Featured Artist: Reagan Corbett


Today, we are featuring a young and bold pop artist, Reagan Corbett. In the interior design industry, we are always on the search for art with meaning for our clients. Reagan’s is exactly that. We caught up with Reagan for a little Q&A on how her art defines who she is as a person and where her passion for art has lead her.


Playsuit Front // My First Back


Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Reagan graduated with a BA in Studio Art from the University of Texas at Austin, College of Fine Arts. She now resides in Houston where she is well-known for her art heavily influenced by American pop culture.

Reagan works with oils, acrylics, and occasionally metallics to achieve the purpose of her paintings — to tell a story using colors. In addition, high gloss and/or matte varnishes are present in each composition. Her signature display is using large canvases to magnify a small area of the human figure. To say the least, Reagan’s unique style and visual appeal offers open-ended questions for the viewers to envisage.

We asked Reagan Corbett a few questions about her lifelong dedication for painting that has turned into a full-time career as an professional pop artist.


White Hat

White Hat

1/ Tell me about yourself, your art experience, and how you decided that creating art was something you wanted to make a career out of.

My name is Reagan Corbett; I’m an artist, travel enthusiast, sister of two, and native Houstonian. My experience with art is more than what I create in the studio- it’s my passionate love for art history, and how I’ve been able to express myself to the rest of the world. As crazy as it sounds, art has always been a part of my life to some degree or another. Between my obsession with coloring books as a child, taking drawing classes, and signing up for art camp (among many more examples), it wasn’t until my senior year at The University of Texas at Austin that I decided being a full time artist was the career path I would be following.

Urban Cowgirl

Urban Cowgirl

2/ What is your favorite piece of art that you’ve ever created and why?

That is such a hard question! Almost every time I finish a painting I either verbally say, “This is the best painting I’ve ever done,” or I think to myself, this is my new favorite. If you’re really going to make me pick one, I have to say Afro Girl is my favorite. Afro Girl is a 48” x 48” oil painting I created during my undergrad studies. I was trying to make my first abstract painting then all the sudden had an artist breakthrough and saw a face. I went with my gut and transformed my abstract painting into a beautiful cotton candy colored afro. This painting got me into my first show, and has a ton of sentimental value.


The Kiss

3/ What are you trying to communicate with your art?

Within my body of work I’m really trying to evoke the feelings of nostalgia and Texas heritage, while introducing conversation about current social and cultural dilemmas. If you take a look at my work you can either accept it at face value or read into each piece’s deeper meaning. Creating art in a colorful, pop-art style has been my way of communicating these notions to my viewers.



4/ Who is your ultimate inspiration and why?

Right now my ultimate inspiration is Damien Hirst. Aside from being a creative genius and producing incredible work, Hirst has shepherded a modern day art movement that I have become a part of. His business model is inspiring and has pushed me to continue depicting subjects I want to paint, rather than only painting the things people are sure to have a positive response to.


Amazing Bears

5/ What is the process for taking custom orders or selling work?

It’s really important to me that my work reflects my vision as an artist. I’m happy to work with clients as long as the final product is true to my style. Collectors usually begin the buying process by emailing (reagan@reagartcollection.com) or sending me a direct message on Instagram (@reag_art) about the availability of a specific piece of art. Although that’s the most common, I occasially get collectors who simply “want a piece of reagART” and buy whatever I have available.




Abstract VII


1950’s Birthday Party



Yellow Pony

Yellow Pony


For more updates and photos of Reagan’s recent artwork, follow @reag_art on Instagram or check out her website. Cheers to the artist herself & her exciting journey ahead!



Our Art of the Mix Workshop at Loot

Hi everybody! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Maureen and I were finally able to reminisce this weekend on the success of our workshop that we held last Wednesday at Loot Vintage Rentals. We both had the best time hanging with all who came and believe that all our guests had just as fun as we did! I wanted to give all of you who couldn’t make it to our workshop a recap of what all went on that evening and what kinds of activities to expect when signing up for our future events! Scroll down to check it out…





If you don’t know much about Loot Vintage Rentals, you really should check out their website to learn about all of their amazing furniture and accessories that are for rent (perfect for weddings or photoshoots) and their brand new line of products, Loot Finer Goods, that are for sale to all.

