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So, I’m definitely not a big fashionista {although I oooh and aaah at the sight of a lucite chair with tufted seating} but once a year here in Austin, there’s Austin Fashion Week. There are fashion events North & South, East & West. I’m a little lame with event hopping, it seems I can only do one a night but last Wednesday, I went to a whopping not two, not three but four events. I definitely up my game that night. Here’s a recap:

With dear friend Jeannie of ByJeannie jewelry {she won Texas Next Top Designer…woot!}, personalized cookies and mmm cake pops by Sweet Pop {believe me they were delish!}, the team at Shop Underwear & a necklace from ByJeannie’s Dentelle collection.
Photo Booth by Peter Tung
Next stop Touch of Sass & Bella Bridesmaid: jewelry at the shop, the always stylish Joanna of Keep Austin Stylish, 50’s inspired outfits by Tess Dress  worn by Andrea {with dashing husband}, models for bridal designer, Ciarla Bride & hat designer, Lana Chu.
Last stop, Moss: amazing handcrafted pieces from Margot Wolf {even these two guys were completely flabbergasted}, gorgeous gals, Jenna, Jane & Elisa.
Next year, I’ll have more stamina with event shopping…and maybe have a little more ooommph in my fashion choices, nah, I think I’ll always keep it simple.
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Pretty {Busy}

Hello folks! I’m back in awesome Austin which is awesome of course! August has been an extremely busy month for me. But I thrive on being busy and productive, having new experiences & learning along the way. The busy…ness {?} continues…
… I was in Southeast Texas for 2 weeks being a Physical Therapist. As some of you know {the regular 5 or so that reads my blog :)}, I’m part-therapist, part-online shop retailer, part space stylist. Well, the three may be combined very soon. The clinic is looking at a new property that will need work, lots of work! We’re hard at work making decisions but if it pushes through, it will be amazing!
…. I antiqued shop pretty much the weekends when I was gone, those little shops in the back roads of Texas are full of goodies, I’ll share them with y’all soon!
… Me & Ansa with the creative input of Kaleigh is getting together a new blogazine that revolves around antiquing. We hope to make it hip, cool and fresh. Hope it will blow you away!
… It’s Austin Fashion Week! Events everyday especially with my good friends Jeannie & Deborah.
Well, so while I’m taking a bit of a breather, please allow me to look at these peach flowers in gold goblets. The sheer beauty is making me energized already! Ok, I guess, I’ll share, you can look at them as well!

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In My Kitchen Series for A Diary of Lovely

Thought I’ll share my kitchen from a post for the In My Kitchen Series for A Diary of Lovely.
———————–I’m always excited when Helena of A Diary of Lovely asks me to participate in one of her fabulous series but I was a little panicky as my kitchen is not my dream kitchen. I want it to be brighter, refreshing, have white cabinets, more cottage-like. But alas, I think most of us dream of the dream kitchen. I also rarely cook and when I do, it’s not the best…but I can mix up things together. Does that count? So, here you go…

Our tableware and glassware is mostly white & clear. I’m starting my own white hobnail collection that I hope Eddie Ross will be proud of.

Eat in or Out: Out…most definitely!

Take Away or Restaurant: Restaurant
I cook for: my daughter & husband, if ever or whenever it happens 🙂
Healthy food: tomatoes, egg whites, onion omellette
Indulgence: Anything sweet that’s moussey or have whip cream on top! I have a hopelessly sweet tooth!
Weekend meal: Tex-Mex at a restaurant overlooking Lake Austin
Date dinner: Bacon Shrimp & Grits with Pommes Frites + a French 75 at Bess Bistro
Quick fix: A protein shake
Mild: Cholula Sauce
 Spicy: Thai Green Curry, Ghost Pepper
My kitchen is: totally needs to be used more!
Favourite gadget: our Cutco knife! it cuts sooo good!
In the kitchen, I couldn’t live without: the milk frother, my morning cafe au lait just has to be perfect, thanks to my husband!
My cooking bible: Google
My must have ingredients: coriander/cilantro, chili sauce
Spicy or mild: most definitely S.P.I.C.Y.
My Recipe: Ack, I may be the most undomesticated woman when it comes to the kitchen…I tried cooking before but it never did like me. Once in a while, I would attempt it. So here it goes, it is the quintessential summer cake and I just love strawberries!So today, I’d like to share a recipe for strawberry shortcake.
No, not this one…
But this one:
Here’s the easy way: Buy a pound cake or Angel Food cake + fresh strawberries + whip cream. Get it all together however you want it and Voila!
Or the right way from the Food Librarian:
5 tablespoons unsalted butter, room temperature
3/4 cup plus 2 tbsp sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 eggs
1 1/2 cups cake flour
2 1/2 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
2/3 cup buttermilk
1 1/2 – 2 cups heavy cream
Whole strawberries, for garnish

