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Oh , hello blog! Whew, it has been a while since I regularly posted. I’ve been out for three weeks, two weeks for work & one week for a little R & R at the beach. So, it’s been work, work, work then play for me this Summer. How about you?

There’s something about my present routine that’s making me rethink how I should go about achieving my goals. Must be the new books I’m reading, or the countless long drives or that in a couple of months; another year will be added to my life…this one is a milestone! Anywho, sorry for boring you a bit; just thinking aloud. For today, I thought of showing some outtakes from one of the photo shoots I did last year. No, they’re not goofy but just looking at them makes me think of how I love doing shoots, styling and productions. And that even something as simple as a photo shoot can give you insight and ideas and thoughts to ponder about.

rustic photo shoot

Details matter. {The reason why I hoard vintage and non-vintage stuff … props styling is definitely one of my passions!}

rustic photo shoot

Planning ahead is important but the finished project changes and flows as it goes.

rustic photo shoot

And yes, it does take a lot of concentration and focus. {Allen Otto on video}

rustic photo shoot

You have to surround yourself with great people. Here, a great photographer {Jenny Fu} is crucial as well as an amazing wardrobe stylist {Rose Tran} & make-up artist {Laura Martinez}.

rustic photo shoot

behind the scenes

 It takes a village to get it all together.

rustic photo shoot

And some things, sometimes don’t go the way you want them to go. {The crystal beads were falling off like crazy in this lamp and it just won’t stand right!}

behind the scenes

Thankfully, I have an amazing set of extra hands. Help and support is always out there, sometime you have to look for it fervently and sometimes, it’s right there staring you in the face. {Do you see Rachel’s hand holding the lamp still?}

There sure are things to learn in the little {and big} things we do; a little bit of reflection and introspection can do so much to keep us focused and just enjoy the journey. Happy Monday everyone!

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Opulent Orbs


It’s amazing how lighting can totally transform a space. Aside from the walls and floor, I tell my clients that lighting is definitely up there as far as “must get!” For square rooms, something round can soften the edges and give it balance. So, for this square room, we chose an Orb Chandelier. The metal straps give it an industrial feel, yet the curves make it sophisticated. This is a home office in progress, desk & filing cabinets coming soon!



Images: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Orb Chandelier | Lighting from different shops, varying sizes

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Ireland in Montesino

So, I must say the title sounds like a book or a travel blog, don’t you think? Me and a few creative friends got together for a photo shoot at a farm about an hour away from Austin. The drive to Wimberley, Texas was heavenly and the location serene. Our model have the longest legs ever and I’m always honored to work with such amazing people. Cristina, the wardrobe stylist extraordinaire for Austin Monthly [among other publications] and Wynn, who recently shot “The Makers” Project for Tribeza Magazine.

Here’s a few behind the scenes…

The beautiful skyline at Montesino Farms.

Our gorgeous model, Ireland with our other prop, Max, the dog.

Prepping the props for the shoot.

Here’s a peek at the gorgeous photos….


Photographer: Wynn Myers

Wardrobe Stylist: Cristina Facundo

Make-Up & Hair: Makenzie Mahan

Model: Ireland for Wallflower Management

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My Easter Weekend in the Woods

Well, well…wouldn’t you know, it’s Wednesday again! Wednesdays are usually creative days for me. I try to alternate my days from doing administrative stuff & using my left brain for this {and this} amp; doing “creative” things & using my right brain; from DIY’s to event design, interiors & set styling. Today I’m having to do more left-brain stuff as our server was out almost all week last week & I’m playing catch-up. Anyway, I want to share with you my Easter weekend in the woods.From previous collaborations to new ones… Diya introduced me to Star who is doing the wardrobe styling for an independent short film and they needed a set stylist. Sweet…I was pumped to have this experience and work alongside creatives…yes, I dare consider myself a creative! 🙂

Anyway, it was a whole day affair in the woods where grass is tall, flowers are thorny and the terrain muddy. But the people & crew…amazing. Here are a few pics:

We picked flowers a la a Disney princess in the woods & placed them in these spray-painted pain cans. Some were hanged, some were placed on the ground.
These fabric streamers & laced votive holders were made on the spot.
 A vignette of vintage + junk
My Sunday was more relaxed…no egg hunting though, just brunch with some sparkling & donned  peach & lace. I hope all of you had a wonderful Easter!

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Spring & A Picnic | Photo Snippets

So, you know, we Texans are so used to a 60 or 70 degree weather in the Winter, so 30’s & 40’s is tremendously cold for us. At least for me…must be genetic, or it maybe because I grew up in a tropical setting. I must shake off this fear of cold!Anyway, here’s a few snippets of the photo shoot we did in this gorgeous home & surrounding gardens for Nside Austin magazine. Of course caught in Instagram. I was too shy to use my Nikon DSLR while the actual professionals are using their, ultra high tech Canons.

Silverware & gorgeous turquoise glasses via The Vintage Laundry. Bird plates via the shop of course and don’t you just adore my Venetian glass coasters?
Books, vintage basket, doilies & wildflowers via Mi Casa & Mi storage!
The Picnic was just a teeny tiny bit of the gorgeous photo shoot spread…just wait til you see the adorable models!

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Sweeten Up!

It’s time to sweeten up, well, because next week is Valentine’s Day! Amidst a crazy, busy January, me & Jocelyn of Sugaplump Pastries got together to plan this shoot for her sweet menu this month of February. I tell you, these sweet stuff are killers…pink champagne?! I am totally in love with the color palette & yes, the taste is to die for!

 Photos courtesy of Dream Pixel
See those awesome rosettes up close here. I’m dreaming of a luscious cake ball just about now! Are you?

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Rococo Tea Party Snippets

I think I’m getting used to photo shoots with inanimate objects…like decor, pies, cupcakes, tableware, etc. Props styling is really super fun! But last Sunday, I had the most fun working with a whole team of fashion stylists, videographer, photographers {not one but two}, make up & hair stylists & yes, models! We did the set styling for Diya Liu’s Rococo Tea Party at Mayfield Park here in Austin. She is the amazing gal behind the blog, In Her Stilletos and who by the way won the Marie Claire Front Row College challenge. Woot! Way to go Diya!We’re releasing the “real” pictures soon. In the meantime, here are some snippets….

After the shoot, I seriously thought every gal should have a tufted gold ottoman!
And a turquoise chaise for that matter.A teacup set is a must!

And pale pink roses properly fluffed should be everywhere! Here’s Rachel making the petals camera-ready. She, by the way makes the most awesome paper crepe rosettes. See them here.

I hope you enjoyed this little behind-the-scenes first look of this photo shoot project! And by the way, these vintage shops rock! Thank you so much The Vintage Laundry & Gypsies Antiques.

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SugaPlump Photo Shoot Snippets

We’ve been working on some amazing and fun photo shoots lately, and today I wanted to give you just a few quick pictures of the SugaPlump Valentine’s Day shoot.

Jocelyn Harris-Leffall is the fabulous owner of SugaPlump Catering and Pastries, and let me tell you from personal experience, her stuff is DELICIOUS.  Seriously, whether you have a midnight craving for something sweet and delicious or are planning an extravagant event and need the cake to be just right, she’s the one to call.

If you’re wondering just what a pink champagne cupcake tastes like, the answer is heaven.
And this is just a bit of the decor we made for the shoot.  I actually handmade a good number of those rosettes, but tragically they don’t work too well as a garland 🙁
Just a little bit of vintage love and desserts to brighten up your Thursday!

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