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Hello everyone! Well, well it’s been a while. This Summer has been incredibly hectic for me but in a very good way. I haven’t posted in a while & thanks to my assistant Rachel who has been posting incredibly informational and wonderful posts about the wonders of sheer curtains, the allure of natural fiber wall covering and some helpful tidbits on lighting. She is amazing, no?

I completed about five DIY projects for I’m getting more of them up here soon! I did an interview with an awesome American writer living in the Netherlands, yup, the power of Skype; for a small feature of my home { from grunge to a bit of glam home makeover } for a national print home mag. I’m incredibly excited! And then I met the super adorable and gorgeous, Amy Hadley of YNN Austin for a house proud video segment. Not sure if I did ok…but oh well; learning along the way. We talked about beautiful brass…duh, literally the metal of the moment; Kelly Wearstler’s obsession and not your grandmas alloy.

Anywho, I think I’ve told you that I adore Jeff Lewis’ paint, he made choosing paint a little less scary and stressful I think. For a couple that I did a color selection on, I decided to go with it and advised them to go with an unboring Scandinavian feel. Gone are the days when the only neutral is beige. For small spaces and if your home have several walls, do not break them up by choosing different colors, go with an unboring neutral and pair it up with cheerful accessories, a bright-hued chair or accent table wouldn’t disappoint as well.

color board

Here in Austin, Jeff Lewis paint is available at Treehouse. While you’re there, explore not just the paint department but…oh, everything else in their shop. You’ll nab amazing ideas for your next home re-do! And please, please, have an amazing weekend…you deserve it!

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The Right Amount of Bright | How to Light Your Space

Have you ever been in a space that, while beautifully designed, felt a little flat?  Like you were looking at a picture of the space, not the space itself?  Chances are the culprit of this design flaw is bad lighting.  Lighting can make or break the feel of a space; it can create unexpected delight or underwhelming disinterest simply with the flick of a switch. As such, we wanted to give you a few quick hitting notes on how to properly light a few different spaces for different tasks.


1| Task Lighting

There are two main ways to light a space for different types of tasks:  general ambient lighting and task ambient lighting.

General Ambient lighting: This type of lighting is best for spaces in which the tasks being performed vary greatly.



The Lego Offices are a great example of various types of light used for multi-purpose spaces.


Task Ambient lighting:  In this type of lighting, higher values of illuminance are provided for the area in which one is working, with lesser values in the surrounding areas (think of a light at your desk versus only having an overhead light).



The Battle Hall Reading Room is a great example of beautiful task ambient lighting.

2| Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is created through mixing direct and indirect lighting – or downlighting and uplighting – to create a visually pleasing space.



I always think of wedding receptions when I think of uplighting.  Here the uplighting highlights the gorgeous ceiling architecture, while downlighting allows you to find your seat and chat with guests.


Various different types of lights and bulbs create very different effects in spaces.  The color temperature and brightness of a light play a large role in how our eye reads the room.

Incandescent:  These bulbs emit a warm light, with most of the energy in them concentrated towards the red and yellow end of the color spectrum, which compliments the appearance of human faces and warmer colored designs.




Incandescent lighting in the space is perfect!  It brings out the rich red hues instead of competing with them the way fluorescent light tends to do.

Fluorescent:  Depending on what color temperature you buy these in – they range from warm (3000k) to cool (4100) – you can light a space with an incandescent feel, or a feeling closer to daylight.  



Fluorescent lighting is a must in most ultra-modern spaces.  Too warm of a light source would distort the clean color palette and crispness of the space.



Sparkle is a real term in the field of lighting design references the highlights that add feelings of well-being to a space.  Sparkle can be found in the way light dances and reflects off water, or off a faceted chandelier.  Sparkle is a hard-to-pin-down element that creates deep visual interest in a space.  




This bar is too beautiful for words…all thanks to a lot of sparkle.