Upon arrival, Maureen and I, along will a few of Maureen’s friends set-up the finishing touches {shout out to In Style Weddings & Destinations & Lady Luxe Life}, such as the food and drink stations and the activity stations. Loot’s incredible staff set up all of the furniture and then Maureen was able to style each vignette exactly how she pleased. She even incorporated a lot of her own accessories, table books, and even a piece of fabric art that she bought in Greece this past summer. I must say, I was swooning the entire time over all of the conversation areas she designed!


As guests started pouring in right as the clock struck 6 o’clock, the once quiet space became lively with the voices of about 80 guests. We were very pleased with how many people showed up! Although we recognized a lot of faces of our friends and family, we also had the privilege of meeting many other aspiring designers.

After about half an hour of attendees sipping champagne and Guns and Oil beer, the appetizers and small bites were almost gone and people started to settle into their seats for the main event.



The lecture started off with the owners of Loot Rentals, Rhoda and Anna, introducing themselves, their company, and then the designer herself, Maureen. Then, I told the audience about a Instagram contest that was going to be happening throughout the duration of the event. The first three people who tagged @LootVintage, @LootFinerGoods, and @MaureenStevensDesign in their Instagram posts and used the hashtag #MaureenStevensDesign would win very impressive prizes — the winner would be announced at the end of the presentation.




As Maureen took the engaged guests through the handout on “how to mix interior design styles,” people were stayed involved by asking Maureen questions and sharing their personal preferences and opinions.

With about thirty minutes left in the evening, Maureen and I instructed everyone to create their very own design board using all the supplies at the front. There were piles of fabric samples, wallpaper samples, magazine clippings of furniture and lighting, as well as paint colors, to choose from. Each and every board that was created was unique and a spot-on reflection of each guest’s personality. These design boards are very helpful to get a clear picture of what a space will look like when it all comes together in regards to color, scale, proportion, textures, and patterns.



8 o’clock came way faster than everyone wanted it to come. People ended up mozying out by about 9 o’clock, and as they did so, they got to take home their very own “Swag Bag” full of goodies.

We would not have been able to put together such awesome swag bags if it weren’t for the sponsors who contributed more than we could have ever wished for.


A huge THANK YOU to…



As you can see, we are both very proud and thankful for how our workshop turned out and are looking forward to planning the next one very soon!

Thank you again to all of you who came, to Loot Vintage Rentals for hosting, and to all of our generous sponsors who donated all the fun stuff for the swag bags.

I hope that everyone has a happy Thanksgiving and a great rest of your week with family and friends celebrating this holiday season.

Check back on the blog next week for another Featured Artist post. You won’t believe this young woman’s talent, passion for art, and success story!



5 Fab Friday Finds: Goldenrod

Happy Friday and belated Halloween! I hope everyone has had a fantastic week so far and is ready for the chilly weekend ahead!

I want to know what fall makes you guys think of…. Is it the sound of leaves crunching below your toes? Flannel season? Cozying up next to a fire with a warm blanket and a cup of hot coco? Or maybe a bowl of turkey chili and a glass of red wine? For me, this fall season makes me picture fields of beautiful goldenrod flowers. The color that comes in a variety of shades is what marks this season in my mind and make me smile every time I think about it. It reminds me of not only golden leaves falling from the trees, but also many other things that I love this season — dijon mustard, gold jewelry, and my chunky amber sweater.

Below, I gave you a few different home ideas that scream everything fall! STAY GOLD everybody!



1/ Diamonds Fabric, India Mahdavi for Pierre Fray

This dijon colored, velvet fabric r is a funky addition to Pierre Fray’s new collection by India Mahdavi. I think that this would be really cool looking in a small powder room with dim lighting and a gold + white faucet.

2/ 50’s Retro Style Aesthetic Refrigerator, Smeg

This bright yellow refrigerator will brighten any kitchen — without a doubt. I love the retro feel it gives off and surprisingly, it is spacier than it looks! This fridge has 3 adjustable glass shelves, 1 bottle rack, 2 drawers for dairy and fruits and vegetables, and an ice tray.

