A Few More Additions

We’ve added a few more things at our condo. Please tell me I’m not the only one who gets sheer doses of bliss when they add little touches of who they are in their own space.

My painted birdcage! This is at our corner office. The curtain rods has not come in yet for this space & we still can’t find the perfect office desk.

Lime green wreath from Crate & Barrel. Have this now for five years.

We got an expedit skinny bookcase from Ikea. A whopping $79 bucks! I still have a ton of books to organize. But look at the coral from my fiancee’s sister (via the Florida beaches) & these Thai Buddhas holding musical instruments (via my fiancees’s Mom’s attic). The vintage wheels from a local flea market.

Architectural drawings by me! The left one is a building I saw in Galveston, Texas & the one on the right, a building at The Art Institute in San Francisco.

Next project: install the rest of the rods & curtains, get somebody from Craigslist to install our bathroom wallpaper & installing a pair of ledges.

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The 5 Must-Do’s for Small Spaces

Design dilemmas seem to be a part of every home. From limited budgets, clashing ideas & small spaces. Here are our top 5 must-do’s for small spaces:
1. Make a huge “green” statement. Don’t be afraid to think big in your small space. Green foliage adds coziness to a room & looks almost like a work of art in a space.

2. Use the whole floor-to-ceiling space. Go for open,modular bookcases that goes sky high.Display your favorite books, magazines or those one-of-a-kind artifacts from your wonderful travels.

3.Mirror, mirror on the wall, floor, tabletop,etc. I know this design idea is so overused but it’s because it works! Don’t go overboard though. Look for 1 or 2 mirrored pieces & place them strategically across the nicest angles of your space.

4. Round about. Your boxy space needs a curvier angle. It allows your guests to move much more freely.

5.Make it invisible. Lucite is everywhere. Ghostly pieces creates the illusion that nothing’s there & light just goes through. They’re incredibly chic too!

images via xjavierx photostream at Flickr

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Dreamy Beds

It’s a dreary day today. Gray skies & rainy days makes me want to stay in on a carefree Saturday! If you live in Texas then you must know Texas rainy weather is muggy & humid. My rather lifeless bed is calling me ( no headboard yet & only has a pair of pillows at this time ~I’m used to 5 or more but it’s a memory foam…so comfortable!). These dreamy beds will bring me to a whimsical & heavenly place.

Shawn Lovell Metalworks Bed

Rococo Bed Neiman Marcus

Under the Apple Tree Bed at Etsy
Happy weekend everyone!

{images via thisnext.com)

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Store Spotlight: Threshold

Have you gone into a store & you literally just gasped?! I did as I enter into the two and a half month old design & decor boutique in the corner of West & 5th in Austin., Threshold. Yet again, I’m loving this city every minute…. beauty, creativity, and design just abound everywhere I look!

I am so green with envy ๐Ÿ™‚ with the owner, Linday Burns. A true Austinite, with her husband, has helped Austin’s urban real estate to develop & flourish. With an impeccable track & success for modern design, architecture & green living, she recently opened her design firm & shop. Work can be somewhat stressful & tiring I bet, going to Milan for a furniture fair, to New York for Gift & Accessory conventions & other unique markets all over the world…. oh, well just part of the job.
I love being greeted by anything bright & tufted. This lime green chair lured me in.

Chairs, chairs & more chairs. Can’t decide which ones look the best.

Antibody Chair

Dreaming in chartreuse? Here’s your perfect lounge chair.

Shadowy chairs

I call these Burberry chairs & the tulip center table is for you Sarah!:)

Hmmm, this patchwork sofa instantly brings me to Marrakech in Morocco.

And this pair to Grand Bazaar in Turkey.

Colorful Louis chairs? They’re eye-candy to me!

The patio chairs didn’t disappoint either.

Oh & they carry Planikafires tables, Bisazza mosaic tiles & other accessories, too.
Maybe I’ll be like her when I grow up:)
{images via their site & my own}
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Slowly Coming Together

Our new space is slowly coming together. We’re still debating about a couple of things & the closet is still in discussion. Here’s some of what we’ve gotten so far & some stuff we’ll definitely get:

We did use this color on most of the walls. Iron Gate from Ralph Lauren silver metallics.

