Our Italian Holiday

In Europe they call it a holiday, here we call it a vacation. Holiday just sounds sooo good! The beginning of March, me & the hubs went to Roma, Firenze & Venezia as the Italians say it [otherwise known as Rome, Florence & Venice]. We had a grand old time of course. A little chilly for me, we got drunk on Grappa & Limoncello, went carb overload on brick oven pepperoni pizzas [absolutely fresh ingredients] & drank espresso, cappucinos & lattes like it’s our last [they absolutely have the best coffee]. And no….I’m not a gelato lover so I stayed away from them.We are still using non-professional cameras so these pics are not the best. Good or not, they hold so many memories…

Clockwise from top left: Had to try a hot chocolate at Cafe Florian, it was Carnevale in Venezia, the oldest casino [it did look like Casino Royale], at the market, St. Mark’s Square.

The Duomo, David at the Accademia [it was not allowed to take pictures…oh well!], at the Arno bridge.
The Pantheon, en route to the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican Museum, Colloseum, Trevi Fountain [they totally copied the one from Caesar’s Palace in Vegas].

We can’t wait to come back. For some reason, Jason said he is open to the possibility of living in Italy, hmmm…..

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Flea Market Days

Flea Market...
Flea Market… by inglenookdecor
I’m at the Roundtop-Marburger show since yesterday.It’s in the high 80’s here in Texas already so I was envisioning my outfits to be cool, breezy & light. Three outfits, one pair of shoes and a &
cross-over shoulder bag {which I already have}. The others are still in my wish list…the credit card is currently on vacation.
Happy weekend everyone! I’ll come back with all the deets about the show!

Have you read our decorating tip of the week? Visit our site at http://www.theinglenookdecor.com.

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Yea, I love Urban Cottage Decor {Video Interview}

Posting this week will be {or already is very slim}, I’m out of town the whole week & being my other persona, a Physical Therapist. Anyway, I’m embedding a little interview when I was at a Texas Co-working event. I warn you it’s  a little boring & a little too long. So sorry , I have to post something somewhat narcissistic. It just amazes me how when you’re so enthusiastic about something {like I am with urban cottage decor}, you live & breathe it. I hate talking about the shop all the time & my passion for design & decor but when somebody asks me about it…I can go on & on!

Thanks to Paul of Spring.net for great questions! It’s a video blog for Austinites & all things Austin,

Paul Terry Walhus is the founder and owner of Spring.net and he is currently working on several projects, including Texas Coworking and BeJane.com.  He hosts about 250 websites including Austen.com and Firth.com, as well as AustinBlogger.com, AustinCast.com, TourofTexas.com, WorkontheWeb.com and more.

Have you read our decorating tip of the week? Visit our site at http://www.theinglenookdecor.com.

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A Lifetime Project

For months we’ve been at a loss on what to put in our big blank wall above the sofa. We’ve debated & argued but we knew it had to be something that we made together. We’re not budding artists by any means so I thought we’d stencil in all the favorite cities we’ve been to together! Raleigh is where we had our first major fight, New Orleans is one of those cities we can’t get enough of…well, you get the picture. We haven’t been out of the country together much & we didn’t want to put the cities that are just 30 mins away. So, here’s what we have so far.
Plan to hang it, just getting a new drill bit to poke the cement walls much easier. Here’s how it all started:
A ho-hum blank wall
A 48 x 72 canvas {$86.20 at Asel’s art supply, it was half-off! What a deal!}
Planning it on a Layout Graphing Paper {free as I’m using it for a floor plan class}…gotta have the margins right
5″ Stencil letters $5.49
Acrylic paint in Burnt Sienna/Dark Brown $7.49 x 2 {still have lots left}

The board in progress {brushes & drafting tape…we already had these}. Me & my fiance did it together. So, all in all, we spent a whopping $106.67! All the cities we’ll enjoy together {which hopefully would include Rome, Barcelona, Egypt,etc}, a lifetime of adventure & the joy of doing & sharing it together…priceless! 🙂

Have you read our decorating tip of the week? Visit our site at http://www.theinglenookdecor.com.

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Musee des Montreal

It was ahh-heaven for me when I visited the Musee des Beaux Arts in Montreal, Canada. They have a permanent collection of furniture & decorative items from Renaissance to today ranging from Eames to Rietveld.

These teapots truly deserve to be in a museum, they are made by Michael Graves. The masses came to know him as the first designer who introduced a line of revolutionary household products at the big box retailer, Target.

A few other items caught my eye, like this emerald green giant fan & these oh-so-cute capsule lamps.

High design meets high fashion as “LOVE” is showing, a Yves Saint-Laurent Maison de Haute Couture collection. I was able to take a pic of this gown before a museum guard caught me. Oopps!

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