Orange You Glad It’s Orange

Being a UT student, you can understand why orange might be one of my favorite colors.  But aside from outfitting my favorite Longhorns on game days, orange is also incredibly powerful as an accent color in an otherwise neutral interior.  Here I’ve picked out my favorite orange objects of late to inspire your decor and maybe a little bit of your fall fashion!
1.  Verner Panton Heart Chair
My absolute, all-time, number one favorite chair ever.  This is what Mad Men watcher’s dreams are made of.
2.  FL/Y Pendant Lamp
Funky and fresh, this pendant lamp will light up any room in which it’s placed.  Although it comes in a variety of colors, my favorite is, you guessed it, the orange one!
This pillow has a graphic dynamic vibe that makes any room feel more energetic.  Looking for more orange pillows and accessories?  Check these out!
Simple yet striking, this clock will prevent you from showing up (un)fashionably late.
5.  Hermes Orange Birkin Bag
This is the most lust-worthy orange object in fashion.  Not only is it incredibly styled, as are all things Hermes, but it also can take almost TWO YEARS!! to get one of these babies.
6.  Lilliput Salt & Pepper Set
These little guys are adorable and functional.  Add the orange ones to your Halloween tablescape as a unique piece, or keep them out all year round as a punchy accent.
And here starts my Etsy obsession…they have such great variety and prices on everything, not to mention some of the most unique stuff around.  Take these oversized chess pieces for example, they’re whimsical and fun for any interior style.
Maybe you’re looking for something a little more Halloween-inspired?  Look no further than this slightly creepy but fun biohazard pillow.
This little bank is too cute!  Elephants are one of my favorite animals reference in decor and jewelry.  Put him in your child’s room or in your own! We won’t tell, we’re big kids too!
I had to throw these leggings in here.  There is nothing more fall fashion-forward than a great pair of printed leggings and a long comfy tunic sweater.  And tribal is so in right now, you can’t go wrong.
Hopefully these awesomely orange objects have given you a little something to think about while trying to create some inspired seasonal decor.
See you soon 🙂 Rachel

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Paint It Black

Much like the Rolling Stones’ song referenced in the title, I love all noir inspired decor.  With Halloween right around the corner, there’s no better time to indulge in a few of your favorite pieces of dark decor.  Make no mistake, black is the new black!  Here are a few of the items on my list of lust-worthy black objects:

1.  Maarten Baas’ Smoke Chair

Have you ever seen a more perfect mix of noir and Rococo??
Clean lines and beautiful curves make these elegant hourglasses lust-worthy for any holiday.
Can you say obsessed?  I want one of these for every city or country I go to! Such a clever idea…and of course, I picked the map of France for this list because you know we love French decor.
4. Front’s Rabbit Lamp
I’m a sucker for anything animal-inspired and funky, which perfectly describes these cute rabbit lamps.
5.  Marcel Wanders’ Monster Chair
I cannot imagine a more modern and quirky piece that fits in perfectly with Halloween.  Even the name is right!
I love candles anytime of the year.  Who am I kidding, I love Rococo any time of the year too! But this pretty little thing was recently added to our store and is my new favorite of our sconces and candelabras.
7.  Chalkboard Paint
Call me crazy, but I cannot get over the stunning simplicity of this simple yet highly effective decor trick.
8.  Harry Allen’s Birds on a Wire Coat Rack
If you know us at all, you know we love birds.  Here, Harry Allen turns them into a functional silhouette.
9.  Michael Kors ‘Madison’ Watch
Ok ok, so it might be a stretch to categorize this as “noir decor…for your body,” but after Halloween passes Christmas creeps up pretty quickly.  It’s never too early to start making your wish list!
 Your candle collection just got a little bit more rock and roll, not to mention Halloween-ready!
There you have it.  Your list of beautiful black objects to drool over, hand-selected by me.  Pick your favorite and get inspired.
See you soon 🙂 Rachel
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It’s An Urban Cottage Because…

It has rustic references mixed with modern and romantic accessories.

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Our Stay at The Zaza

I must admit, I’m a bit of a cheapskate when it comes to hotels. My top three choices have always been Best Value Place, La Quinta or a Super 8. Listen people, it’s called being frugal. You’re just going to sleep there and pretty much gallivant the whole day anyway. Hmmm, very few people agrees with me, especially the ones that values comfort and safety. 🙂

My recent trip to Dallas with my mother & sister-in-law was a tad different, after all they booked it and I was in for a real treat…stayed at The Zaza! How can I be sooo lucky! A boutique hotel? For us? Yippee! The hotel is known for both exquisite service and design. When my sister-in-law ask the bellhop to show us their “suites,” he showed us not one, not two but four of their Magnificent Seven Suites.