Just a few quick hits on what to consider when lighting your space.  Maureen will be delving into this topic more deeply, as she’s doing a talk on lighting soon!  It really is fascinating, you just have to wade through a lot of technical talk!  Happy weekend!


Au Natural | Wall Coverings to Love

From time to time, a girl’s gotta get a little more responsible.  A little more environmentally friendly.  A little more concerned with the bigger picture.  Ok, and a little more obsessed with the look of natural fiber wall coverings.  We are convinced they’re going to be the next big thing in design and, as such, have jumped head first into ogling pictures of them and attempting to find excuses to use them in our own homes and designs.  From linen to sisal to seagrass, the varieties of style are endless and incredibly sophisticated and low key.  Just take a gander at a few of these pictures and you’ll see what we mean.


A chic neutral grass cloth brings texture to this space


Naturals on naturals on naturals: grasscloth walls, sisal carpet and burlap poufs


The colorful side of grass cloth


Who would’ve guessed painted cork could look this sophisticated??

I love everything about this room, but the deep charcoal linen wall covering is what really sets it apart.

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 11.33.33 AM

If you were wondering what my dream bathroom would look like…

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 11.34.18 AM

And if all this is too much for you, maybe just try framing in a few pieces of natural coverings!

Ok ok, we’ll stop drooling and get back to work now.  Hopefully these images piqued your interest in the greener side of design and made the start of your work week a little more inspired!

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Sheer Indulgence

We all know how dramatic of an effect the right set of curtains can have on a room right?  Well personally, I think the most beautiful effect comes from the right use of sheer curtains.  There’s something so light and flowy about them that allows for a more playful, soft decor.  Here we show you a few decor ideas that are perfect with sheer curtains.

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 4.44.47 PM

Create a soft, romantic headboard

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 4.48.24 PM

Add pattern and texture to a neutral room

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 4.48.58 PM

Beautifully divide a space

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 4.50.50 PM

Create a focal wall

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 4.46.16 PM

Transition from indoors to outdoors

So much light and texture!  Now I just need a gorgeous outdoor space and an even more gorgeous set of curtains!  Off to do some shopping…

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Rustic and Unboring Neutrals

Being that I’ve been inundated with bubblegum photos and an explosion of brights in interiors in blogland, I suddenly have this fondness over rustic and neutral interiors. Not that it wasn’t there before; it’s just that the desire is louder than ever. It’s a mix of old world and new world; the warmth of wood, nostalgia of stone and a pop of neutrals. Not that neutrals can really have a “pop,” but in these images they kinda do! See for yourself.

rustic living room

I am so sorry for the lack of posting. This week has been a whirlwind of client meetings and new projects on the horizon. I do hope to share it with all of you soon! Happy weekend everybody!

Images: 0 | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

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Design Elements | Watergate Bay Hotel

When I think of a Coastal Summer or Beach Chic, I don’t ever think of the UK. Never, right? Well, at least for me; I haven’t traveled in that country much; so visions of union jacks, pubs and well, the pregnant princess of course is what comes to mind. Well, well, come to find out, the beach life is alive and well in Cornwall in the United Kingdom; it’s in the westernmost part of the south-west peninsula and bordered in the East and West by the Celtic sea. I fell in love with the Watergate Bay Hotel in this town & the laid back design elements that perfectly evokes the relaxed, beach life of course!

To get the look and feel of this amazing place go for:

1. A cheery & bright palette of yellows, whites/creams and all shades of blues.

2. Natural textures, wovens and bleached woods should be the staple.

3. Do some striping! On walls, linens and window coverings.

watergate bay hotel design elements

watergate bay hotel activity room

Inspiration for designing your next space can truly come for everywhere. One of my all time favorite tip is to take a cue from a favorite destination whether you’ve been there or not! Travel nostalgia at it’s best.

Check out the Watergate Bay Hotel here.

