hit that door.  We have all seen the drawer that won’t open because it hits the oven handle!  These things shouldn’t happen with a professional kitchen designer. We want to know what you like. Tear out magazine pages, save ideabooks to Houzz, go crazy on Pinterest!  My worst client is one who walks in and says “I don’t know what I like, let’s pick out cabinets”. Be prepared for a long, painful kitchen remodel!  It saves time, money and in the end, you get a space that YOU love, not one your designer loves.

Marble Island Gray Cabinetry Kitchen

6. Ask yourself what you liked about your old kitchen and what things you would change. Storage is the most common complaint, but sometimes it is a matter of accessibility.  I typically prefer designing with tons of drawers.  You pull it out, and wala, grab what you need…instead of digging in the back of a cabinet!  You may have a corner that is completely wasted.  Pull out corner storage is a perfect way to utilize that space. Appliance cabinets, microwave cabinets and spice pull outs can also hide items that clutter the countertops.

7. Be realistic. The kitchens in magazines are in magazines for a reason!  These pages and ideabooks should be strictly conceptual when planning your kitchen space. Be prepared to be shocked a few times when getting bids for your remodel!  HGTV has given us all the conception that you can have a brand new kitchen in 2 weeks with no hiccups. Be prepared that you’ll be eating a lot of take out and cleaning up lots of dust.

8. Look before you book. So you and your designer/contractor have settled on a bid, picked out cabinetry, tile, etc.  DON’T purchase anything until you know your vision can be completed.  Even if your contractor is 99% sure the main wall you want to remove is not load bearing, get it checked.  Whether you have to cut a hole in your ceiling or call a structural engineer, getting ahead of yourself can be a costly mistake.

9. Don’t be afraid to say no and communicate, communicate, communicate. As a kitchen designer, sometimes I can get a little wrapped up in what my vision is for my client’s space.  We all have wonderful intentions, but this is YOUR space and YOUR money.  Have an honest conversation with your designer or contractor if you do not agree with the design, time frame, material selections or scheduling.  But do this BEFORE completion.  Again, it will save you money and headache if you have an open line of communication.

Mosaic Backsplash Kitchen

10. If something goes wrong during the process, its not the end of the world!  As designers, we live in a world of compromise, problem solving and client expectation control!  We understand if the wrong tile shows up, it can usually be swapped out.  If a wall was cut too short, more can be added.  Give your contractor or designer the chance to make it right before you get your boxing gloves on! Sure, vent a little while we’re forming solutions right away. Most problems are an easy fix if caught in time.


Thank you so much Jenn! Brilliant tips! Remodeling can be an arduous and long process and more expensive without the help of a Kitchen Design professional. Don’t forget to check out her work here.

May your spaces scream of beauty and awe and your rooms effortlessly curated. Interior Design Austin and beyond.

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5 Fab Friday Finds


In this Friday’s Fab finds, how about some daybeds for you? It’s seating with extra depth or for laying that lacks depth. I need one & want one for a space that can be both for lounging or sleeping. And the ones below are swoon-worthy!

1/ Rel Daybed by My Chic Nest 

blue tufted daybed

How gorgeous is this gem of a bed in that handsome wood & glamorous deep blue fabric with tufting?

2/ Hamptons Daybe by Kristin Drohan

Do you see a trend here? Elegant, deep hues like this is just stunning!

3/ Elliot Leather Daybed by Joybird

Mid-century Masculine that can be so versatile in any space!

4/ Villas Velvet Daybed by Anthropologie

And just like that, we’re back at luscious, deep blue. This time, against more ornate wood.

5/ Frances Daybed by My Chic Nest

Teal Daybed

More walls make it extra cozy!

Happy Friday! Don’t forget, this Saturday is the Tribeza Interiors Tour!

May your spaces scream of beauty and awe and your rooms effortlessly curated. Interior Design Austin and beyond. Design questions or dilemmas? Drop me a line! Click here >>>


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Tribeza Interiors Tour Giveaway

Yes folks, it’s that time of the year again! Baby it’s cold outside but on January 23rd, you’ll have a chance to be warm & cozy inside some fabulous spaces {giveaway details below}. I really like it that Tribeza has their Interiors Tour at the start of the year, it gives us so much inspiration & hopefully builds the momentum for a lot of us to finally make our own spaces well-edited, designed, curated and personal.

