Modern + Sustainable: So Chic!

Sure we’ve seen bamboo furniture & accessories everywhere. But have you heard of abaca, buri, rattan or lampakanai? They are all exotic materials, one is an herb, the other a stem & the other a stately palm mostly indigenous to the Philippine islands. I can’t help but be awed by these furniture & accessories that are all inspired by nature & yet comes off as incredibly modern & definitely chic!
I saw the Voyage Bed in Domino Magazine (April 2008) & instantly fell in love with it!

Whimsical lighting anyone?

Perfect in a cabana!

Clean lines & sustainable materials, I can see these sofas & chairs indoors or outdoors.

And lastly, their operetta pet bed. So adorable!
Go on & peruse this designer’s collection at
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Post Vacation Blues

I can’t believe it’s been a week since my 2-week vacation ended. I’m still having some vacation blues. Once in a while, I love sharing some personal pictures, sort of what I’ve been up to. These are highlights of my Chicago trip & a little recap.
1. Home Decor Shopping. Need I say more? This was so much fun!

2. Botanical Garden. One of the best botanical gardens I’ve seen so far.It’s so beautiful, we had to go twice 🙂

I just had to pose with the hydrangeas. Gorgeous!

3. Food tripping. So many culinary offerings, I think we had every cuisine there is. From New Asian to Italian, Organic to American, Greek to Persian.

Brunch at M. Henry

Early Dinner at Piccolo Sogno. We watched a Beyonce concert after (she was fabulous btw).
4. Yes, we just had to do the Architectural Cruise. Amazing skyline! I’ve only been in Chicago on a winter so this was certainly a treat.

5. The greeting. Our host delighted us with this basket of toiletries, towels neatly displayed with a ribbon, our itineraries printed in colored paper with Chicago sceneries. How thoughtful is that?

I’m working on more articles for the “Decorating Tips & Ideas” for the site & new products are coming soon so stay tuned!

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Gracias, Danke,Bedankt,Grazie,Merci!

I can find so many ways to say thank you who have spread some site love! I know I’ve probably said this a million times, but I’m so grateful! 🙂

Thanks for grabbing an “Inglenook Decor” button:

Alison at My Little Happy Place
Kirti at K the Blogger
Mimi at Design my Way
Sarah at Sarah Klassen
Kristine at Life with Keiki
Sissy at My Blue Hydrangea

and the sweet, sweet post & interview!

Averill at Odi ta Amo
Paula at Two Ellie
Heather at Doodlebuds
Jennie at Creative in my Mind

Alicia at Delightful & Delovely for being so, so helpful, Cassandra at Coco Kelley for introducing me to Chelsea & Sarah for her wonderful design eye.

Gosh, there’s so much work ahead of me but the support is making me blush 🙂 Last thank you, in Filipino, Maraming Salamat!

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Garden Kick

I’m still in my garden kick as I’m in deep thought of which plant to put in my terrarium. An advice from a reader said, as long as it’s a plant that can take a lot of humidity, it’s ok to leave the zinc tops on (thanks Teresa!). I’m always in a garden kick anyway! My friends know that I just love garden chic parties. Right now I’m dreaming of a party with….

Luscious Green Hydrangeas

Antique white birdbaths adorning a long table.

Refreshing mint juleps

And doiley-inspired plates in different shapes and sizes

Of course it wouldn’t hurt if the party was decorated by Nefi. This gorgeous event envisioned & created by this event designer is just amazing!
Happy weekend everyone!
Photos {,, The Inglenook Decor}
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Terrarium Delight

As most of you know, I’m slowly moving in to our Austin condo. I’m here at the most, seven days out of the month. It’s hard to tackle big projects (yup, the wallpaper is still not up), so I just pre-occupy myself with little stuff here & there. In my effort to make the space living-thing friendly & get it as close to having a “real” garden or courtyard, I have succulents all over , we did get a ficus & I started on these terrariums.

I love these vintage jars, they’re the real deal, so much more personality than the pottery-barn look alikes. I got some garden pebbles, smith & hawken spanish moss, some driftwood & sand dollars & starfish from the Florida beaches. I’m still thinking if I should put plants in them as I love the zinc tops. I’m not sure what the rule is with these terrariums, I do have to take the top off to make the plants breathe right? Any ideas?

I think I’ll put a few of my moss-laden ceramic sculptures beside them to create a full vignette. Next up, really do tackle the bathroom wallpaper project!

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Reformed! Revamped! Refined!

Hep!Hep! Hooray! The site revamp is complete! I hope all of you can try to find some time to check it out. It was a tedious process (to say the least from a computer challenged person) but a highly creative one too. So many people have helped me along the way (you know who you are), has given me tips & ideas, inspiration & support. I am so grateful!

This is my postcard which Chelsea at Suite 7 Creative said reminds her of the “Keep Calm & Carry On” poster. As frivolous as it sounds, don’t you think the quote is so very true? We will update the designer quotes we feature at the site. Join our mail list found at our homepage for updates 🙂
To bore you with a few details, here are some of the new elements added to the site that makes it highly interactive & personalized to give you a better e-shop experience:

* Ability to create an account to save your payments, manage & track your orders & update other information.

* Create a wishlist.

* Write a product review.

* View related products.

* Check your viewing history.

