Tree Stump Stools

So, the condo has another problem (aside from it being small). The entryway is a design dilemma. It’s narrow & cramped but desperately needs some personality. The entryway leads to the kitchen where some sort of seating, a buffet, or entryway cabinet can be placed. Mind you, the depth has to be extremely skinny & has to be light & can be moved easy. So, now I’m opting for some stools. For some reason, I’m drawn to tree stump stools lately.

Mind you that circa 1997, when this trend is not the trend yet, we got a huge tree stump from the streets, varnished it & placed a clear glass on top of it. Voila! It’s the driftwood coffee table that’s been gracing stores lately.

So, here are some that caught my eye:

{Thout holey Stump from Design Public}
{Bird stool at Cottage & Bungalow}

{Tree stump stool/accent table from West Elm}

My heart is not set on anything yet & who knows, my idea will change again. Any thoughts on these stools?
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The Week’s Low Down

This week has been somewhat uneventful. Hmmm, let me see what happened …

… at the clinic for a little more than a week seeing patients at our Beaumont facility. Everything is going well at our mid-county clinic (we call it our flagship) & all staff members are working tirelessly, happily & productively. Thanks guys! Tuesday, I did go out & meet with some of our doctors for referral development relationship a.k.a. marketing.

…ate bad the whole week (think pecan pies, kolaches, southern ctyle chicken) & exercised just twice. Bad! Bad! This Sunday, I started by running at town lake. Getting my groove back!

…got my proposal from my PR, marketing & branding company. I love it & can’t wait until it’s all implemented.

…site traffic is a bit down this week & sales is somewhat sparse. Still I did some SEO tweaks for the site & I got my website grade higher form 86 to 91! If you’re curious what yours is, check out

… met with Andrew who has been making my homepage images & we sat down for some photoshop 101.

… I got these le petit white candleholders from my inventory (a flea market find) & used them for personal effects. Nobody was biting (could it be the bad image?LOL) & I actually really, really like them. I have 12 & plan to scatter them all around the house.

Again (i feel like a broken record), sorry for the lack of posting, blog reading & commenting. When I’m at the clinic, I am very focused on that. I’m thinking of my next posts as I write this though.In the meantime, please check out another blog that my SEO guy has been making: It’s simple but chockful of information. Till the next lowdown!

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Beaux Objet: The Francesca Mansard Mirror

I’m always so curious when I come across a new word. Well, I just added these wonderful mirrors to our product selection & it’s supposed to have a “Mansard design.”

Forgive me for being a little clueless but I absolutely didn’t know what that means. I first thought it was a shade of gray but come to find out, it’s a roof design popularized by French Architect Francois Mansart. He supposedly did not invent it & one of the architects that built the Louvre used it in defferent portions of the museum first.

A Mansard roof consists of two portions, a lower steep pitch that is nearly vertical & an upper low pitch that is nearly flat. The design allows for livable spaces like the ones below close to the roof.

{by farm4static at flickr}
Sigh! I’ve always dreamed of a home with a space like this! So, anyway, hope you enjoyed the little tidbits of information & do check out the item here. You’ll love the intricate design & the distressed gray color.
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The Week’s Lowdown

It seems like this week just flew by & I can’t believe I haven’t posted a blog at all or checked out my daily reads 🙁 I seriously thought that when I devote full-time to the online shop, I’ll be blogging more (and I so, so want to!).

Well, to at least tell myself that I do have excuses for the lack of posting, here’s this week’s lowdown :

… got invited by IIDA (International Interior Design Competition) at their event, Austin Evolution with their theme “Time Flies.” I donated some merchandise, the bird taper candelabra & sitting terracota bird for their silent auction. I thought it befitted the theme. Sad though that I’ll miss the event physically. Thanks again Jeri for this opportunity!

… just got word from an Austin quarterly Lifestyle Magazine that they will feature the site in their December issue. Again, free press is the bomb!

… been sending answers to queries at HARO (to all small business owners or to anybody who just love writing, you have to subscribe!) & an internet radio show is considering the shop for their “Holiday Gift guide” segment. Yes, so even though I haven’t been blogging, I’ve been sending articles to sites like “Who’s Your Glady’s.”

