Inside an Artist’s Mind: Dallas Shaw

Coinciding with my new venture is my attempt to rekindle my creativity ( I remember drawing & painting for endless hours as a child). So, this week, I am truly inspired to feature an extraordinary artist, Dallas Shaw. You may have seen her work around at Etsy or when she & her work was featured in, Real Living & Apartment Therapy. I thought getting into her mind would somehow rub off her talent to me! I’m not greedy though so I’ll share them with all of you!
My favorites from her Etsy shop: Vintage shirt, Vintage Brown, J, crew shoes, Tights.
1. What or who inspired you to be an artist?
“Originally when I was in middle school I wanted to work for Walt Disney World animation. So, I worked really hard until I was good enough to do that. I did draw in their animation building for a bit before making a very different career choice. I had alot of support from parents and teachers when I was young.”

2. How and when did you discover your talent for art?

“My second grade teacher would give us many hands on activities, and pointed out to me that my drawing skills were more advanced than the others around me. She hung my pictures on the board and was a real eye opener for me at a really young age. She told me if I kept drawing I would keep getting better- and that’s what happened!”

3. If you weren’t an artist, what other career path would you have chosen?

“I would be a stylist. I’d probably own a boutique and bring in my favorite choices. It would be amazing- I assure you.”

It shows, doesn’t it? Just look at her fabulous fashion sketches.

4. How would you describe your work?

“Very feminine, and stylish. I hope.”

Stylish indeed! Some of her favorite work, All Keys & Full-Full
5. Who do you think is the greatest artist in these modern times?
” That’s a huge question. Art is really different- so while one person might think they are the “greatest”, it doesn’t fit someone else’s taste. I am not sure who the greatest artist in modern time is… but I can tell you who I’m inspired by right now? I love Stina Persson, David Downton and mostly fashion illustrators- I think all of the fashion influences show in the large acrylic pieces. “

6. Your Bio states that you draw inspiration from the Fashion & Music Industries. Who is your Fashion Icon? Music Icon?

“My fashion icon, right now (this changes by season) would have to be Diane Von Furstenberg or Phillip Lim…. As far as mucic goes I don’t know that I have an “icon”. I just listen to music while I work constantly. “
The magnificent Diane Von Furstenberg, a Philip Lim dress.

More of her work at the Miami Fusion Gallery.

7. Who & what’s playing in your ipod right now?
” A ton of Jason Mraz. I have been listening for years and years and Iove his environmental vibe. Some Regina Spektor, Bushwalla, Sia… Its really a mix! “

8. How would you describe your fashion style? Home Style?
“My fashion style is a mix of high end and low end-I love dresses and wear them often, I’m really weird about clothing. I either love it and must have it- or just nothing. No in between. The house is mostly modern with a tiny bit of vintage. We just relocated so I just bought a framed vintage subway sign, and also greg beauchamp’s united states print. Old and new.” My kind of gal!

9. You use a variety of mediums in your art, do you have a favorite?
“I am loving prismacolor pencils and watercolor right now. I mostly do acrylic, but when I get to do smaller fashion illustrations that arent so large- that’s been really fun. “

10. Where do you feel your art is going?

“I hope it’s getting better. More stylish. I’ve learned alot this past year and am now working on a few new collections. Every week on etsy one of last years paintings will be for sale- making room for the new. I hope it just keeps getting better , I have alot planned for this year.”
And here she is. Sigh! To be young, beautiful & Oh so talented!
Best to you Dallas! Amazing work & it’s definitely just going to get better. Please check her out at & at her blog.
I hope you enjoyed this post and here’s to hoping I’ll get my creativity back.
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Beaux Objet of the Day: Bird Stamps Coasters

Bird-themed decor has been “in” for quite a while & i think it’s here to stay. Just like everybody else, I am just drawn to these whimsical creatures & when they are featured in clothing, jewelry and yes, decor!

Bird lovers out there, these coasters are for you! Sold in set of four, they are made of Italian Botticino marble & also have a cork backing. Bird stamps, script…sigh, your guests will be charmed!
$38.95 at the shop.

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Beaux Objet of the Day: Scalloped Candleholder

Yes, a home can never have enough candles & candleholders! As most of you know I’m a big Rococo fan. I just adore intricate & ornate details in accessories. Well, this porcelain scalloped candleholder is just that.

