My Firefly is Coming Soon!

I recently bought this “Firefly” chandelier which will grace my entryway soon. It’s repurposed garden fencing & will be such a contrast against our urban cement walls.
It’s from Barb at Knack Studios. If you haven’t seen her work, check out her site, her shop at Etsy or her Flickr photostream. She recycles, reinvent & repurposes vintage items, which is of course right up my alley.
I think the Firefly would look so adorable in any room with any of the two pieces above
or a set of the fabulous chairs below {all via her shop}.
I absolutely can’t wait to hang it!

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Adore Doilies!

                       Frame                                                                                          Doily Tin Mirror

I never thought there will come a time when the new generation will be infatuated again with these intricate & delicate embroideries called doilies. Have you seen those beautifully wrapped gifts with a simple kraft paper, a doily & a ribbon? The design is oh-so beautiful for Spring!

{images via Country Living & The Inglenook Decor}

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Winter Decorating Tips

I know a little boring right? But once in a while, I do have some fabulous ideas I also share at the Decorating Tips & Ideas” section of the shop.

So here you go…
Even though the holiday decorations are gone, decorating that evokes this wonderful season {and not the bad weather out there} is simple. Follow our 5 easy tips:
1. Have a bulb bonanza.
Winter bulbs are so beautiful & very easy to grow and take care of. Choose from paperwhites to hyacinths.Place them in clear containers filled with gray & white pebbles.
2. Be pro “faux fur.”
Blanket throws, pillows & area rugs in this fabric definitely makes the season cozy & warm.
3. Let it glow.
Your fireplace shouldn’t be the only place lighted up. The flickr of candles with the scents of the season should to. Check out our soy-based Winter & Pomander scents by Linnea’s Lights.
4. Shimmer & Shine.
Throw in some metallics & silver decor and soon you’ll forget how cold it is out there, because indoors, it’s all about glitz & glam.
5. Dress up the mantle.
Your hearth will be your home’s focal point for a couple of months. Dressing it up with winter garlands, candles, candleholders & other decorative accents will beautify this space throughout the season.
It may be cold & dreary outside, but inside, it’s definitely cozy & warm. Have a wonderful Winter everyone!

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A Classy Winter Wedding

Ahhh, what a wondrous wedding indeed! Simple yet sophisticated. Classy & intricate details & the bride? Delicate & fascinating. These amazing photos were taken by the wonderful Jessica Otwell. See the rest of her work at
Have a happy & undreary {not sure of there is such a word} weekend everyone!
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Thom Filicia’s Inspiring Decor Style

Even though the buzz & mayhem about the Fab Five & Queer Eye for the Straight Guy has died a long time ago, I’m still going ga-ga over Thom Filicia’s decorating style {after all. he’s my favorite of the five}. He’s a high profile designer with high profile clients, yet I believe he remains very grounded & humbled by all the success that have come {and keeps on coming} his way. He said that when he was awarded one of “Barbara Walter’s Most Fascinating People,” that, that year they were slim pickings.

I recently got his book {Thom Filicia Style} & found out that his inspiration comes from virtually anything & anywhere. But when designing a space, he’s usually inspired by the following Fab Five inspiration:)

1. The client: But of course! In his own words, he stated: ” It’s really about creating rooms that are true to you, that reflect your personality & who you really are. Ditto that Thom. Are you quirky & fun or have an infatuation with glitz & glamour or have understated elegance?

2. Architecture: High ceilings? Rococo moldings? Rustic beams? Beautiful architecture should always be embraced.

3. Historical reference: Yes, the old have always something to do with the “new” & the “now.” A historical character or event may influence you or your surroundings.

4. Geography: Are you in Soho with an artsy Bohemian flair? Or in the Garden District in New Orleans evoking a French vintage feel? Or maybe in the bustling Chicago downtown that’s urban & edgy.

5. Mood: the feel, the emotion you want your surroundings to summon.

Here are his 10 moods:

Organic Refined Pure Warm Balanced Fun Inviting Exotic Sexy ____________ {Your mood here, again it’s all about you!}

His own abode in Soho
His Lakehouse in Upstate New York

The images are from his book, which you absolutely have to get. It’s not only full of inspiring images but also of great advise. Plus it’s dedicated to his Mom who died of breast cancer & proceeds from book sales goes to support Breast Cancer Research & Awareness. His dedication is so endearing, you just have to read it!

Oh & this is Thom & me at a book signing & seminar 🙂

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Inside a {Jewelry} Artist’s Mind: Alex Keller

ac⋅ces⋅so⋅ry   [ak-ses-uh-ree] noun, adjective
– An article or set of articles of that adds completeness, convenience, attractiveness, etc., to one’s basic outfit.
– Contributing to a general effect; supplementary; subsidiary.

When it comes to home decorating, I do believe that accessories are the heart & soul of your home & the best way to bring in your personality. In fashion, I’m the same way. A dress without accessories? That’s so blah. So sorry I had to bore you with the definition above but I really just had to point out how important accessories are…or else, you won’t be complete or exude a general effect.

Well, for all you fashion mavens out there, a recent find of mine is this fabulous jewelry artist who makes adorable new accessories from vintage & recycled pieces. Enter Alex Keller, here’s a little interview I did with her:

1. What inspired you to start making jewelry?

I’ve been making jewelry on and off since college. Back then it was friendship bracelets and some hippie beads. When I lived in Chicago, I picked it up again. I was in an antique shop and spotted a fantastic bead store. And this time around, I was at a resale shop and was waiting in line to pay for something. There was a jewelry case full of stuff and I thought it made more sense to reuse that then to go buy new beads. And I wanted a bracelet I had seen in a catalog 🙂

2. Where do you find most of your items to make your jewelry?

I find jewelry to use in my work at thrifts, resale shops, garage sales, my own things, vintage shops and estate sales. I visited San Diego this year and went to an architectural salvage shop, where I found vintage chandelier crystals, skeleton keys and drawer pulls, which inspired some of my recent pieces.