* Sort products by title, price, or popularity.

* Hover at each item picture to view more product details.

* Sort the number of products viewed per page.

* And most importantly, a one-page checkout that makes e-shopping fast, easy & secure!
As always, you will find more Decorating Tips & Ideas plus we have also added the Tip of the Week.

And here are some of our new items (clockwise from left):1. Centerpiece basket 2. Bird Taper Candelabra 3. Vintage Dress Forms 4. Chocolate & Sage Needlepoint Pillow 5. Nickel Shoeforms Candleholder 6. Antique White Birdfeeder 7. Shanghai Links Green Pillow 8. Owl Bookstand 9. Vintage Candelabra

I often scold myself for being so transparent about my new passion & dream but I can’t help but express my enthusiasm! See you at the site!

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The Wisdom of Famous Designers

Ok, they may not be Aristotle or Confucius, but to me and for most die hard fans of design & decor out there, these designers are geniuses & masters in their own right. They have shaped the feel & look of our rooms & spaces, then & now. Their quotable quotes is a source of inspiration. But, how well do you know your designers? See if you can guess who designed or inspired these spaces & their famous quotes.

{image via}

1.”Good taste in design by no means depends on money.”—

He built the bridge connecting the formal,classical styles of the past to the current, modern style of today.

2. “Never look back, except for an occasional glance, look ahead and plan for the future. Success is not built on past laurels, but rather on a continuous activity. Keep busy searching out new ideas and, experimentally, keep ahead of the times, or at least up with them.”—

This one literally keeps me going.

3. She is the icon of glam & swanky,old hollywood decorating & a long time ago has appeared in a risque magazine & when asked what her ambition was, she stated: “To own my own marvelous design & furnishings business.”

Well, she did it! A testament that you can be whatever you aspire to be.
{image via}
4.”Ideas are cheap. Always be passionate about ideas & communicating those ideas & discoveries to others in the things you make.”
He definitely had passion & lots of ideas. We see his furniture design everywhere!

{image via}
5.”Success is often achieved by those who don’t know that failure is inevitable.”—
She designed the staircase above for her famous Paris apartment. Whether fashion or interior, she had the eye for it. She also said: “An interior is the natural projection of the soul.”
So, did you guess all of them? Here are the answers:
ןǝuɐɥɔ oɔoɔ ˙5 sǝɯɐǝ sǝןɹɐɥɔ ˙4 ɹǝןʇsɹɐǝʍ ʎןןǝʞ ˙3 ɹǝdɐɹp ʎɥʇoɹop ˙2 sʞɔıɥ pıʌɐp˙1 :sɹǝʍsuɐ
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Of Succulents & Getaways

Here’s a few pics of the planter bowl of cactus & succulents project. I’m no gardener so a project like this was no easy feat for me! 🙂

The terracota bowl. Much cheaper than glazed or colored ones. We only had leftover white paint so I had to use this. I plan to embellish the bowl further at a later time.
The succulents & cactus (or cacti if plural right?). I think about 10. It can get pricey people!

Placing them one at a time. No shovel, no gloves! I had thorns in my fingertips for days! Those succulents are meaner than the cactus actually.

And here’s the finished product. It still turned out cheaper than buying it already made.

By the way, I’m off to a mini-getaway to Mexico & has been firmly instructed not to bring my laptop or my blackberry. I’m having withdrawals already 🙁 I leave you with a pic of my Carribean vacation last year. See, I did looked pretty happy here! I should be ok without technology & communication to the rest of the world for a couple of days. Wish me luck….and Happy 4th everyone!

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Yellow & Brown + Discount

I’ve been infatuated with lime green & brown for so long I can remember. My new favorite color combinations are yellow and gray (slowly becoming a classic!) and yes, yellow and brown (can you really go wrong with yellow though if being chic & glam is at the top of your priority list?). These analogous colors works so well together. Here’s the proof…

Yellow, brown & white bedding in the bedroom.
Brown sofas, yellow accents. It works so beautifully doesn’t it?

{image via Habitually Chic blog}

Minimal yellow accents in the dining room. That pop of color instantly livens up the space!

{via Habitually Chic photostream at Flickr}
Bring the color scheme outdoors in wonderful patterns.

{image via CocoKelley’s Photostream at Flickr}

In wallpaper.
{image via sunn1901 photostream at Flickr}

Wedding theme. That invite is a Kate Spade btw!
{via Fine Stationery’s photostream at Flickr}

More yellow & brown at Inspire the Bride.
This adorable cake was found at Martha Stewart Weddings.

Taste the yummy flower icing!
{via Anita Jamal photostream at Flickr}

My latest gift wrapping theme of choice. Yellow damask paper, brown ribbon with silver border. Have you ever found yourself overthinking how to gift wrap a gift?
{image mine}
And here”s the amazing discount: the yellow & brown theme & my sheepskin rug led me to this website You’ll get a $30 gift card to spend with the coupon code INGLENOOKD. Simple & easy, go & shop:)

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Guesthouse Splendor

Just a short & sweet post today.One of my favorite Canadian bloggers, Kim Vallee (she finds the most amazing things!) recently featured these guesthouse backyard ideas & pictures & I instantly fell in love with them!

Aaaahhhh! If this was my guesthouse, then sign me up as a guest! Happy weekend everyone!

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