Ten to Wedding Bliss: Beth of Hello Splendor!

I had the most splendid moment when I first stumbled across Beth’s blog at Hello Splendor. An interior designer at an interior design firm and store called Nest, a super bubbly personality. I haven’t met her yet but she looks & sounds like she’s a hoot. I’ll for sure drag to her to a Happy Hour the next time I’m Dallas bound. Here’s her take on her Top 10 Wedding tips for moi…

1. Surround yourself with your favorite people: Don’t worry about the ones who you think expect to be a part. This is really all about the people you want supporting you. There’s lots of stress leading up to that final moment and you need people who are there to support YOU and make it more fun.

2. Keep it simple: Make a bold statement and save money! I had simple red roses and it saved me a ton and had a huge impact.

3. Take the edge off before you walk down the isle: But, don’t overdo it! There’s nothing wrong with taking the edge off!

4. Ditch tradition: I had my Dad & my Mom walk me down the isle. My parents are divorced and sometimes my Mom was both parents all the time. It was only fitting for me.

5. Have fun with the cake: Cakes can be expensive and expected! I saved money by doing a cupcakes and sweets table with litte take-home bins. Everyone took a cupcake or some sweets home and loved it!

6. Take your veil off during the reception: It really just gets in the way!

7. Spend time together: Don’t worry about expectations of greetings and spending time with everyone there. This is all about you two… That’s what all of the engagement parties and showers are for. Kevin and I spent the entire reception together and talked to everyone as a couple. We really made a point to just enjoy the time and each other.

8. Let loose: Just have fun! Enjoy yourself and don’t worry about what you feel you are expected to do or be. It’s YOUR party!!

9. Invest in a good photographer: Make sure you get someone who can capture your style and make sure there are two of them!

10. Invest in a good honeymoon: My honeymoon was more important to me than the wedding in the end. It’s the time you spend solidifying your marriage, reflecting, and soaking each other in. My honeymoon was the very best week of my life. Pure bliss.

Congratulations Maureen!! It’s one of the best times in your life and I am so happy for you… Happy planning!

Wedding photos by Sil Azevedo | Honeymoon photo by Kevin Dotolo


What do you all think? Isn’t she just adorable? And yes, love all her tips especially that one ditching the tradition of the Dad walking the bride down the aisle, you gotta do what’s right for you! I’ll be participating at her Blog Crawl this Wednesday so come back here!

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Ten to Wedding Bliss: Emily A. Clark

Our post for today  is from the design consultant extraordinaire, Emily Clark. She’s a mom, a wife and a smart businesswoman with so much creativeness to boot. I’m so proud to have her in this series.

My husband and I will celebrate our 10-year anniversary later this fall, so I’m not sure if that makes me an expert or one really out-of-touch bride.  Either way, I’m happy to share my top 10 wedding tips.

#1.  Keep the little details in perspective.  Easier said than done, I suppose.  I clearly remember sitting at my dining table one night and having a complete meltdown, with tears, because I couldn’t decide between two fonts for the invitations. . . . Ten years and three kids later, I can’t for the life of me remember what font I chose.

#2.  Choose the dress that makes you feel beautiful, even if it’s not what’s trendy at the moment. 

#3.  Register for things you need and will use.  Lesson learned: I registered for some trendier home decor items that eventually went out of style and ended up in my yard sale.  I, on the other hand, didn’t bother to register for any towel or sheet sets.

#4.  Write your thank you notes immediately after your showers.  Keep up with them or they will overtake you and become another source of pre- and post-wedding day stress.

#5.  Invest in a good photographer and videographer.  Some of the best money you will spend!


#6.  Plan your ceremony to reflect you as a couple, regardless of what “tradition” says you have to do.  I didn’t walk down the aisle to the traditional wedding march, because I didn’t like it.  I had no flowergirls or ring bearers in my wedding party, because it made me too nervous.  I had no unity candle, because I didn’t want to.  It’s your wedding; you get to decide.

#7.  Leave nothing to do except relax on your big day. 

#8.  Look at your fiance when you walk down the aisle. There may be a thousand things going on in your mind (“Oh my goodness! I’m a bride!”, “I hope I don’t trip over my dress!” “Everybody’s looking at me!”)  Block it all out and concentrate on what you’re doing.  It’s one of the best moments of the day.

#9.  Eat at your reception.  I’m telling you this, because you will forget.  I got so busy talking to guests that I ended up eating one bite of cake and one whole celery stick.

#10.  Enjoy every second!  It’s a once in a lifetime experience.   Congrats, Maureen!

All images via Brides.com

Amazing tips Emily! Thank you so much…I’m definitely following #5 as I have the wonderful Jessica to capture all our memories. Next week, we’ll see some tips from the wonderful Beth of Hello Splendor.

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Ten to Wedding Bliss: 6th Street Design School

This is the first post of our Ten to Wedding Bliss series is today! Woohoo! I can’t be more excited. Basically, I’ve invited design bloggers I admire so much to give us their thoughts on the top 10 tips/advice they can give to a bride-to-be. This post is from the remarkable Kirsten of 6th Street Design School. I’m sure by now all of you design bloggers know her already. Her design portfolio is to die for & her creativity is top notch. Here it goes….

