Changing the Game

Happy Monday folks! I hope your weekend was swell. It has been a bit soggy where I am but I’m not complaining, we direly need the rain because of this lingering drought. Today, I want to talk about change. A few weeks ago while sitting at a hotel room by myself, I had an epiphany. I was overwhelmed, stressed out and unfocused. I have been juggling so many things and something has got to give. I was torn about being responsible about what I started and staying true to what I want. Well, I don’t want this to be too dramatic {I’m talking about the online shop by the way — The Inglenook Decor}. But a long time ago, I thought being a shop owner was what I wanted to do, at least it was at that time. I wanted a brick & mortar shop but with the economic downturn, I settled for just an online shop. It did ok and I’m grateful for all the customers that supported it, the press mentions it got {a few, both local & national} but I learned almost right away, it wasn’t for me. I didn’t give it my best shot and it’s just not me not to give it my best. I felt I’ve shortchanged the people that supported it but most of all, I shortchanged myself.

change the game

I’m not totally reckless and adventurous but I know I do ok with change. Sometimes, it is so hard to say goodbye even though the “falling apart” has happened a long time ago {I’m partly talking about Liam & Miley as well here}. I just know that a change is inevitable. I may consider it a  failure {or not} but I’m willing to fail {hopefully not a lot} to get to that place where I have truly found out who I “need” to be. I don’t want to regret not trying. This season, I’m focusing more on my design work, get better, improve my craft, gain experience, learn and most of all connect with people {and hopefully make them happy}.

So, in the words of the great artist, Macklemore, yes I’m changing the game but inside, I’m still the same {a bit stubborn, a bit sweet but all the way driven}. I hope you’ll continue to be there with me!

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Low Platform Dreamin’

I recently moved into a new apartment and have finally decided to switch out my old bed frame for something new and exciting.  Yes, really, bed frame choices are exciting to me.  I’ve been thinking of a low platform bed as a welcome change from the wrought iron frame I’ve had since high school.  Something about low platforms just immediately says cozy to me.


A bed frame of pillows, now there’s an idea!


I don’t think I could keep something this modern clean enough to do it justice but isn’t it yummy?


Again, too minimalist of a style for me, but that butcher’s block frame is to die for.

So I’m still searching for the perfect frame to fit my eclectic style…but I think I’m heading in the right direction 🙂


Hello everybody! It is Wednesday! This actually means, I’m coming back home to Austin after being gone for almost two weeks. I’m very excited to get started on some projects….

>Decorating my house is still ongoing and there’s still some things left to do: putting up more frames, painting a mirror frame and a bar cart, decoupaging and creating a few more vignettes. The progress is on Instagram.

> I also do E-Design and I’m doing two at this time as well as a couple of Interior design projects in Austin.

> We are currently renovating a building for a Physical Therapy Clinic; the floors will be down & the walls will be up soon. Do you know what that means? Furnishing and decorating it is next!

> I am also creating a few DIY’s + interiors styling for I am so excited for this opportunity and I can’t wait to show you the finished projects. This amazing & creative girl is helping me too. I am blessed!

> I’m reviewing my notes on Color Theory for upcoming classes for Treehouse. The picture above is Tonal. It’s neutral on neutral. Although it’s all muted colors, it works so well, don’t you think?

How is your week so far?


March Recap

Hello friends! Enjoying Spring yet? The weather is still not Spring perfect, we had hail & rain just last week. Here’s a little recap on what happened last month.

Decorating the old house is still ongoing: 1) The antique rococo mirror was a find by my SIL & MIL, it had an awful color before but just a fresh coat of white paint made it gorgeous, I think! 2) The tufted bench reupholstered by Urban Habitat 3) The bookcase is from World Market, I bought it for $179.99, painted it black & added the hardware in brass gold 3) I adore this Georgian chair from Restoration Hardware which my husband dubbed the phone booth, cherry blossoms gave the space a hint of Spring!

bookshelf-restoration-hardware-chair copy


I went to Chicago for a short trip and met with three of my college friends. This was one of the pics taken. We did what we love doing, eating at Asian Fusion restos…yum!


And me & my daughter went to New York for a little R & R, bonding and shopping for Spring Break. We stayed at The Paramount, swanky lobby, small rooms.

daughter-noelle nolita-cupcake

That’s her on the left waiting for food at Yum Yum & me on the right enjoying a cupcake at Nolita. April looks like it’s going to be fun as well!

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The Right {Brained} Insight

My amazing friend, creative gal, Charmie shared this vid on her Facebook page a few weeks back & I have played it more than once. It’s a bit long but I assure you, it will enlighten and inspire you!

  Jill Taylor’s Talk on Ted.Com

So, in the past couple of weeks I’ve been taking on more design projects {which fuels me so much!}. There’s nothing like deadlines & logistics though that slowly numbs your creativity. So, even though, actual drawings are not a must with my design projects {because of softwares that are so easy to use!}, I make it a point to draw more. As creatures of the western world, I do think we rely so much on our left-brain that our lives are filled with anxiety and stress. Albeit, both hemispheres are so important, yet neglecting one will most definitely spell disaster.