This year, as always, the tour is chockfull of features from the homes of some of the best interior designers in Austin or their clients. From new talents to alums, the likes of Katie Kime to one of my faves, Meredith Ellis {Read my interview with her last year here}. Here is a preview of what you will find at the tour {hint: there is wallpaper galore which happens to be one of my Top 10 Design Resolutions for 2016}:

Meredith Ellis wallpaper

A little Asian inspiration at the loo // Meredith Ellis

Page Gandy Wallpaper

Waves-a-Plenty in the Kitchen//Page Gandy

Amy Lutz Wallpaper

A parade of elephants // Amy Lutz

Katie Kime Wallpaper

Wild spots // Katie Kime

Here are the details to the giveaway: 2 Tickets up for grabs

Tribeza Interiors Tour

Saturday, January 23, 2016


Here’s how to win:

1/ Write a comment below on what you hope to change in your home this year; or

2/ Look us up on Instagram @maustevens and tag a friend you would like to invite on the tour in the comment section of any of our pics & use the hashtag #TribezaInteriorsTour.

Good luck!

May your spaces scream of beauty and awe and your rooms effortlessly curated. Interior Design Austin and beyond. Design questions or dilemmas? Drop me a line! Click here >>>

5 Fab Friday Finds : Put a Tassel on It

Have I told you I have great interior design clients? Design is all about collaboration & as they are learning from me, I am learning from them. I haven’t used tassels for drapery before but my young client wanted some! This is for the #GrandmaEclecticWithAnEdgeProject. Now, I am hooked! Tassels should be everywhere! Style a barcart, dangle over picture frames, accent a door … I mean everywhere! Put a tassel on it everyone! {Because putting a bird on it is now faux pas!}
1/ Tassel Lamp

Black Tassel Lamp Arteriors

Cousin’s It second cousin except she’s much more glamorous!

2/ Rope Tassel Drop Pull

Rope Tassel Drop Pull

Your cabinet doors will look so drop dead gorgeous!

3/ Gilt Wood & Marble Tassel Table

Gilt Wood & Marble Table

Some of my favorite things wrapped up in one table

4/ Beaded Hemp Tassels


Because Tassels can be organic too!

5/ John Robshaw Iswar Shower Curtain

A little tassel fringe goes a long way for the usually ho-hum shower curtain.

May your spaces scream of beauty and awe and your rooms effortlessly curated. Interior Design Austin and beyond.

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5 Fab Friday Finds

First Friday of 2016! What did you do all week? I mainly got organized and finishing the last quarter financial statements for Quickbooks. Ho-hum, the fun of being self-employed. I’m also reading new design books that my sister-in-law & daughter gave me for Christmas — they know me so well!

For this 1st Friday of 2016, here are my 5 Friday Fab Finds!

1/ Petite Alliance Mosaic by Tabarka

What a gorgeous juxtaposition of something organic and sophisticated. This is what they stated about the collection… & I couldn’t agree more — The warmth of wood in contrast to the opalescence of unique stone captures an understated elegance that transforms any surface into a timeless work of art.

Tabarka Studio Mosaic Tile Petite Alliance

2/ Colorful Stackable Etagere

How cute would this be in a nursery or kid’s room?

3/ Apparatus Studio Censer

Because I want my essential oils smoking from a brass torch!

Apparatus Studio Censer

4/ Fornasetti Candle

I saw these locally at Prize and it is even more adorable in person. It is pretty pricey, *sigh* but the container is definitely a keeper!

5/ Gold Brushstroke Tray

Serving in these platters will make your everyday get togethers even more festive!

Have a fun-filled weekend folks!

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10 Design Resolutions for 2016

Happy New Year everyone! Can you believe it’s 2016? Anywho, I do not make personal resolutions anymore … I have practically the same goals I wrote on paper years ago. I thought of putting “making a blog post at least once a week” one of my resolutions this year, but heck, for me that’s extremely hard. I’m not making any excuses, it’s just not my thing anymore. Hello, the last one I made was April of 2015. But one thing I’m promising myself is to write when it’s my thing at the moment, when I enjoy it or when I know it will give some good information. Ummm, allow me to indulge in this notion a bit :). So, without further ado, here are 10 Design Resolutions for 2016.

1/ Commit to a bold new color.

JADE garden benjamin moore

Jade Garden by Benjamin Moore was the perfect pop of color for this project.

This may not be a not so new proposition but by golly, some are still in a rut of beiges {or grays for that matter}. I’m not saying using just neutrals is bad {and there certainly is an aesthetic & style where using neutral hues is a must} but maybe go for something a little more bold somewhere in the house. The powder room maybe? The guest bedroom? Heck, even the closet or pantry.

