Simply Beautiful Easter Eggs


Easter weekend is upon us everyone! I wish all of you a wonderful one. We have family visiting over the weekend, then I’m out for a week on business. The week has been somewhat different… I got into a minor fender-bender {my car was the one hit}, I am ok, yet incidents like this can still be stressful. The weekend ahead will be amazing though,  I’m sure!

On another note, how gorgeous are these Easter eggs, sometimes {or a lot of times}, simple is better.

Have a great one, everyone!


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Instant Decor | Flowering Branches

Cherry Blossom Branches

We have family coming over this weekend…talk about Spring cleaning fast! I’ve got a few things to grab for the house.To add a festive spirit for this Easter weekend, I’m on the hunt for the perfect flowering branches. I think they are just so gorgeous and a good fit with any kind of vase {the simpler, the better}.

Now, I can’t decide which one to get….

Quince Branches

Forsythia Branches

Apricot Branches, perhaps?

Or Plum Branches?

Of course, I’m not even sure if any of these are in Season. Wish me luck on the hunt!

Images: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

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Pastries and Opera

I was a little bummed when I visited Laduree in NYC last week. I love, love French Macaroons so much and their store in New York is just too small to showcase the decadence of this historical pastry shop. I think there’s news that a bigger one will be in SOHO soon. Soon was just never soon enough though. *Sigh*

Anyway, since Easter is coming…I’ve been dreaming of pastries more and more. Well, this is not true, I dream of pastries all the time…the prettier the better {Tip: Financiers Patisserie at  Grand Central Terminal was sooo good!}. I remember when my friend Jessica sent me a link to this pastry shop in Toronto, Cake Opera Company. The cakes and confections are truly magnificent. Here’s their work… do not say I didn’t warn you, there will just be too much eye candy here. french-macaroon-towers

gold-and-pink-cake pink-and-silver-cake

teacup-pastry dessert-operetta


It’s a tragedy when a cake or confection is not this gorgeous, don’t you think? And if they serve these at the Opera, I might just go!

All images by Cake Opera Co.

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3 Step DIY: Orangina Vase

I’m a big fan of easy and fast DIY’s. So, the DIY above includes 3 easy steps and not only that, you only need 3 things. I know Sweet Paul would approve!

Since Spring parties are just around the corner, you would want tons of vases as containers for those gorgeous Spring blooms. Orangina {my husband buys tons of this carbonated Orange juice} bottles, a can of spray paint plus some washi tape is all you need. I made 8 of them for this Spring-inspired, Modern Antebellum soiree photo shoot published in Bliss Bridal Magazine. I decided to go mint + gold but pinks, yellows, peaches & taupes would be just as lovely!


Just the beauty of a single white ranunculus is enough!


What DIY’s do you have up your sleeve for Spring parties?

Images: Nicole Ryan Photo

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Archipelago Candles | Enjoy the Burn

So, aside from book, frames and mirrors…I do have an obsession with candles. They are so amazing with design and decorating. Last week, I shared some tips on coffee table decorating on the 5 Must Haves. One of them is a candle. I follow my own ideas and want to show you how you can get a gorgeous tray for a coffee table together in a snap!

A sleek tray {West Elm}, personal books, a sculptural element {Dwell Studio}, a gorgeous dish {Canvas} and of course, a fabulous candle. This one is from Archipelago from their Signature Soy collection. I only seem to lean towards Soy Candles nowadays. They burn smoothly without emitting toxins in the air. Just one less thing to worry about that can trigger my allergies. I did get snap happy taking pictures of the candle…wish you can smell it from this photos. I’m burning Agave Sage right now.



Still burning….here it is making a cameo at my office desk at night. The box it came with is gorgeous too! It’s for keeps and I will recycle and repurpose it as a desk accessory/container of some sort.



Help! I’m so hooked that I may have to try their other candle line. How glamorous is the Black Forest Collection or the Maison Luxe? Loft for the contemporary masculine in you or Global Bazaar for your bohemian vibe!

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Red Carpet Inspired Interiors

You may have seen some of our Editorial to Interiors posts, but today I’m doing a one off and just taking inspiration from the red carpet.  I was dying over some of Vogue’s 10 Best Dressed looks for this week and thought, why not see if we can find some rooms that embody the essence of these elegant looks.

1.  Emily Blunt in Romantic Peach

Here’s Emily in her gorgeous gown…


And the room it inspires…


2. Marion Cotillard and Rich Deep Purple


3. Jennifer Lawrence and Brooding Burgundy


4. Helen Mirren and Glamorous Gold and Black


5. Naomi Watts and Blue Elegance


And there you have it, my take on these fashions’ transition from clothing to decor.  Let me know which is your favorite, or if you have a different take on these fashions…my personal favorite is Jennifer Lawrence’s dress and room pairing, but I am biased towards all manor of wine-inspired colors.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Happy New Year!


I wish all of you an amazing night as tonight we’ll ring in the New Year. I still get nostalgic whenever a New Year is here. Do you reflect back on the year that just flew by and ponder about the year ahead? I do! I also still make resolutions or rather goals that carves out my year {usually}, with snags every now and then of course! Oh, I don’t want to get serious here. For today, just have fun, enjoy, greet the New Year with lots of spark!




1 | 2 | 3

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5 Fruit-Infused Cocktails for New Year’s Eve

1. Cranberry-Lemongrass Martini: Tart with Zing!


2. Sparkling Pear & Cranberry Cocktail: Fizzy & Sweet


3. Blood orange Punch: Antioxidant galore!


4. Orange Cherry Champagne Cocktail: Sweetly Festive


5. Pomegranate Margarita: The Red Margarita

So, the weekend is upon us again. The hustle and bustle may have died down but it’s still the holiday season. New Year is just around the corner, are you ready? I decided to list 5 Fruit-Infused Cocktails for New Year’s Eve. I know we feel bad enough to booze it up more than usual during the holidays {I’m not speaking for myself only, correct?} but if the drinks have lots of fruit in them, it negates the bad effects of liquor correct? Just click on the link for the recipes.

And I don’t know about you but I’m always confused as to which glass to use when serving drinks. I found this little cheat sheet.




Have fun preparing for your New Year’s Eve festivities!

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Christmas Eve thoughts

So, yes, I still cannot believe that today is Christmas Eve. I have all of my shopping and wrapping done [yay for online shopping!]. The streets have been extremely busy here in Austin since the Trail of Lights is ongoing again after a two-year hiatus. I have been avoiding to be out there and be stuck in traffic. Today is going to be laid back and just reflecting on what this Season is all about. Besides the chaos, festive decorating, soirees and gift-giving… me it’s about love, togetherness and *his* birth. We are all truly blessed!



holidayrooms2-lgn-54572205 blue-and-white-christmas-tree-decoration


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

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Holiday Decorating at the Stevens

I’m not very big on holiday decorating and avoid to get kitschy at all cost. I am a bit late {the tree was up, oh about two days ago} and still catching with my To-Do list after our Barcelona holiday. This year, we decided to put a few things that signal the *holidays* in and around the house. We didn’t buy anything new, just things we already have, well except for the fresh tree of course and sooo happy that we actually have a winter berry tree in the yard. You can never go wrong with the beauty of nature, I think. So, here’s a few things we have up…

christmas at the stevens

christmas tree

Happy Friday everyone! Tomorrow is going to be busy with last-minute shopping. Do check out the shop for some lovely finds and remember not to have holiday road rage 🙂

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