… the site’s traffic is 300% higher than last month’s & backlinks went from about 289 to 2672! Thanks George! Awesome job!

… met with two sales rep this week, saw new neat stuff, can’t wait to get them all in & open the boxes…it’s like Christmas everytime a shipment comes in! (Oh & some are coming straight from France!).The hard part, I want to display them all in our small place!

…attended the Texas Global Trade Summit but I only stayed for an hour. Just wanted to see what it’s all about.

… bummed that my Technical Drawing for Interior Design classes were cancelled by the college (no instructor). I did attend a short photography class, signed up for fabric block printing & mixed media drawing which will start not until November though.

… I had an epiphany of how i’m going to take this venture to the next level after having lunch with a very succesful & admirable person. His story inspired me so much. To me, wealth is not what’s in somebody’s bank account, it’s what’s in their minds. So, my task? Get some of that wisdom! 🙂

So sorry, I know, a little boring but hey, I may start doing this regularly. Keep me on track & sort of follow my intent of blogging about the struggles & triumphs of a small & independent business. Next week, i’ll be at the clinic so there may not be much going on as far as the online shop is concerned.

In the meantime, I am inspired by this image from Elle Decor. I am in love with white wooden floors & those wooden benches…adorable! I’m thinking I might just get one that looks just like the ones in here at El Paso Imports. Which color though?

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Linnea’s Lights in InStyle + Help me choose, please! + Giveaway

Yippeeee! My favorite eco-friendly candle line in In Style magazine! So happy for this American-owned, mother & daughter company from the Midwest!
Oh, on another note, the shop’s inventory on these fab candles (a great gift by the way!) is getting pretty slim. Have customers buying them in fours! How wonderful! So, I’m getting ready to stock up for the holidays. Can you help me pretty please in choosing from the scents below. Please leave a comment as to which one you like the best & why. I just know chic readers like you will know which is best. Thanks much & happy friday & weekend as well!
Irresistible & romantic rich amber blended with Egyptian musk
Sultry & exotic with Asian spices, grasses, citrus & lavender
Nostalgic & warm vanilla with notes of patchouli & tonka bean
Refreshing & clean with notes of agave nectar, lily & soft woods
Sophisticated & herbal with patchouli, vanilla & lime
CASSIS { formerly LYNDAN }
Amazing melange of black currant with green herbs, floral, & fruits
Tangy & modern with citrus, tart apple & green accord
Divine fruit herbal fusion of fig, peach & Madagascar vanilla
Juicy & delicious just like a ripe Anjou pear with a touch of spice
Lemony & green floral-herbal blend that is clean & complex
Neutral, clean & unobtrusive…an everyday fresh floral
Earthy oak moss, sensual sandalwood & other woods
Pomegranate softened with an elusive blend of spices & woods
Soft & clean with fresh grass & sweet violets
Exquisite white floral known for its seductive properties
Luscious Japanese grapefruit, exotic fruits & watery greens
All giveaways seem to have rules so here’s a few (don’t worry, they’re pretty easy): 1. have to know why you like the scent you choose (one customer asked if I have a sniff test but believe me they smell as described) 2. can you help a small, independent & new retailer please & let viral marketing work….post it on your facebook, tweet about it, mention it at your blog, etc…more chances of course! 3. can you join the shop’s newsletter at our homepage & get coupons & discounts 4. US residents only 5. drawing will be on October 15th & I’ll let my daughter do the honors!

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Inside an Artist’s Mind: Laura Trevey

I am being true to my promise about attempting to re-ignite my creativity. Signed up for some art & design classes in October & November, so excited! Last week, I was yet inspired again by another amazing artist, Laura Trevey. She is a master in watercolor painting & delights us with her bright, bold and beautiful work at her Etsy shop & her blog. So here’s my little Q & A for her…

Bold- sparkling jewelry, fabulous clothes

Beautiful- sunsets on the ocean, amazing art

2.If you weren’t a watercolor artist, what other career path would you have chosen?

“I cannot imagine doing anything else. I love what I do & I am lucky to share it with others.”