2/ Go for symmetry.

matching gray chairs

Identical settees are face to face in the second sitting area for a young couple’s Tarrytown abode.

You must think I’ve had way too much champagne celebrating the New Year as this idea again is not new news. What I’m getting at is recently, spaces or rooms that’s too symmetrical or balanced are given a bad rap so people tried so hard to make things not too symmetrical. Sometimes {or a lot}, symmetry is importan. You achieve this by having matching items and other times by having items that are not too matchy-matchy but still cohesive with each other.

3/ Take time to think about the details

details quatrefoil knobs

Brass quatrefoil doorknobs for the cupboards in this gorgeous kitchen was the right dose of sophistication.

Have you heard of the saying it’s all in the details? Well it is! These details make the whole vision come to life. Whether it’s choosing knobs, pulls or the hand towel in the bathroom, trust me, choosing the correct little pieces matter.

4/ Give wallpaper a chance

neutral geometric wallpaper

Taupe/Cream wallpaper in a trellis pattern adorns the stair landing at this Tarrytown home. The antelope carpet is not bad either!

Really, 2016 is the year for wallpaper at your casa! So get it going and commit to having a wall covered in one. Still having cold feet? Try having it first in a space you don’t normally frequent like the powder bath or have one in a muted color & pattern.

5/ Give drapery a chance

Gold and taupe drapery

Drapery in a gorgeous fabric gives depth, texture and layers to a room, just like in this Euro-traditional dining room.

A long time ago, I was one of the many people who didn’t believe in draperies. I felt they made a space too traditional and grandma-ish but really it depends on the fabric & the style you choose. To me, it makes windows picture perfect. I must admit, I’m still not a fan of swags and valances though.

6/ Add a splash of a different style

You may have heard the advice of looking at your wardrobe to find a common trend that will help cue you in what your home style should be. If your wardrobe evokes a more polished, classic style then Chesterfield sofas and Louis chairs maybe more your thing; or if you have tons of blacks & grays then tweed mid-century sofas maybe the best fit for you. But how about adding something a little more edgy to the dining room with your Louis chairs like an ultra-modern trapeze lighting or mix in a warm, exotic vibe with the tweed sofa by adding an end-table that screams global chic. Venture out in small doses though, too much out of your comfort zone is never good.

7/ Turn spaces you normally would not use as a functional nook

home office nook

The small hallway to the balcony at a client’s house becomes the extra space for getting bills and other home stuff organized.

I’ve seen it too often, spaces that becomes the catch-all space or room. Just don’t do it. Entry ways, mud rooms, hallways to balconies … give the space a purpose and design it for that purpose.

Every space is a chance for you to turn into something beautiful & functional at the same time.

8/ Put a lot of value to awesome lighting

brass dining lighting

A brass geometric chandelier was the perfect lighting over the Saarinen-inspired tulip table and mint green wishbone chairs for this dining room.

Aside from providing illumination, the right lighting sets the mood for a room or space. Style, size, placement, wattage…all of that matters.

9/ Don’t go shopping without a plan

For impulsive shoppers, this idea probably doesn’t sound good. But for home stuff where a cabinet costs substantially more than that new trendy cropped top you’ve been eyeing, impulsive buying is just not the right thing to do. Of course, once in a while you’ll find that gorgeous lamp that you are totally in love with; hopefully when that time comes, you already have a style concept down and you know exactly where that magnificent piece will go.

10/ Hire an interior designer

I’m a little self-serving here {ya think!} but really, if design is not really your cup of tea but you do want your space to be beautiful and cohesive; or you’ve got tons of ideas and you know the style you are going for but can’t seem to edit everything down; or time is not really on your side with work stuff that has overtaken your life or kids with places to go and projects that they need your help on … then it’s time to hire an interior designer. Of course, these are not the only reasons why you should hire one. The reason is specific to you, but whatever it is, take that jump and connect with one that’s the best fit for you.

Cheers to 2016 everyone! May your spaces scream of beauty and awe and your rooms effortlessly curated. Interior Design Austin and beyond.

*** All images are mine. Please ask for permission if you would like to use any of the images.***

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Patterns and Hues in Paradise

I am seriously in love with this getaway in the Dominican Republic, a gorgeous respite designed and decorated by the amazing Celerie Kemble for her family. I doubt it’s on Airbnb & Homeaway…darn it, but oh my goodness! It’s a study in playing with patterns and colors, tying known brands {Henredon, Natural Curiosities, Stray Dog Designs} with local artisans, custom and retail, vintage and new finds. It’s airy, refreshing, bold yet playful and whimsical all at the same time.