It is in black noir & I wish you could touch the sides of it as this image just doesn’t do justice to the exquisite piece. Only a pair left at the shop & for just $20 each, what a chic steal!

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Beaux Object of the Day: The Travel Trug

Can we ever have enough storage? As I was moving my inventory & finally unpacking every merchandise, I was beaming with delight when I finally saw & touched this travel trug.I just knew I have to have one for me too! I just love, love traveling! I’m not a well-traveled person at this time compared to some of you out there but I know, I try to do it every chance I get (as time & money permits). Ours features my favorite cities: Rome (never been…), Paris (went just one time) and London (visited just for a day). The bottom is made of shiny wood & the whole construction is sturdy & the copper patina….love!

This trug will not only hold your magazines, but will be fabulous with carrying fresh or dried cut flowers.

Selling for $49.50 at the shop.

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Yipee! The Shop at Real Simple’s Blog

It always amazes me how beautiful this blog world is. So many kind & supportive people! Case in point, the site mentions from the wonderful people behind the exquisite blogs featured on the right (“Thanks for the Site Love & Mentions”). Most didn’t even ask for anything in return.

The site is featured today at Simply Stated, Holly Becker’s (of Decor 8) blog at She mentioned my Decorating Tips & Ideas featured at the site. Thanks Holly! Please check it out. And go on over at her amazing blog, too! (as if you haven’t…she’s a blog maven!)

I hope all of you don’t get tired of reading about my little triumhps (and yes mishaps,too!). I think sharing them is what makes the journey worth it.
Tomorrow is when the posts on “Beaux Objet of the Day” will start where I describe some of the shop items a little deeper. I hope you will like it! It is part of the job & yes, I think they (the shop’s items) are the bomb:) (nothing like tooting your own horn right?).Just like free press is!

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Little Accomplishments at the New Space

I hope all of you are having a fabulous long holiday weekend so far. I bet some are going to the beach, galivanting around quaint towns for fabulous finds or busy preparing a fancy Sunday dinner (or a cookout for sports fans out there). Well, I’m currently nursing a mild fever (body aches…sigh!) and still busy getting everything together at the new place. Since, there are no finished rooms yet, I delight in the little things that we have accomplished so far….

I got these fabulous postcards from the Paris Flea Market a while back framed. They have been laying on the carpet floor for a while.

They’re now up at the kitchen counter! We plan to get some more postcards during our travels (crossing my fingers as I haven’t been out of the country in a year. Yes, the cruise doesn’t count).

Steve, the wallpaper guy, did such a fabulous job finally getting this wallpaper up which has been tucked away in the kitchen cabinet for 2 months now!

Ta da! What do you think? Maybe a bit too loud for some but I’m soooo loving it!
My favorite decor mags has to be accessible.

And yes, my favorite wreath matches it too!

The temporary home office layout. I still have wall organizers, ledges & chalkboards to put up.

The organized chaos beside the desk.
The view at the desk.

And yes, my vision board is behind the chair. Don’t worry guys, this is just a temporary fix (double-sided tape). What do you think should I use? A linen pinboard or a framed corkboard?

One of my favorite finds. Some of my office stuff neatly tucked away in this lakeshire cheese box.

Yes, the little things matter. I got lime green hanging folders & gray folders.
I found out I’m pretty utilitarian when it comes to organizing but then a little more out there when it comes to accessorizing. Trips to The Container Store, 6 times, Ikea, 2 times, Lowe’s 2 times. I found the tape dispenser above at The Container Store for $6.99. What a chic deal!

And this whimsical tree branch (also from The Container Store) is now in our entryway.
Now, tackling the closet issue…….
I’m hoping to establish a routine very soon ( haven’t exercised in 5 days, pizza or fajita tacos at lunch, not meditating & waking up almost 9 o’ clock is definitely not good for me). So to start of , I will be doing a daily post titled “Beaux Objet of the Day” and feature a liitle history & description of some of the shops items. Stay tuned…. 🙂
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Yipee! The Shop’s First Print Write-Up

Just got permanent in Austin & I’m already feeling the love. A short article about the shop is on page three of the Life & Style section of the Austin American-Statesman.

