Rustic Fall Elements


Fall is in full swing! Which means switching from summer barbeques to gatherings around the table for some spiced apple cider and a taste of Autumn harvest. When I think of Autumn, I immediately gravitate towards rustic elements with an organic touch. I love creating a table scape with items of form and function, as well as items that easily transition into the next season. Here are some ideas:

1. Neutral colored pumpkins translate the aesthetic of fall without being “too” focused on Halloween.

2. Leafy herbs are aromatic and make for beautiful centerpieces that never go to waste. The beauty of such tasty and organic centerpieces not only bring life to a table, but also brings flavor to our plates. I like it when decor can later end up potted in a garden versus stashed in my storage closet.

3. Wooden blocks add a great rustic element and can be used for anything, from staging a beautiful cheese plate to being used as a cutting board. Lastly, re-cycling wine bottles into candle holders creates an intimate ambiance while bringing out the beautiful, rich colors of fall.

So whether you’re gathering ideas for a pumpkin carving party or a Thanksgiving dinner, consider the rustic elements of what we love so much about this time of year.

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Image sources: Top/pumpkins/herbs/wood/wine bottles



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Accessory Cues | Color by Amber

In interior design, inspiration is truly everywhere. sometimes the hard part is zoning in which inspiration will direct you to a home or space that truly reflects you. One cue that I tell my clients sometimes is to think about what they like in their accessories, fashion accessories that is.  Are they all about jewel tones and geometric patterns? Me? I’m all about curves in big pieces of furniture and totally in love with the Lexi Headboard from My Chic Nest  {above} but the hues and lines is such a nice complement to these Angles jewelry collection at Color by Amber. 

And let’s talk about facets a bit, there’s faceted studs {how cute are these studs below and the bow & arrow necklaces!} calls for something softer, something plush, like a velvet connection. Ahhh, the Bella sofa is just divine!


How adorable are these jewelry pieces? So, I know I rarely talk about fashion here but I recently got introduced to this jewelry line, Color by Amber. With design forward styles and an ethos that’s all about sustainability, I am hooked! I have the honeycomb gold cuff, swoon!

So, a few notes for this Monday, check out Color by Amber and get interior design inspiration from the outfits you wear.

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Photo Shoot Outtakes

Oh , hello blog! Whew, it has been a while since I regularly posted. I’ve been out for three weeks, two weeks for work & one week for a little R & R at the beach. So, it’s been work, work, work then play for me this Summer. How about you?

There’s something about my present routine that’s making me rethink how I should go about achieving my goals. Must be the new books I’m reading, or the countless long drives or that in a couple of months; another year will be added to my life…this one is a milestone! Anywho, sorry for boring you a bit; just thinking aloud. For today, I thought of showing some outtakes from one of the photo shoots I did last year. No, they’re not goofy but just looking at them makes me think of how I love doing shoots, styling and productions. And that even something as simple as a photo shoot can give you insight and ideas and thoughts to ponder about.

rustic photo shoot

Details matter. {The reason why I hoard vintage and non-vintage stuff … props styling is definitely one of my passions!}

rustic photo shoot

Planning ahead is important but the finished project changes and flows as it goes.

rustic photo shoot

And yes, it does take a lot of concentration and focus. {Allen Otto on video}

rustic photo shoot

You have to surround yourself with great people. Here, a great photographer {Jenny Fu} is crucial as well as an amazing wardrobe stylist {Rose Tran} & make-up artist {Laura Martinez}.

rustic photo shoot

behind the scenes

 It takes a village to get it all together.

rustic photo shoot

And some things, sometimes don’t go the way you want them to go. {The crystal beads were falling off like crazy in this lamp and it just won’t stand right!}

behind the scenes

Thankfully, I have an amazing set of extra hands. Help and support is always out there, sometime you have to look for it fervently and sometimes, it’s right there staring you in the face. {Do you see Rachel’s hand holding the lamp still?}

There sure are things to learn in the little {and big} things we do; a little bit of reflection and introspection can do so much to keep us focused and just enjoy the journey. Happy Monday everyone!

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Handmade for HGTV | Gatsby Tray

Woop! Woop! It’s Friday everyone, although every day should be a fun day, Friday and the weekends seem to signal more excitement, no? Here’s another installment of our Handmade for HGTV series. I know, I know, for some of you, the sound of  crafting doesn’t sound sophisticated or the sound of DIY makes you cringe. But, mind you there’s been several studies that crafting and doing DIY’s exercise our brain, makes our creativity flourish and eventually helps us deal with the stressors of everyday life. Call me preachy Priscilla at this moment, ha! Totally kidding.

Our next installment is about making a Gatsby-inspired vanity tray. After all, shouldn’t your boudoir be a little more glam? Then Art Deco is the way to go? It’s all in the details. Here are your materials:

art deco tray DIY

gatsby tray DIY

Click here for the step-by-step how-to at HGTV. The stencil is available here.

P.S. If your work looks imperfect, don’t worry. Imperfectly perfect is beautiful!