Rock Star: with it’s leather and animal print
The Last Czar: all the Brocade & Baroque you could imagine
Raven: A salute to Alfred Hitchcock’s classic
Red Shoes: with original Blahnik sketches, yes please!
Even the sign to our room is fancy! Our humble room with a not-so-humble grand lamp.
We nibbled right away on cheeses and nuts complements of the hotel!
I can get so used to this! I’m living and loving always and can’t wait to stay at the Zaza again!

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It’s an Urban Cottage Because…

modern pillows, sleek lines, eclectic decor paired with white floors & rustic ceilings
via | Urban Cottage Files
Happy weekend everyone! It’s getting somewhat chilly on our end, I hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather!

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Terrariums are fabulous for fall!

Terrariums are one of the latest trends in interior décor, and we are absolutely in love with them!  There are plenty of companies from which you can purchase a pre-made terrarium, but why skip the opportunity to make a perfectly customized one for yourself?  A simple Google search will turn up thousands of results on how to get started growing plants, but of course the most important step is picking your container!  Excuse a bit of self-promotion here, but we suggest taking a look at our latest terrarium additions :
This one is funky and geometric, it could fit in a sleek, sharp loft or a cozy vintage cottage. 
Lacking table space for that terrarium? Not a problem with these awesome hanging lanterns.

We love everything miniature, and this tiny greenhouse terrarium is nothing short of adorable!

So pick out your favorite container and start custom building your own little indoor garden!

P.S. Just thought I’d say hi! I’m Maureen’s new intern, Rachel.  I’m in my final year of my Architectural Interior Design degree at UT Austin, and can’t wait to graduate and start making my mark in the massive world of design!  I grew up in a small town called George West, so Austin is my first “big city” to live in and I’m loving it.  I’m so excited to be working on this blog with Maureen (with whom I share a love of all things gray/lime green, Rococo, and vintage) and can’t wait to see where it takes me.  Nice to meet all of you! See you soon 🙂

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Indoor Barn

If you have a barn door inside your home, do you tell your friends, “come over to my barn,” when you invite them to your house? Ok, barn doors are all the rage in adding a rustic element in your home. It’s vintage industrial so whether you have a farmhouse or an urban loft, it will work! This space I’m helping to decorate has it between their bedroom & living room. Shhh, don’t tell them but I’m slightly jealous!
The more rustic, the better. Just make sure you’ve had a tetanus shot 🙂

Double barn doors, now we’re talking!

Gorgeous black + white!


And now, let’s make it modern shall we?

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Seeing Double

What’s better than seeing & checking yourself out in the morning more than once? Well, doing it twice! I’ve always had one bathroom mirror in all the homes I’ve been in. I love seeing my husband brush his teeth in the morning but can I get ready without prying eyes on the other corner of the mirror? Alas, I found a solution, I’m determined to have two bathroom mirrors in the next home!

Two inlaid bone mirrors with matching cane-inspired vanity. Yes, please!
Simple & beveled. Really though, the curves on that marble nailed this look for me.
One for the Madame & one for the monsieur.

This is genius! I can look in the left mirror before I get in the tub, then walk to the right one after the bath. It’s like a before and after. I must admit this is kinda weird but the double mirrors are superb!

Double vanity mirrors, are you a fan?

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Deer Head: Love or Loathe?

Oh gosh, cute deer heads are everywhere! I’m not talking about the taxidermy ones, the ones made of paper, enamel, silver, plastic, paper mache…anything, just not the real thing. They sort of add a touch of whimsy to the space. How do you feel about the real ones? I’ve never been a fan of taxidermy, well I’ve never been a fan of killing animals as a form of recreation. Some people think they’re already dead anyway, and that displaying them will be sort of a tribute to them. Somewhat logical…but naahhh, I don’t buy it.
Deer head aside…I’m going on my third day at the Roundtop-Marburger show. Meeting new people, amazing vendors, seeing gorgeous {after gorgeous!} of amazing stuff… creative displays, lovely vignettes. I met the adorable Pandora de Balthazar today and Shabby chic queen herself at The Prairie promoting her new book and the Couture collection. Can’t wait to share the pics!

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