Celerie Kimble Dominican Republic home

living room celerie kimble dominican republic bath and sitting room celerie kemble dining room celerie kimble dominican republic bedroom celerie kimble dominican republic bath and sitting room celerie kemble sunroom celerie kemble

Take me away to this place! How gorgeous is she, oh & her kids have the most adorable names — Rascal, Wick, and Zinnia. See more of the home at Architectural Digest here and prepare to swoon some more. You have to check out the front facade & the pool area … cabana heaven!


A Q & A with Mark Wilkerson // Austin Modern Homes Tour 2015

Winter is always eye candy season for design enthusiasts as home tours are back to back during this time. This weekend {yes, already!}, it is the famous and always fun and engaging Austin Modern Home Tours. Modern Home Tours, the outfit which produces the tour has now grown to include both the US & Canada with events in various cities to boot {with cities like Vancouver, Santa Fe ,Chicago & New Orleans to name a few} but it all started here, Austin. This year, there is more modern inspiration to come!

I had the privilege of doing a Q & A with a prodigious designer, Mark Wilkerson. I was instantly captivated by the home he designed because of it’s world class and avant-garde art selection in a backdrop of clean and beautiful architecture.

garbage frames


1.Art is the hardest thing to source for a design client because it can be so subjective and personal, what’s your magic tip or trick when choosing art for a space?

Art is most certainly subjective and highly personal however when working closely with a client you develop an understanding for their likes and dislikes as you make decisions regarding furniture, lighting , accessories…All of these decisions involve the same psychological process that takes place when you  purchase art. The clients aesthetics and the project budget give me a good platform for understanding where we will enter the market from a financial perspective and allows me to narrow the hunt. I tend to encourage purchasing as major a piece as one is willing to invest in and I guide my clients towards listed artists with a successful auction records in the larger houses like Christies, Sothebys and Philips. Not everyone can afford a large scale original Warhol or Serra but most people engaging the services of a designer have the budget for a minor work by a major artist; which is an excellent place to start a collection. There are beautiful original pieces for any interested purchasers at all levels of pricing; most importantly, I encourage my clients to purchase what they love.

art sitting room

2. What is your favorite feature of the home at 600 Terrace? 

600 Terrace Mountain has been a labor of love. I genuinely adore this property and will be continuing finishing the space out over the next few months but I would say my favorite feature of the house is the large Jean-Michel Basquiat on the second level. This piece is full of life and movement and sets an enigmatic whimsical tone for the majority of the common spaces upstairs. Aside from being a historically significant piece I have always been a personal fan of his work, unfortunately there is not much of his work out there to be seen, thus I feel fortunate to have the chance to spend so much time with this one.

3. Being so vastly traveled {wow, 30 countries!}, which city have you been most inspired by?

I have be influenced greatly by travel and have been fortunate to see some amazing places across the world. I have so many favorites, but I would say the most influential, from an architectural perspective would probably be Singapore or Hong Kong and from an interiors and art perspective I’ve been influenced by several Eastern European countries like Slovakia and Austria…There of course is Paris which I feel like could possibly be the epicenter of design and luxury living and is still one of my favorite cities to shop for antiques, art and objects, as well as Mexico City and San Francisco.

I told you there were a lot!

facade 600 terrace mountain

4. Tell me more about your process when designing a space.

My process for designing a space starts with simply listening to the client’s needs and translating those needs into a reality through design, art and objects. Most people have an understanding or vision of what they are trying to achieve with design, and in most cases just have trouble communicating that vision. I have found by working closely with a client and being able to translate the likes/dislikes into a workable space is easiest achieved my spending time with that person, seeing their current home, photos of interiors or art that interests them and even shopping trips together. Designing someone’s home is a very personal and intimate venture and you get to know the client on a personal level quite quickly, I mean you usually see their bedroom on the first meeting for goodness sake!


Thank you so much Mark! I am thoroughly inspired! The art selection is truly unique & captivating and it’s great to know that the process of curating this home is still evolving. And yes, design is so personal & intimate and bedrooms {and may I say the restrooms too can reveal so much about a person!}.

Check out the Austin Modern Home Tours this weekend everyone! See this home and more:

Get your tickets

Saturday, February 7, 2015

10:00 AM to 5:00 PM (CST)

 Have fun, get inspired & learn more about modern design!