I realized that I like going old school — like drawing floor plans. There should be a marriage of our right and left brains. Much like a relationship, one is more dominant than the other. Nurturing our creativity {everybody has it!} will definitely make us whole, expansive, and alive! So, I definitely concur, Jill Taylor!

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A Break for Spring

Happy Friday everybody! I am en route to Chicago for a little getaway to see college friends. Then, I’ll be on Spring break with my daughter in NYC. In the meantime, I leave you all with colorful spaces that’s all about Spring’s bright colors. Next week, I’m so happy for three wonderful friends for guest blogging for me; Elizabeth of Stone Textile, Michelle of Uncharted Style and Sam of The Peak of Tres Chic. Enjoy the weekend and Spring break week everyone!

Images: 1, 2

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February Recap

It’s hard to believe February has come and gone. Although, our Winters are pretty mild in Texas, I am so ready for warm weather and Spring blooms, aren’t you? February was fairly busy but was a pretty great month for me. Above, little updates in our home. It’s the little things that count, right? Like I adore my new emerald green Moroccan pouf {it will be the ottoman for a Wing chair that will be here soon!}; I’m in love with my Mojave Green + Chain Link Pillows and; the hallway to the second bedroom got a few accents with the Titanic mirror and these geometric lanterns. Yup, I’ve been shopping at the shop!

Recently Updated73

February was a month of parties. I went to Carnivale, The Secret Society Ball, Austin Monthly’s Issue Release Party, a girl’s Oscar’s Party and birthday parties of amazing friends. I can’t thank Lauren of Rae Cosmetics enough for glamming me up for the 1920’s party. Hello, my dark circles are gone!


I also spent a week at our clinic in Port Arthur, Triangle Therapeutics . Checked out the ongoings at our soon-to-be building in Beaumont. Wood studs are all up and the pool for aquatic therapy has taken shape.


Modern Homes Tour Austin didn’t disappoint. One of the homes we viewed has a terrace overlooking downtown.

Also catch some home tips from me at the Austin-American Statesman, here’s the online link. I also had a blast doing the AirBNB event. March looks promising. We’re styling the annual SXSW Barbecue event. We also started some design projects {including my own house—-ahhh, my wish list never ends} that hopefully I can finally get good pictures of. In the meantime, there’s always Instagram.

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Video | The New Face of Small Business

Hello all! As some of you may know, I also run an online shop, The Inglenook Decor. I can’t believe it’s been three years since it’s launch in Fall 2009. Owning a small business, whether with a physical location or strictly online has been both exhilarating  and challenging, fulfilling and frustrating. This is a short video of me and two other Austin online shop owners, our short story by this gal. Hope you can check it out! To learn more about the current fate of small online shops, you should also check out Emily’s website here. The other lovely online shop owners are Magpie Fields and Oh Fox Vintage.

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Our Barcelona Holiday

Hello everyone! How was your Christmas? Did you get what you’ve always wanted? Today, I would like to do a little recap of our vacation in Barcelona earlier this month. We booked everything on a whim mid-November and is my husband and I gift to each other for the holidays. This is our *holiday* during the holidays. Here’s a few pics…

DSC_0996 IMG_3312

la rambla


DSC_1248 DSC_1262

ls rambla 1


DSC_1099 DSC_1328

street performers



From top:

1. Placa Reail was one of my favorite spots in Barri Gotic. At night, there are small and medium sized plazas with Christmas Bazaar’s, farmer’s market filled with artisanal food items, etc.

2. We couldn’t have picked a better hotel, the Hotel Colon. Close to Placa Catulanya, right at the heart of Barri Gotic, our balcony {of which I had a daily photo op of course!} was a stone away from the Barcelona Cathedral. The St. Lucia market was ongoing as well and nativity sets abound as well as fresh winterberry ornaments.

3. La Rambla market was full of fresh produce and marbled meats, even goat heads which I chose not to show here 🙂 There were also live street statues and artists.

4. I am always in awe of little architectural details that is everywhere. Even simple drinking fountains and doors are works of art.

5. Al Fresco *Outdoor Cafe* dining is practically everywhere…all so quaint and where you can do your people watching.

6. Catalunyan food is pretty salty I think but we did feast on endless paella paired with a Sangria. We also overdosed on churros con chocolate. We did do some fine dining and may we recommend Cafe Accademia…we had to go twice. We also tried El Quatre Gatz which was a hotspot for the young Picasso. Although the interior was very reminiscent of the times, the food was mediocre, I thought. We also dined at Petit Comite at Passeig Garcia, the upscale and modern part of Barcelona. A word of caution…do not go to Cafe El Victor which is right across Hotel Colon and a few feet away from Barcelona Cathedral…service is awful!

7. Gaudi sure loves all those fruit of the loom looking things in his rooftops. So we definitely did all the museum and must see attractions. La Sagrada, Parc Guell, Picasso museum and other smaller museums. This one was taken from the Guell Palace which I think is a lesser known Gaudi creation in the heart of La Rambla.

8. There was always entertainment at Barri Gotic and lots of shopping!

9. These giant Christmas Ball ornaments with Nativity sets were magnificent in Placa St. Jaume.

10. The company was ok, no it was great! 🙂 It’s always amazing to travel with my husband.

I just love seeing and being in new places. So much to see, so much to know, so much to experience. Cheers to more years of adventure!

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