1. Outsource as much as you can. I spent days and days making all my own invitations and it ended up almost killing me.  There are so many talented people out there that are good at what they do. Let them do it!

2. Prioritize. Chances are you can’t have everything you want at your wedding. Pick what details are most important to you and forget about the rest. Some things, like favors and bridesmaid gifts, are not a big deal. 

3. Stay timeless.  Every time I look at my bridesmaid dresses I cringe. They were casual and a little trendy for the time. 

4. Do your research.  Blogs weren’t around when I got married. I had to pour tons of money into wedding magazines.  There are so many free ideas out there! Put the time in and do the research. Start compiling ideas now that you love. Go through the wedding blogs and make a little mood board of colors an ideas that you like. 

5. On your wedding day take some time to relax. We had a marathon wedding day that started at 9 and ended at 9. At our reception we barely had time to enjoy our own food. Our reception line went for hours. I wish I would have taken a break to eat and sit with my new husband.

6. Hire a good photographer. That is the best advice I could give. This is where you should be spending your money. Don’t hire a friend cause it’s cheap. This day only comes once. Make sure you love your pictures. 

7. Write everyone a thank you card and have your husband help. I was super overwhelmed with thank you cards after our wedding. I had over 500 to write and I was back in school and working. I just didn’t have the time. I managed to get about 200 of them send out. I wish I would have asked my husband to help so the task was more manageable. 

8. Don’t become a bridezilla. I would say on occasion my behavior was a little out of control. I wasn’t a crazy bridezilla but it is easy to get caught up in the event and wanting everything perfect. 

Us cutting our cake

9. Have something sentimental. My grandma made our cake and it was beautiful. That cake is one of my favorite memories of the day. Have something of meaning on your wedding day. Incorporate something from the past to make the present that much more special.

10. Just enjoy yourself. The whole point of a wedding is to celebrate the marriage of you and your husband. As long as you actually end up getting married, mission accomplished! That’s all that really matters. Enjoy your day and don’t sweat the small stuff. 

Wonderful, wonderful tips, Kirsten! Thanks so much! The cake your Grandma made is amazing. Next week, read on Averill’s tips.

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Happy Outdoor Weekend!

Going out of town this weekend to attend a wedding. I hope to have a lazy Sunday & have an al fresco brunch somewhere! Have a happy weekend everyone!

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Wedding Invites to Envy

Don’t you just adore wedding invites & save the dates that reflects the couple’s personality? When I saw this “save the date” card in the Wedding edition of Rare {an Austin lifestyle magazine}, I immediately clipped it to add to my wedding files. It is so weird but months later I actually met the bride, Emma & she was what I thought she would be. A little Bohemian, quirky and fun & definitely all style.
Her invites is inspired by their wedding venue, outdoors, in the Texas Hill Country of course!Here in Austin.
Can you see all the little details? Cactus,horseshoes,horses,nude yarn & the color combo? My fave…yellow & grey. Oh & have I told you everything is letterpress?

Custom cactus stamps and gorgeous calligraphy. I don’t think there was any detail that was left out.
I’ve only met the bride once but I so wish her the best. I’m so sure the couple will be oh-so gorgeous & the wedding amazing. Congrats Emma!
{Save the Date image from Emma, other images from Oh so Beautiful Paper}

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Raw Beauty at a Napa Valley Wedding

Do you regularly stalk “Style Me Pretty” for ideas & just fabulous images that makes you think how beautiful life really is? I know I do! The brides featured are so fabulous. Most of them are DIY’ers that will put Martha to shame {I really think so!}. Well, when I opened this wedding pictures from a wedding at Napa Valley… I was gasping, ogling. Eeeekkk, ah-mazing! They made the chandeliers, the vintage grain sacks as runners, subtle vintage decor is all over…raw beauty indeed!

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A Very Swedish Holiday

I’m still at a lost on a decorating theme for next year {I’ve already given up this year, I’ve only been
in our new place permanently for a couple of months…at least this is the excuse I’m using}. I thought
about going ultra modern with bold colors of hot pinks & deep turquoise or shimmery in golds & silvers
or whites, crystals & silvers for a wintry effect. Alas! I think I found “the one!” I think I’m going
for a Scandinavian holiday.This spread of a Swedish home exquisitely decorated for Christmas
is what I’m deeply falling for.

 {the wreath exudes such elegance}
 {gorgeous tree but look at those wide-plank wooden floors!}
{my favorite winter bulbs!}
images via Country Living
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Fall Tablescape Idea: Forest Glam!

When I connected with Artie of Color outside the Lines. He had a thought of doing a tablescape with these charming bird tealight holders found at the shop. I was gleaming with delight & sent four of these his way right away. I just knew that with his creativeness, he would do such a fabulous job. Boy, was I wrong?! He didn’t just do a fabulous job, he did much, much more than that. Just look and see for yourself….

He lovingly called the tablescape “Forest Glam” and “Glamorous Woodland Nymph.”
Very befitting Artie!

For the place setting: rattan-inspired charger, vintage white stoneware, linen napkins, turned wood napkin rings & bamboo flatware.

Completing the look: crystals, twigs, branches, some greenery, bird nests….

And the piece de resistance, the charming bird tealight holders. I knew they were adorable! Thanks so much Artie for showcasing them in such an amazing way!

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