3/ Empire Style Console and Mirror in Glazed Yellow Lacquer

Both traditional and contemporary, this console and mirror set is swoon-worthy. The yellow lacquer finish  and umber glaze makes these statement pieces perfect for any room that needs a pop of color.

4/ Palma Wallpaper, Taylor Murphy

The Palma Wallpaper by Taylor Murphy is a modern pattern that was inspired by Spanish roots. Specifically, the pattern reminds the designer of the ironworks in Majorca. Shown on the collage in yellow, this whimsical wallpaper also comes in peach and black.

5/ Baxter T-Arm Sofa in Venice Citron, Jonathan Adler

Last but not least, the Baxter T-Arm Sofa is a combination of tufted comfort and clean lines. I love this specific sofa because it is a more casual version of a high-back tuxedo sofa. This piece would go perfect in any chic and contemporary living room or a study.


That’s it for this week’s Fab Friday Finds! Tune in Tuesday on the blog to see what kind of event Maureen Steven’s Design is planning next!



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The Nursery … Coming along Slowly

The nursery is coming along slowly but surely. As a designer/decorator, I probably should have had the space done, oh 2 months before the baby came? But alas, life caught up with me … work, travel. Excuses…excuses. Or I’d like to think, I am so selfless, I complete other people’s projects first before mine …. ha!

Well, I started getting it together mid-August. My first buy for the space is this lovely dresser from the fine gals at Nod to the Past when I found them on Craiglist. Circa 1940’s, I adore the undulating cabinetry & they repainted it with Annie Sloan’s paint in Mushroom & French Gray.

nursery dresser

The space is a guest bedroom and it still is! With a plus, it’s a nursery too so whoever comes to visit instantly becomes the sitter 🙂 Gotta have star string lights  {it’s from Amazon}.

star lights nursery


white leather rocking chair

The white tufted chair is a gift from the lovely people at Wayfair & the Zebra pillows {I have a pair} is from Dwell Studio.
nursery wallpaper and decor

The plan for the white headboard is to wallpaper it but my selection is $250 a roll …yikes. I stumbled upon this Otomi wallpaper but alas, found a more affordable alternative with stencils {will work on this soon, promise!}. And I couldn’t help it but I just have to get a few of these papier-mache animal heads.

crib and artwork

The crib is a gift from my mother-in-law from Million Dollar Baby & she will also make the canopy {inspired by Emily Henderson‘s nursery; the fabric is coming from Bolt & it is adorable! } — because she is awesome & I’m shameless. Picking artwork will take time but I have a few — a print from the Georgia O’Keefe museum when me & my daughter visited Santa Fe this Summer, hot air balloon invite from my baby shower thrown by my lovely sister-in-law {because like her Mom, she is awesome} & a personalized alphabet from Minted.

I kept everything pretty neutral as we decided not to know the sex of the baby. I also tried to keep costs down and so far, I’m achieving that. Any one-room projects anyone?

Do you have a Design question or dilemma? Drop me a line and I’ll answer them for free {and absolutely no strings attached!}. Click here >>>

Provence Dreaming

Hola & happy Friday everyone! Tomorrow marks the one month birthday of my new little bundle, Simon Sebastian. Oh, how time flies! He is getting bigger each day, which is a good thing after having a bout of jaundice that first week when he lost almost a pound {super scary for a newborn & parents of course!}. I’m trying my darndest to have a regular schedule and do things according to my task list but alas, newborns have a schedule of their own. My days are filled with diaper duties and breastfeeding/pumping around the clock or researching about cradle cap and stalking Mother forums where they discuss, “Is my baby crying too much?” “Am I spoiling my baby?” “Is my baby too clingy?” It goes on & on — by the way, the answer is No, No and No.

Anyway, for the weekend, I leave you with these gorgeous pictures from Kathryn Ireland’s vacation home in Provence. Well, because it’s just dreamy. The amazing designer marries a gorgeous, colorful palette with rustic surroundings that makes for a cozy getaway. I just adore her and the stories she makes through her designs — one that’s collected, full of life and spaces that will make nostalgic memories.

Can you imagine having dining al fresco in this vignette? I am in love!