3. Why do you think accessorizing is so important?

I think accessorizing is important because it completes you. Not your outfit, necessarily, but you. I think accessories are a reflection of who you are, what you’re feeling, or what you want to communicate. And it can change often. When you bring out the sweaters for cold weather, you bring out the scarves and maybe a certain hat. When you get that first pedicure of the season, you wear those fabulous sandals and are never without your shades. Just like an interior, you need the accessories for interest and texture!

4. Is there an era in the jewelry world that inspires u the most?

I think I’m inspired by current trends in jewelry – all the ideas I have rolling around in my head! But I am also influenced by the mid century – a lot of my work has been with pearls and rhinestones, which make me think of anywhere from the 40s to the 60s.

5. Are you currently wearing a “must have” accessory from your line?

Currently I’m in my jammies, but I do make a point of wearing something of my own every day. It’s free publicity for my work, and a great way to get my name out at places I go every day. I don’t think anything is necessarily a ‘must have,’ but I really do like the chandelier crystal earrings!

Last Dance {one of my faves!}

6. Where do you hope this venture would take you?

Well, my husband tells me he’d like for me to become a huge success so that he can retire. But I think we’re a ways off from that. I really hope to grow as an artist, when my son is older take some metal classes, and see where I go… I’m an art school dropout, because I ended up getting a degree in Business. So I realize that I might end up somewhere unexpected, and that’s okay. I’ll keep you posted!

7. What do you think sets your line apart?

I think my line stands out, because I make what I like and what I would wear. I also like to pay attention to detail.
8. Any advice for other gals out there who are just starting jewelry making?

I live in Tucson, AZ, which hosts a huge Gem and Mineral Show each year – everyone makes jewelry here. So you need to make yourself stand out, but stay true to yourself. And if you really want it to turn into a business, start it that way. Be your own boss, sure. But you have to wear “all the hats,” as I say. You have to be your own photographer, editor, writer, accountant, lawyer, buyer, operations, quality control ….. it’s endless. And it takes a lot of time, so time management and prioritizing are crucial.
10. What one tool you can’t live without when making jewelry?
My head. If I ever ran out of ideas, we’d be sunk!

And here’s the delightful Alex {featured right}
What do you think about all the pieces? J’adore right? Vintage, recycled, attention to detail & all from an adorable sweet gal. Thanks so much Alex for obliging to do this interview. Please be sure to check out her shop & her wonderful blog.
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2010 Trend: Baroque Minimalism

Ok, I may be a little delayed with this one as Baroque Minimalism seem to have graced several decor blogs & other sites. But this is Miles Redd prediction for 2010. Personally, I love the term & what it’s all about {I’m not exactly the Hollywood regency type}.

So, what does it exactly mean? A resurgence of the circa 1600 style, Baroque is all about elaborate & extravagant ornamentation to create dramatic effects. Minimalism ia simple styles & shapes, clean lines. So, Baroque Minimalism is also called Neo Baroque. I also love calling it Modern Rococo!

Here’s a few images that I think exudes this style:

Damask wall covering & throw pillows around contemporary furniture
Clean-lined table, Venetian Mirror & Ornate Chandelier

Two eras, two white chairs
So, I think the following pairings are a match made in heaven…

A John Capella table paired with a Rococo frame
Baroque sofa, contemporary floor lamp
A modern hearth & a white Rococo mirror

{images via apartment therapy, living pod, templates blog. stylin home, polyvore, material girls blog}
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For 2010: Go Vintage with an Attitude

Can you believe 2009 is ending soon?! Despite having a very tight holiday schedule, I found the time to write down my 2010 goals and look back at this year’s goals. This has been a wonderful year, a few mishaps & roadblocks along the way yet this year I celebrated being in a new city, a career change & the birth/rebirth of my little online shop. I am definitely excited about 2010 & I’m always inspired & enthusiastic!
For the start of the year, I found inspiration in this image from a newsletter from the manufacturer Go Home. They appropriately placed a caption stating “Vintage with an Attitude.” I tried to come up with more befitting captions for it…
Vintage Inspired
Vintage Chic
Style is Ageless
Antique Chic
Vintage Glam
Vintage Style is Ageless
Antique Glam
Can you think of other good captions for it? Holiday parties are not over yet, so I won’t be able to post until after the New Year. I wish all of you an amazing New Year’s Celebration. 2010 is going to be swell, chic & inspiring!

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A Very Swedish Holiday

I’m still at a lost on a decorating theme for next year {I’ve already given up this year, I’ve only been
in our new place permanently for a couple of months…at least this is the excuse I’m using}. I thought
about going ultra modern with bold colors of hot pinks & deep turquoise or shimmery in golds & silvers
or whites, crystals & silvers for a wintry effect. Alas! I think I found “the one!” I think I’m going
for a Scandinavian holiday.This spread of a Swedish home exquisitely decorated for Christmas
is what I’m deeply falling for.

 {the wreath exudes such elegance}
 {gorgeous tree but look at those wide-plank wooden floors!}
{my favorite winter bulbs!}
images via Country Living
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Birthday Girl


{Country Living: Verde Rosa}

Yea!Yea! Today is my birthday! What am I feeling? Joyful….thankful…..loved! It continues to be an amazing ride… teeming with fascinating jumps & beautiful colors.

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