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Target Shopping | Fourth of July Tablescape

Tablescaping aka decorating the table for a fete or event is so easy for Patriotic holidays. Just throw in the regal colors of red, white and blue and you’re all set. One thing to think about, do not go overboard! A few flags is all fine and dandy, throw in a few medallions even. But keep it simple, maximalism is not needed here. I had so much surfing Target‘s website recently and got together a few selections for a Fourth of July celebration for you:

fourth-of-july tablescape

1. Corelle Dinnerware in Cafe Blue

2. Corelle Dinnerware in Cafe Red

3. Threshold Stoneware Pitcher

4. Acrylic tumbler airbrushed in blue

A few coastal accents won’t hurt too! I can’t believe Independence Day 2013 is upon us. Whatever your plans are…Enjoy!

Bike Image via

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Handmade for HGTV | Chic Bath Caddy

Happy Friday everybody! We’re counting down the last days of the month of June. This weekend, why not make this bath caddy that’s a bit rustic and a bit shabby chic. My third installment for Handmade for HGTV is this bath caddy. With decorating, organization is everything! And yes, even {or especially} in the bathroom. Store your bath and body essentials or toiletries for overnight guests perhaps in this oh-so-cute caddy. Click here to see the how-to at HGTV. Here’s all the materials you’ll need.

shabby chic bath

shabby chic bath

Here’s our other projects at Happy DIY weekend!

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Handmade for HGTV | Fabric Scrap Cafe Curtains

For the second installment of my contributions {see my first one here} , my task was to make a window covering from fabric scraps. As always, the most important thing with these handmade items is they have to be easy. I totally would say this would be in the very, very, very easy button.

Follow the jump here to see the whole tutorial. Thank you to my wonderful assistant, Rachel for helping me out and snapping the pics.

fabric scrap curtain

Thanks all for checking it out, there’s more to come.

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Handmade for HGTV | Constellation Tray

Hello friends! I’m so excited to tell you that I am now a contributor at Just like most design enthusiasts, HGTV has always been a source of inspiration and information to me. I do believe that this channel single-handedly turned a lot of us into DIY’ers. We all became more in love with our homes and spaces and learned how to stay in love with it with home improvement, renovation, craft and remodeling projects … of which our main teacher is HGTV. Today the channel of course has it’s website and I couldn’t be more thrilled about their magazine.  I’m making small contributions to their Craft & Decorating category.

I gotta tell you, these projects are super easy and comes in very simple steps. Decorating and crafts shouldn’t be hard or complicated at all, right? Here is my first one, click on this link for the how-to’s for this Constellation tray. Thank you to this amazing gal for snapping the pics and for the Zodiac templates. My friends are amazing! I hope you check out my other projects soon!

personalized constellation tray

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Flowers for Carrie

So as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’ve slowly been making the transition to being a “girlier” girl, both in style and in decor.  A key step in doing this? Watching all of Sex & The City in one fell swoop.  I’m a million years late but I just can’t help but extoll the virtues of that show, mostly for it’s great representation of strong female friendships.  So to commemorate my love for the show, I did what any true fan would do…made a shrine to Carrie Bradshaw of course!


{excuse the crummy iPhone image, my Canon was left at work!}

Now, understandably, you may not want to pay tribute to SJP’s image before leaving your house each morning – we can’t all be as dedicate as myself – but you may enjoy creating a little flower frame of your own.  It’s incredibly simple and boasts major impact on overall girly vibe of a room.

1)  Gather your supplies.


{just a simple frame and fake roses from Hobby Lobby, in hot pink of course!}

2) Pull your roses {or flowers of your choice} off their fake stems and hot glue them to to frame


3) Let cool, chose your picture and enjoy!


See? Told ya it’d be easy 😉

x Rachel

5 Blue and Yellow Centerpiece Ideas for Memorial Day

Happy Memorial weekend everyone! The 3-day weekend officially starts today. What are your plans? Today, I’m helping & attending a Singles Soiree {we have a matchmaker attending!}, tomorrow is my class on Color {Theories & Choices} at Treehouse {please come #Austin, RSVP here} and Sunday, I’m throwing a going away party for my amazing friend Charmie {I am sad yet excited & happy for her…creative people follow their own path! She is going on a sabbatical in Thailand.

Memorial Day is about celebrating the fallen hereos of the United States Army…from the Marines, Navy, Air Forces, Army & Coast Guard. Colors of these entities are predominantly yellow and blue {well, except for the Army}. Here are some ideas on how to set the table in yellow and blue for this important holiday. 5 Yellow and Blue centerpiece ideas:

1. Blue runners, yellow bandanas with lemons & sunflowers to match.

blue and yellow centerpiece

2. A Mason Jar with yellow fruit & flora and a simple striped blue ribbon.

blue and yellow centerpiece

3. Glass containers with blue beads and yellow and blue flowers.

blue and yellow centerpiece

4. Blue wine bottles in clusters, again with vibrant yellow flowers.

blue and yellow centerpiece

5. Something sweet in yellow and blue in white pedestals {think gorgeous cakes, cupcakes & even French macaroons!}

No worries, here’s an idea for the Army: green succulents in wooden boxes like these will be gorgeous!

Images: 1. House Beautiful 2. Becky Young Photography 3. Style Me Pretty 4. The Sweetest Occasion 5.The Joyful Weddings & Events

Have fun everyone!

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