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Tips & Tricks | Get the Look of a Classic Bath

The bathroom should be somewhere that we can escape to, a place of peace and calm where we can lock the door on the outside world. With many different bathroom design schemes out there, it is the classical look we frequently turn to for the perfect blend of luxury and comfort.

So what exactly do we mean by a classical bathroom?

Defining classical. Any classical interior scheme takes its style cues from days gone by, when a relaxed opulence and hedonism ruled. The mood of a classical bathroom can be shaped by ancient Roman and Greek themes, using imitation Doric columns, acanthus leaves and mosaics, or it can reflect more recent historical ages such as French Napoleonic or Italian Baroque periods.

Yes, classical bathroom style really can be cherry picked from all the best bits of interior design history – it is entirely possible to mix and match ideas from across the ages, with the exception of really contemporary styles. Forget ideas of modern wet rooms in polished concrete and minimalist styling – a classical bathroom does not hold back on the glamor and unashamedly embraces the best from times past. Some may prefer to call it traditional, but that term lacks the gloss and high style often associated with ‘the classics.’

Get the look. There are easy ways to introduce classical style into the bathroom. Begin with choosing sanitary ware with a traditional feel, such as pedestal sinks.  Freestanding claw-foot tubs add instant glamor, as do gold or burnished brass faucets. Colors in classical bathrooms tend to be muted shades of cream, gray, white and gold. Materials such as marble, stone, Tuscan tile and mosaic give the quietly luxurious touch we are after. Walls painted in rich, muted tones work as the perfect backdrop to a theatrical scheme – for added authenticity try out some of the superb historic shades widely available. Ornately decorated traditional wallpapers can also bring a historic feel to the bathroom, designs with Chinoiserie, French Toile or classic English William Morris overtones are all worth consideration.

Classic windows. For pure drama and theater in the bathroom, look to the windows. Classical bathrooms demand special treatment with lavish drapes in rich fabrics. Go overboard on the drapes that frame the window, opting for rich swags and tiebacks. For privacy fit subtle low cost vinyl blinds, and then dress the surroundings for maximum impact.

Finishing touches. Clever use of accessories underlines a bathroom’s classic credentials. A well-chosen set of antique prints in black and gold frames can look stunning. Mirrors in gleaming mahogany or ornate gilded frames set the tone for a classic scheme, as do lamps with crystal and glass shades. Breathe boudoir bravura into the room with a carefully placed antique armchair upholstered in sumptuous crushed velvet. For bespoke vanity units and towel storage, re-purposed French style furniture works wonders – paint it in muted colors and embellish with gold detailing for maximum effect.

So, when it comes to putting together a classical bathroom design the rules are, there are no rules! Just select the best ideas from yesterday’s interiors, throw in a large slice of luxury and a side order of comfort – and a classical bathroom is born. And remember, the real beauty of this bathroom style is that it won’t go out of fashion.

Images: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

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Park West Austin

Location & affordability? I didn’t know they still exist in Central Austin. One of the places we visited for this year’s Austin Downtown Living Tour is the Park West Residences in the corner of 18th & West Ave, a bike ride away from the University of Austin, downtown and Clarksville. For singles, bachelors or even a young family, I really think this is a good spot for you. My friend even thought of getting a unit here to have a home away from home {which is WestLake Austin}; a girl’s night out is more safe if you can just crash at your downtown digs after a night of partying right? Have the best of what a great location can offer at an amazing price. Here’s a quick tour:

branch-accessory arched door

bedroom park west austin living room park west austin bedroom park west austin kitchen park west austin bath park west austin common area park west austin

The Downtown Living Tour really did a great job of showcasing what downtown Austin has to offer. If you are looking for posh, there are condo units in the millions but if you’re into living the urban life without breaking your bank, then there are lots of options for you too. Explore more of the Park West Residences.

See more images of the 2013 Downtown Living Tour. These images are copyrighted and cannot be copied without explicit permission from Hanan Exposures.