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
2. Cream butter, 3/4 cup sugar and vanilla in the bowl of an electric mixer until light and fluffy. Add eggs one at a time, scraping down the sides of the bowl after each addition.
3. Sift together cake flour, baking powder, and salt.
4. Add dry ingredients to the batter, alternating with the buttermilk in 3 additions. Divide among the prepared pans.

1. In a large chilled bowl, whip the cream with the remaining 2 tbsp of sugar until stiff.
2. Assemble the cake with cake, strawberries, whipped cream and repeat. Finish with your best strawberries on top.

Enjoy the Summer! Enjoy the sweetness!



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Les Tutorial

A little tutorial on some French terms when looking for food. I just love using these words, well, except “Cafe” is also cafe in English, ugh! Oh & adore using “les” with everything which means “the.” Let’s go to the les movies, have some les popcorn, well, I can go on & on until the les husband gives me the “eye” which is cue for “stop it.” So, let’s start shall we?

Boulangerie[boo-lanzhuhree]well, dears, this is the Les Bakery where bread & baked goods are sold
[ka-fey]you guessed it right, a coffee shop, well, strictly speaking. It can also be a small bistro or restaurant Patisserie[pah-teesuhree] of course, a pastry shop! Brasserie[brasuhree] a small restaurant where you can have cocktails & beersWhatever they are, they all have some grub! Do not expect much seating, if there’s any at all in a Patisserie or Boulangerie though. But expect some quaint awnings, bistro chairs & French Marble tables to complete the charm they all evoke.
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Antlered: The Office Desk

l always complain about being out of town but really, I think I’m nomadic at heart. So, I’ve been out of town for a combined 2 weeks this month and terribly miss my home office desk. It’s small in a small corner desk but it has lots of my favorite finds. Case in point, this pair of antler horns is probably not the most functional to place on my desk. It does get move around a lot, but on my down time {or recharging time} as I call it, I just look and hold it for a minute or so… instant de-stressor! Call me weird but it really works!

home office deskantlers
Happy weekend everyone! I’m on my way back home tomorrow…woohoo!

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The Week’s Lowdown

Was in Vegas and beyond for a week folks and I’m extremely tired. The hubs participated in the WSOP [for those of you not into gambling, that’s the World Series of Poker]. I’ll give a recap of the trip soon.Anyway, here’s  few things happening:

* Check out [better yet buy and support the magazine industry] the Jul-August issue of Cottages & Bungalow to see some of our items featured,like the Sepia pillows & Arboretum trays.

* The wedding I helped style was featured in Style Me Pretty. It stated “Event Styling: The Inglenook Decor.” That’s pretty cool! Here’s our post about it too!

* I had some epiphany about the shop and will roll out *amazing* changes soon!

* The fabulous Deborah Main is making exclusive pillows for us. How sweet is that?

* I have a few items at Plain Ivey Jane on Second Street displayed and more to come…thanks Sarah!

* I just found Raina’s blog through Jessica and she is amazing. You should totally follow her!

Happy, happy weekend!

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A Poem for J

Ok folks! It’s Jason’s birthday today. We are celebrating in Viva Las Vegas and having steak tonight at Prime overlooking the Bellagio fountains. He’s the reason why I’m now Mrs. Stevens. Just last year, we were planning the wedding.