Here’s an excerpt:

Site focuses on home décor accessories
Accessories are known to make or break an outfit, and the same can be true of your home décor. Consider Austin-based the Inglenook Décor ( an online stylist for all your décor details. This online haven features decorative accessories, ranging from small butterfly tealight holders to statement-making vintage candelabras. The easy-to-navigate site breaks down the objets trouvés by genre, color and price. Whether it’s rococo for your Hyde Park bungalow or modern accents for your urban loft, there is a little something for every style and taste. Prices range from $10 to $100. The shop is online only, but plans for a storefront are in the works.

How awesome! Free press is the bomb, thanks so much Amy for taking notice & doing a fabulous write-up.

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Burn, baby burn {the right candle that is}

Love candles? Who doesn’t? It took me a while to know that most of the candles I’ve purchased so far are of the bad & not so eco-friendly types. For some of you who may not be aware, the most common candles are made of parrafin. Come to find out, parrafin is petroleum-based, a fossil fuel. Get it? It’s just not good for you…hence the black soot. Beeswax & soy-based candles are so much better. They are made of sustainable products, have a longer & cleaner burning time & yup they’re better for your indoor air.

And so, in my search of the first candle line, I had to look for eco-friendly candles. I saw this line featured at the wonderful blog of Sarah Klassen, I just had to check it out. Just like her, I totally fell in love with it (and the owner, Laura, is just as amazing as the company, Linnea’s Lights).

Here’s why you’ll love it,too! Let’s’s made of natural soy-wax, has lead-free wicks, triple-scented, handmade (from the pouring of wax to packaging…the package is handstamped with soy-inks) and it brings 60 hours of illumination. From scents like Yuzu & Blue Agave, check it out. Oh & it comes with matchsticks too! Plus for a limited time at The Inglenook Decor, they ship free!

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Just Jump!

I got so inspired by an article Oprah wrote in her magazine. She said: “When your life is on course with its purpose, you are your most powerful.” I totally agree! I say, my purpose is to shop for unique finds and share them with all of you, peruse endless showrooms and flea markets, ruminate on images found in design & decorating magazines that makes me gasp with delight, travel, travel, travel and yes, just really get in touch with my creative side. Not exactly philanthropic work…that will come later. Really!

Anyway, this is it! The first day when I’ll devote full attention to the shop. (Well, can I have a few “just being a bum” days when I absolutely do nothing?)

Yup, jumping in 100% & I sort of feel powerful 🙂

{jump series shots, me & my friends,Caribbean 2008, not exactly flattering images…hard to suck in when you’re jumping!}

Wish me luck!

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She’s probably going to get tired of me bragging her comment about the site to other people. But Cobi Ladner, previous editor of Canadian House & Home e-mailed me & thought my site was terrific & that I should be proud. (Oh & she added me to her blogroll,too!).How awesome is that?! Please check her site here. Fabulous ideas, tips & even videos. So vibrant, like the person that she is. Oh & Janell of Isabella & Max, an extremely talented designer (hello, her work has been featured on HGTV & Oprah!), how sweet of you to feature my candelabra & e-mailing me.

To the fabulous interior designers,bloggers & readers, I can’t thank you enough for the support. At least, I know I’m doing something worthwhile:)
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Thoughts of Something Tropical

Sorry folks that I’m unable to post much lately. This weekend, I moved my inventory permanently to Austin & came back to be ready for work tomorrow. Next weekend, move my personal stuff.It’s not too bad, the drive is four and a half hours one way. Except the “stuff” is on the second floor of our clinic. My hamstrings & calves are still burning from yesterday. This week is going to be busier than usual (and yes, it’s busy, busy everyday!). So, in the meantime, enjoy a few pictures of my most recent visit to the Philippines (Sonya’s Garden & The Farm) in 2007.

My daughter (left, and her cousin). Flowers care of the tropical gardens all around us.

Yup, have I said tropical flowers were all over?

I can meditate here all day!

Time for a siesta under a whimsical daybed.

Now, this is what I call sustainable furniture! Ok readers, I want to show you these pics without me in it, unfortunately, as you can see, I’m a little picture-hungry:) To my closest friends, please don’t say duh! or roll your eyes.

We couldn’t figure out what it was at first…it’s sushi ice cream! In exotic flavors of guava, guyabano & lanzones. bet, you haven’t heard of that before! Oh & mango of course, the Philippines has the best mangoes in the world!

Our version of a cabana!

An infinity pool amidst coconut trees. Aahhhh, it was heaven!

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