3. You love vibrant colors, any favorite color combination?

” I love lime green & hot pinks…bright orange with yellows…and especially teals, turquoise & aqua colors, reminiscent of the Carribean Sea.”

4. Was there a person, situation or event that prompted you to be an artist?
“I have always loved to paint. You might say it’s “in the genes.” My grandmother was a fabulous artist as well as my Mother.”

5. As your art evokes your personality, so does your home & fashion style. How would you describe your home style?

“My home is a traditional style with modern accents throughout. I love oriental rugs, mahogany furniture & antique pieces paired with abstract art.”

6. Where do you feel your art is going?

” Watercolor painting always fills me with happiness, almost like a meditation. I am always looking for ways to express myself on paper. Each day that I paint brings joy into my life.”
And this one is my favotite one by the way. How adorable is this tea cup? Pass on the tea cakes please!
I hope you’ve enjoyed my little interview ands thanks Laura for sharing your wonderful work.
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Guest Blogging at Kotori

What are these images? Check out as I’m guest blogging at Kotori for Tuesday’s Top 5.

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Airstream Chic

I do believe there’s nowhere else in the country where airstreams are so fun, urban, hip & chic other than in Austin.

In one popular part of town, called Soco (paying homage to New York’s Soho district, it’s also short for South Congress), airstreams line one street in different shapes, sizes, colors & offerings. From pizza to sno-cones (or sno-cups), cupcakes to deli sandwiches. But not just in this part of town though, they’re all over! Also, talk about being innovative, airstreams are not just for food service anymore! Check out the Top 3 airstreams to visit while in Austin.

1. Adelante‘s Curbside Service

The shop known as a boutique infused with 70’s glam vibe, a dash of modern & a whole heap of cool is located at 1206 W 38th. They recently introduced their rack & trunk show on wheels, presenting Curbside Service. It can also be rented privately for soirees. Now, that’s distinctively Austin!

{images via}

Don’t you jut love the swanky decor?

This was the first airstream in Soco that caught my eye & who wouldn’t take a second look at that giant cupcake on top?

{image via}

They now have 5 locations all over Austin but it all started with the original one found at the 1600 block in South Congress.

{image via}

It has also beome a favorite photo spot with Austin photographers. Check out the one above. How adorable is this engagement picture? The cupcake is supposed to give them “sweet blessings.”
If you get a chance to visit, try the Vanilla Dream for $2.50 & oh, get it with a whipper snapper (that’s a shot of fresh whipped cream injected into the cake….more yum!)

And last but certainly not the least, Flip Happy Crepes at 400 Jessie has been dubbed the best crepes in America. Hey, they did win the Throwdown challenge with Bobby Flay!

Their crepes is the down-to-earth version of the French favorite. This is my favorite : Smoked salmon w/ herbed cream cheese spinach and tomato $7.50.
Hmmm, I’m wondering what other airstream chicness Austinites will conjure up next?
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Fall Tablescape Idea: Forest Glam!

When I connected with Artie of Color outside the Lines. He had a thought of doing a tablescape with these charming bird tealight holders found at the shop. I was gleaming with delight & sent four of these his way right away. I just knew that with his creativeness, he would do such a fabulous job. Boy, was I wrong?! He didn’t just do a fabulous job, he did much, much more than that. Just look and see for yourself….

He lovingly called the tablescape “Forest Glam” and “Glamorous Woodland Nymph.”
Very befitting Artie!

For the place setting: rattan-inspired charger, vintage white stoneware, linen napkins, turned wood napkin rings & bamboo flatware.

Completing the look: crystals, twigs, branches, some greenery, bird nests….

And the piece de resistance, the charming bird tealight holders. I knew they were adorable! Thanks so much Artie for showcasing them in such an amazing way!

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Our Trina Turk Pillows are almost gone!

What is it with Trina Turk’s dresses that is just o adorable? Well, it’s the print patterns! Always classy & sophisticated & fits so perfectly.

But if you are not into spending $200 to $300 dresses then bring a Trina Turk pattern home to you!

Her green and brown shanghai links needlepoint pillow is only $53.50 at the shop. Our inventory is getting pretty low on these beauties & I have my eye on her new line!:)

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