To be a little cheesy {by the way, he receives my blog posts in his inbox}, here’s a poem for him.

Just a few years ago, I didn’t think this was possible.
To have A life that’s full of adventure and smiles.
You gave me a new leaSe on life and told me I’m totally able.
To fOllow my dreams even though I may stumble.
As corny as it sounds, the journey is what really couNts.
And to have you by my side, well, it’s the most fabulous ride!
Happy Birthday babe!

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Scene at Our Loo

Just a little post today folks. When you think of that little space in your home called your loo aka the bathroom or restroom. Do you keep it sterile and think of it as just a place to do your “business?” Or do you actually adorn it and think of it as a room to escape the mundane world of the living room? Our little loo is not a posh area with a bidet to boot but I didn’t even realize how I put so many of my favorite things here. Case in point, favorite pattern in favorite color as the wallpaper, lime green candle birds, apothecary bottles + pink flowers, branch jewelry holder + necklaces | bracelets, favorite picture and cashmere.

Oh, and to answer your question {well, even if you didn’t ask but have always been curious}, wallpaper is totally a DO in the bathroom!

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Larry’s Old Time Trade Days

When in Southeast Texas and it’s the weekend after the first Monday of the month, you’ll likely find me at Larry’s Old Time Trade Days [aka Winnie Trade Days]. Why? Well, because I love flea market & vintage shopping! So, this trip was March of this year. Let’s see what caught my eye this time…

Now, I wanna start this collection! Vintage salt & pepper shakers!
This pair is a beaute!
White milkglass is always adorable. Too bad I only needed compotes which I of course forgot to take pictures of. I got a pair of gorgeous ones!
And I bought both of these. Need a place for lovely trinkets anyone?
And beveled vintage mirrors are just classic!
Here’s a bad picture of me thinking…Where can I put this vintage furnace?
And my daughter wearing her coffee cup necklace & pondering on who knows what.
I think these cast iron hooks are lovely. Paint or decoupage them to add your unique touch.
What’s a flea market without some greasy but scrumptious grub? Presenting the funnel cake.
So, my take on this place:

Location: So easy to get to! Exit 829 on I-10 in Southeast Texas in Winnie.

Selection: lots but not all are necessarily the good kind.
Staff: Depends on the stall vendor but overall people were friendly & helpful.
Pricing: Very good. You can get good deals here, the goods are sold cheaper here & you can haggle much easier.
So according to our Mason Jar Rating system, I give it 4 Mason Jars. This flea market is good so if you’re in town & the timing is right, it’s worth a visit!

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HWY 237: The Antique Heaven Highway

Come Spring & Fall [April & September with smaller shows in the Summer & Winter], Highway 237 in Texas is busting in the seams with antique shows, dealers and buyers from all over America [if not the world folks!]. This is truly antique highway heaven & one [again, if not the biggest] that should not be missed by any antique or vintage maven.So, let me give y’all an idea as to where this place is at, it’s midway between Austin & Houston. The map states it’s a 2 hour drive from Austin but apparently I can make it in one and 15. It hits HWY 290 East in the North & HWY 71 in the South hitting the small town of La Grange. Antique shows are all over many towns close to the highways including Carmine, Shelby, Fayetteville, Burton, Bellville, Oldenburg & Rutersville and of course, the very well known shows at Warrenton, Roundtop & Marburger.

As soon as you get in the area, get yourself a copy of the Antique Show Daily Mag {this is by no means an Elle Decor or House Beautiful looking mag} but the map above {found in the center of the magazine} is only a sixth of the whole map itself with tons of information. The ads from dealers look homemade & antiquated as well {tsk!tsk! Somebody, please get them to talk to a graphic artist!}.

Anyway, I was there for 3 whole days with an antique-loving couple {I think it’s just the wife that loves it as the hubby mostly sat & patiently waited for us—-too sweet!} for their Spring show. I’ll unveil more images in the next posts but here’s a sneak peek {thanks to Tippi, budding photographer extraordinaire!}.

 {yes, that’s me pondering & making sure I’m taking mental pictures of all the vignettes}Happy Monday everyone!

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