I leave you with a few images of the little one. I’m slowly getting back to work {just hired a part-time sitter…wahoo!} and finishing up some designs & starting new ones. Life & work will be different, but I can tell it will be amazingly better! Happy weekend everyone.

bebe Stevens











Do you have a Design question or dilemma? Drop me a line and I’ll answer them for free {and absolutely no strings attached!}. Click here >>>See more of the gorgeous images via Domaine

Happy Memorial Weekend!

via Etsy

What are you doing this Memorial weekend? Whatever it is, relax, have fun and enjoy!

For some “day of” inspiration, check out our Pinterest Board.

I got introduced to this new site & I kinda love it!

I had a blast dining with wonderful local designers at Mettle Austin.

I’m a Spurs fanatic and this vid made me teary-eyed.

I adore these chairs!

These tiles are sick! I just adore intricate tiling.

Finally, I can’t thank Wayfair enough for this wonderful gift for #ProjectNursery #BebeStevens.

Do you have a Design question or dilemma? Drop me a line and I’ll answer them for free {and absolutely no strings attached!}. Click here >>>

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A Quick Trip to San Antonio

One thing that me and my husband always try to do is going somewhere new and fun. Well, with an upcoming addition to our family we’ve been slowing down with traveling. But really, we are so lucky to live in Austin where there are tons of things to do and places to go to. I must admit, we have been bad in appreciating this, thinking that unless we go somewhere far then it’s no big deal. Aside from in-town attractions, the adorable towns of Fredericksburg, Gruene and New Braunfels is just a little more than an hour away. And so is San Antonio, where The Alamo stands. And yes, it’s also where the Spurs are playing in the playoffs {and yes killed the Dallas Mavericks & now the OKC Thunder}. My husband is a fanatic and graciously gets us front row tickets. Now, I’m not one to splurge on game tickets, my task is booking our hotel.

the menger lobby

We stayed at The Menger this time which was gorgeous and brought us back in time circa 1859. And thank you to Expedia, we got VIP treatment with an upgrade to The Sidney Lanier suite and a welcome fruit basket. I mean everybody needs grapes and strawberries after a long drive.

maureen and jason

My husband’s honorary grandpa took this picture of us before the game and captioned it, “Wolfman and Lady.” Yes! It’s spot on. And of course I have to have a pic at the riverwalk, which is gorgeous day or night.

San Antonio the Menger A few snaps of the hotel; the garden, gorgeous tiling and hallways and I am also loving the wall moldings at the stairs.

maureen stevens pregnant

And finally, a quick snap of how the baby bump is coming along. I’m almost 5 months and feeling so much better than the first 3 months. Happy Friday everyone and have the best of the weekend!

Do you have a Design question or dilemma? Drop me a line and I’ll answer them for free {and absolutely no strings attached!}. Click here >>>

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Ramblings and a Garden Shed

So, it seems I’ve been hibernating lately…even from the blog world! Tsk! Tsk! I haven’t made a post in almost two weeks. Bad Maureen! Bad Maureen….ha!ha! I have been somewhat busy behind the virtual world though. Collaborations and more design work are on the horizon and I’ll share them with you as they unfold.

Anywho, so if you don’t know it yet; I’m pregnant. And I’m really finding out I’m a grumpy preggo lady. My energy is slowly coming back since I’m about 4 1/2 mos now though. I’m doing some run/walk activity and light aerobics a few days a week and finally admitted that my pants cannot fit me anymore. I also realized that most maternity clothes are hideous! Really, all I want to wear are outfits from Hatch but why is a shirt $250 or so?

I hope all of you have a happy weekend and today I leave you with this image of a gorgeous garden shed. Seriously, I’ll serve brunch and dinner here and have a reading nook in the corner!


Do you have a Design question or dilemma? Drop me a line and I’ll answer them for free {and absolutely no strings attached!}. Click here >>>

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Our Holiday 2013

Hola mi amigas and amigos!  Today, I want to share with you our recent travel to Prague and Vienna in late November, early December of 2013.