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The Pretty Poufs Round Up

I hope you had an amazing fourth! For a lot of you, this is a four-day weekend….time to relax and put your feet up in a pouf or ottoman. I’m pretty good at doing this segue to a new topic 🙂 Today, I’m doing a pretty poufs round-up…a little plug about new finds at the shop. I’m a big fan of poufs myself, they are small yet functional and does double {maybe even more} duty all the time. From occasional sitting to a feet relaxation center and yes, even an accent table. They are so versatile and will be amazing in any space. I was pretty conflicted at first as to what’s the correct term for these precious pieces of furniture. Are they poufs or ottomans? Well, I checked the dictionary and found out my answer…

Pouf: A broad, backless cushioned seat

Ottoman: A low cushioned seat without back or arms

Er…I’m still confused! For my purposes, I’ll use “pouf” if it is a stand alone seating and an “ottoman” if it’s paired with a similar chair or sofa. Are you with me?

pouf-round-up 1. Off White Pouf

2. Square Chauncey Ottomam

3. Boutyard Pouf

4. Round Kilim Pouf

5. Triangle Pouf

6. Vintage Sack Ottoman – Round

7. Vintage Sack Ottoman – Square

 From a coastal themed space to vintage rustic, a little Boho or French Country, I think these poufs are perfect! Happy weekend and enjoy the rest of your vacay!

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Tips & Tricks | Get the Look of a Vintage Bedroom

Thinking of going vintage or vintage-style in your bedroom design? I still get conflicted at times, what does vintage actually mean?  Vintage style harks back to the 1940s and 50s, when furniture had been passed down from generation to generation, so it had that old, well-used, well-loved look. It was a time when a bedroom was an essentially feminine space, light and airy, replete with frills and pastel colors, and of course, lots of accessories.

1. Get the Look
The bed is the focal point of any bedroom, and going vintage, means going for a bed that is sturdy, yet somehow delicate, comfortable and inviting.  Bedsteads or frames made from metal work well, as do wooden frames, with carved finials and headboard designs.  Canopies are also a feature of vintage bedrooms and they are easy to dress and change if you want to, by swapping the fabric for a different color or accessorizing with fairy lights.  Essential pieces of furniture for the bedroom include bedside cabinets with drawer storage, a wardrobe or armoire and a dressing table.

2. Color schemes and fabrics

Easy on the eye is the key to a vintage look.  This means going for a color scheme of pastel colors, teamed with lots of white or antique cream.  Keep the bed linen and drapes the same fabric and pattern if possible to tie the room design together.  Create accents with cushions in contrasting colors.  Create layers of texture, especially on the bed, by placing a fringed or embroidered throw across the foot.

3. Genuine vintage furniture

Flea markets are a great place to find genuine vintage furniture for a fraction of their original price, as well as other outlets like antique shops, auctions and craft fairs. Patience is the key here though, as it may take a while for you to come across the piece of furniture that is just right for your bedroom, but the feeling when you do is awesome. Remember not to rush into buying an item just because you have fallen in love with it as well though. Ensure that you have sufficient space, and that it will serve as a functional, as well as beautiful, piece of furniture.
4. Modern vintage furniture

Sometimes you just cannot find genuine furniture and you will have to resort to buying modern.  But this does not mean you have to sacrifice your vintage style.  A lot of modern furniture is made in an old, or should I say, vintage style, so while it may not be authentic, it will at least look right. Take a look at some examples on Furniture Village.
5. Accessories

Accessories can also give a modern room a vintage look.  Fix light sconces to the wall, either with or without candles.  Landscape paintings are perfect for a vintage style, but these need to be in wooden frames, preferably painted white.  Place hatboxes on top of wardrobes or under a chest of drawers or the dressing table.  Not only with they give you additional storage, they will also instantly achieve that vintage style. To complete the look, decorate the dressing table with old-fashioned bottles and jars of cosmetics and perfumes.

Images: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

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