And yes, I’m a die hard lemongrass fan. We resolved our curtain dilemma & found out how to hang these dupioni silk drapes from Pottery Barn by getting hospital-type tracking for our 20 feet wide floor-to-ceiling windows. I’m crossing my fingers that this will work. We’ll hang the drapes up tomorrow.

Raymond Waites Haute Resort Collection.

My fiancee’s not a big fan of wallpaper but I’m determined to put this in our bathroom.

Our bedroom walls are chocolate brown like this & we bought a low profile bed from West Elm (they’re so nicely priced) & as far as headboard, I’m leaning towards the upholstered kind but it’s so hard to find just the headboard, any ideas?

Z Gallerie

White & tufted, yet again, so predictable of me.

Z Gallerie

I thought this lamp will look so glam for the bedroom.

Jayson Home and Garden.

I would love to have this Napoleon Chair for my ultra-mini office.

And two of these chippendale barstools with yellow seat cushions.

My other design dilemma (well, I have lots) is the big wall on top of our sectional sofa in the living room. I would like for the artwork to be personalized. Any ideas?

All accessories are going to be from my store. Thanks Tina at Luphia Loves… for the post:)

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My Dream Balcony

I hope all Mom’s everywhere are having an amazing day today. Even though I’m somewhat griping that my daughter is growing up too fast (see post below), she still makes my heart flutter. She asked me just yesterday to give her a hug (this has been a rarity!) & lovingly kissed my hand.

Today, my wish is for our small balcony to look like this:

Hahhh, I can stay here all day on any given Sunday…reading a good book, sipping cafe au lait & munching on some hot beignets.

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Happy Mom’s Day

Beware, lots of pictures (unrelated to design & decor) ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m always nostalgic when Mother’s Day comes around. My little baby will be a teenager soon. The turbulent years are something else, she doesn’t like hugging or kissing me like before.

She wouldn’t dare have pictures like these with me anymore! ๐Ÿ™

Or smile for the camera like this…or pose like a model (no smiles so it’s Couture!)

She even had my signature “hand on waist” pose pat down!

She insists now on not looking at the camera while she talks to her friends on the phone. (She loves this panda hat).

This is me by the way when I was a child…rocking a yellow dress & vintage mary janes.

And this is my Mom, gorgeous isn’t she?! Rocking the mod look.

Happy Mother’s Day Mommy! I love you.

I hope all Mommies out there have a grand day! You deserve it…

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The New Neutral

There’s no denying…gray is the new neutral. I couldn’t help but follow the trend as we painted our new space in Iron Gate from Ralph Lauren’s regent metallic paints collection. I am having second thoughts though as I didn’t realize there are multitudes of gray shades out there!

from Vintage Laundre’s photostream at Flickr

This is the famous “silver sage” from Restoration Hardware. I love this pattern, it never gets old!
This is gray-green.
And this is green-gray.
Sage gray.

And last but not the least Farrow & Ball’s off black.

photos from xjavierx photostream at Flickr
I’m sure there’s more out there but I already have a favorite. Remember the taupe days? It’s come & gone. Ilove the new neutral better!
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Upside Down

Some things can be so wildly interesting upside down. It’s so much fun surfing the net for new products & design for the home & stumbling upon such creative minds…

My first thought? How did they do that? The makers of this ledge display at Not-tom just wanted to save some books that are going to the trash. The result? A definite conversation piece!

And the people at Boskke has perfected these pots that has an internal reservoir. You water the plants just once a month & the water goes straight through theroots. No spills, no mess. Perfect for my small apartment!
Being green is so amazing!

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Lush at the Rooftops

So sorry I’ve been in a garden kick for a while. This week, I’m inspired by rooftop gardens. If you’re a chick flick lover then you must love the movie “Bed of Roses” with Christian Slater & Mary Stuart Masterson. Ahhh, remember that garden & of course the mysterious knight in shining armor?

These rooftop gardens are so amazing that I’ve been desperately seeking for patio furniture, planters & lush plants to make our 50 square foot balcony feel like a retreat.

It’s a whole park in this one!

Now back to outdoor furniture shopping. Have a great weekend everyone!
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