Me and my husband tries to go somewhere new every year. I think it’s very important to share new experiences together and opening our eyes to what this beautiful world has to offer. Here are glimpses of the trip.

holiday prague and vienna

Since it’s mostly hot in Texas {well, I guess except now that we’re experiencing the cold like we’ve never experienced before this part of the country}, we enjoyed donning our winter gear that came out of hibernation.

stephansplatz at night

We stayed at Stephenzplatz in Vienna — the city center. Once you arrive, I suggest to ride the train that goes around the Ringstrasse to give you a little overview of what the City Center has to offer.

food experience prague vienna

My husband got us reservations at Restaurant Sterereck for Thanksgiving {we’re usually not this posh but the resto is #9 in the top 10 restaurants of the world! Say what?! I say he did good and we had four amuse-bouche even before our main course came}; we had gluhwein or hot wine, oh, every hour or so and jagermeister is the ultimate drink chaser for it; hot potatoes on a stick in Prague —we say, give us some!; these pretzels sells like pancakes in the streets of Prague; Vienna is known for sweets and of course we just had to try the world-famous Sacher torte and a choco mousse at Cafe Mozart.

schonbrunn palace

Vienna had so many palaces but Schonbrunn Palace takes the cake for the most grand. This was the imperial’s family’s Summer House and Hofburg Palace was their winter house — must be nice to have a home for each season!

prague cafe fur chairs

I adore Europe for all of its outdoor cafes — whether the weather is warm or cold — these cafes are always dressed to impress and this time of the year, they are dressed in fur. classical concert prague

We were prim and proper while we attended a Christmas Classical concert in a 17th century church — oh, it’s not that old.

at hofburg palace

It was so cold in Vienna, we had snow flurries in some days. This was taken in front of Hofburg Palace.

mozart first concert

In Vienna, Mozart was everywhere. In restaurants, in chocolates, in decor …. the World’s most famous composer had his first concert at age 6 in 1762 in front of the Imperial family here. Talk about a prodigy.

prague at night st. charles bridge

And last but not the least, the whole city of Prague was just magical. It totally takes you to a different world that is enchanting. St. Charles bridge at night was both mysterious and beautiful at the same time.

And there you go — a compressed version of our trip. In my dream life — I work to travel and travel to work, ha! Hopefully, there’s a new trip on the horizon!

Cheers to 2014!

Cheers to 2014 from Maureen Stevens

Going through piles and piles of stuff…that’s what I’m doing as I ring in the New Year {writing this post the 30th of December}. Oh you know, just the usual de-cluttering and reorganizing the home office; except I’m starting a tad early to really start fresh in 2014. So they say, out with the old and in with the new. 2013 has been a great ride; I said goodbye to my online shop {The Inglenook Decor} to focus on interior design. I’ve been having a good ol’ rockin time and meeting new people, seeing different places, having new experiences and constantly getting inspired. Aside from that darn tight boots that I bought {thinking my feet were a half-size smaller}, I say life is pretty good.

If you’ve been checking out the website in the past month — you probably have seen that we changed things in here quite a bit. We have been tweaking & re-tweaking my space in online land. If you’re new here, well “hello there!” Can you please stay, linger longer & come back often? My programmer and designer have done a fabulous job if I must say so myself 🙂 I wanted a website that is seamless, cohesive, well-edited, beautiful, fresh, friendly & approachable all at the same time {I may be talking about how my design process goes here too}. And they nailed it! They were also extremely patient with me {hello — I do ask for a lot, have tons of stuff spinning in my head & then from time to time, ok, a lot, forgets things}, responsive and thorough. I couldn’t have asked for a better duo to help me with revamping the website and make something that reflects me. Charmie — old soul, true beauty, amazing kaftan model and all around creative genius {and she can be a kick ass copy writer too!} & Aaron — muscle man, brilliant coder, programmer prodigy & plug-in Ninja. I can’t thank these two enough and you, yes you…if you ever need a website, these people are the best!

I hope you can check out my “About” page although I definitely would love to know more about you by contacting me here. Spill the beans and tell me who you are and what you like, what inspires you and the travel experiences you can’t forget. Check out my Design and Styling services, images of some of my projects and a snapshot of how the process works. A little pat on the back is always rewarding, we compiled our favorite ones in the Kudos and Press pages. You can subscribe by clicking on the envelope in the top right corner or find the Subscribe box at the bottom of the pages. And connect with us by clicking on the social media icons.

2014 is shaping up to be swell already! New Year, new experiences, new people, new places and new discoveries. I wish the best for you. Cheers to new beginnings!

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