A Peek at our Thanksgiving Table

It’s been a week since Thanksgiving. I didn’t overdose on Turkey and all the trimmings this time as we went pretty low key. I wasn’t going to decorate the table but later decided I should. I thought making it look festive will give the feel of the holidays!

I decoupaged our table the week before {it was looking pretty shabby…it’s probably 10 years old} with this marbled paper. Plates and silverware are vintage from The Vintage Laundry, votive holders from the shop, this festive branch that gets used over and over again and the Venetian coasters are from the Philippines from my trip last year and winter berries from the trees in the yard.

Did you decorate your Thanksgiving table this year? I wanna see….

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The Holiday Table with French Linen

1. French Linen Plates at The Inglenook Decor

2.Cranberry Floral Placemats at Sur La Table

3. French Linen Mugs

4. Striped Red Flatware via Delish

5. French Linen Tray

6. Santa’s Coasters at Mr. Boddington

7. Pepperberry Wreath at Sur La Table

When I think of the holidays including Christmas, traditional hues always comes to mind. They are of course the joyous colors of reds and greens. The colors of poinsettia blooms and hollies, pine trees and peppermints. I love, love this French Linen collection in a red hue…reminds me of red ticking and red toile. I’m thinking a holiday table with the round-up above will just be the right amount of classic and traditional with a twist. What do you think? How are you decorating your Christmas table this year?

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Ireland in Montesino

So, I must say the title sounds like a book or a travel blog, don’t you think? Me and a few creative friends got together for a photo shoot at a farm about an hour away from Austin. The drive to Wimberley, Texas was heavenly and the location serene. Our model have the longest legs ever and I’m always honored to work with such amazing people. Cristina, the wardrobe stylist extraordinaire for Austin Monthly [among other publications] and Wynn, who recently shot “The Makers” Project for Tribeza Magazine.

Here’s a few behind the scenes…

The beautiful skyline at Montesino Farms.

Our gorgeous model, Ireland with our other prop, Max, the dog.

Prepping the props for the shoot.

Here’s a peek at the gorgeous photos….


Photographer: Wynn Myers

Wardrobe Stylist: Cristina Facundo

Make-Up & Hair: Makenzie Mahan

Model: Ireland for Wallflower Management

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5 Unique Thanksgiving Tables

1. A white canvas with splashes of plum/mulberry/oxblood and antiqued silver candle holders [via Cooking Channel TV]

Hello friends! I still can’t believe it is Thanksgiving tomorrow…Can you believe it? Some of you may be quite the hostess and have the big meal all planned out {gosh, the cooking probably already started!}, there’s a scent of Fall in the air in your home and yes, your Thanksgiving tablescape is ready to go. Whatever plans you have, I’m sure it will be gorgeous! I’ve never made a Thanksgiving tablescape before, partly because we have a small family and mostly, because I don’t cook {a serious tragedy}. Maybe next year somebody can cook and I’ll decorate the table? Oh, I’ll do the eating too! Well, even though I won’t decorate the table this year, I’m taking cues from these non-traditional, unique Thanksgiving tables.

2. Modern and bold colors of hot pink and blues with an eclectic mix of patterns [via Furbish Studio]

3. Golden Giving Table [via Confetti Pop]

4. Sleek and modern with lucite, chrome and yes, gold branches! [via TYID.tv]

5. A bold pattern, bayberry leaves, gold mirror and an antler makes a statement! [via Modern House]

So, I’m guessing you have to go back to cooking or just preparing for guests to come. Have an amazing day, an amazing night…tomorrow is Thanksgiving!

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5 Thanksgiving Ideas by Sweet Paul

I am incredibly smitten with this guy, Paul. He is Norwegian with a flair for cooking, crafting and decorating. And yes, even though I haven’t met him yet [someday, someday the stars will align for us to meet]. He is a styling maven with press work that’s too many to mention. I say he is a genius! If Martha Stewart have craft & DIY how-tos that takes about 10-20 steps, well his is 1-2. In 2009, the online mag Sweet Paul was launched and in Spring 2012, the first print edition was issued. I’m very excited as Anthro [one of the locations where you can find it] is only two blocks away.

Today, let’s peruse at some of his Thanksgiving ideas….

  • Just a few bottles, colorful twigs & pumpkin.\ Just a few bottles, colorful twigs & pumpkin.\
  • A Pumpkin Diorama, just carve and make your Thanksgiving scene A Pumpkin Diorama, just carve and make your Thanksgiving scene
  • A yarn vase A yarn vase
  • Decoupaged Pumpkin Decoupaged Pumpkin
  • The old sweater [or old sock for that matter] vase The old sweater [or old sock for that matter] vase
  • And the guy chasing the sweet things in life...Sweet Paul And the guy chasing the sweet things in life...Sweet Paul
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Halloween Is For The Birds

By now you’ve probably caught the gist of our enthusiasm for shabby chic or urban cottagedecor. But we can get festive too!  While visiting the lovely Mrs. Stevens’ new abode, I snapped a few shots of her Hitchcock-inspired Halloween vignette.  It’s a lovely mix of spooky and chic, don’t you agree?

The overall layout of things…branches filled with ravens circled by never-blinking owl statues, and naturally, lots and lots of black.
They’re watching you…in a creepy, but kinda cute way.
Somewhere out there, Hitchcock is smiling.
 Is it just me or the ravens seem to come more alive at dusk?
Just a quick peek into some of our personal decor choices, let us know how your seasonal decor is shaping up!
Have a creepy crawly lovely Monday 🙂

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The Great Gatsby | Table Round-Up

I just can’t wait until the opening of The Great Gatsby movie. Have you seen the previews? The wardrobe, to die for; the decor & props, stunning! Glamorous hues, art deco lines in a background that’s all about glitter, shimmer and shine…yes, all in one era. Here’s a table setting inspiration for all of you modern glamour fans out there. From slick napkin rings to faceted decanters, dinnerware with geometric inklings & more than gorgeous highballs. Enjoy!

What do you think? Swoon, right? P.S. Those napkin rings are in my Christmas wish list!Visit my shop at http://www.theinglenookdecor.com

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Macabre Halloween

So I know I might be an odd one out for my love of anatomical drawings as house decor…probably a little too Jack the Ripper for most haha.  But when Halloween roles around, the normal world and the weird world collide and for just a moment I have the most awesome seasonal decor around!  Just dreaming up ways to incorporate new additions to the weird collection into this holiday’s style…

phrenology heads hold great possibilities…
or maybe you’re looking for the perfect chair to read some Edgar Allan Poe in?
Maybe you just want a couch that really stands out from all those boring white sofas…
“Bone” Appetit 😉
Forget mace, go old fashioned.
Did I lose ya? A little too creepy maybe, but I LOVE Halloween and can’t help but get a little too into the spirit.  I promise I won’t make a post on the many variations of my zombie Toddlers & Tiaras costume I’m considering!
Have a wonderful Thursday, free of all creepies and crawlies 🙂

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The Allure of Statement Art

Recently I’ve been testing my hand at doing a bit of painting.  Now, I’m no Michelangelo, to be sure, but I think I do decently well at creating some fun pieces to hang around my home.  However I’ve always been jealous of those skilled at creating a big beautiful statement piece of art, mostly because it has an incredible ability to pull a design scheme together.

Without this colorful painting, this room would feel slightly too stark.
This piece helps to create continuity between the neutral palette and the bright accent color.
These bright pieces are some of my favorites because, for looking so simple, the give the room a great amount of personality.
This kitchen space is expertly curated, with the art adding to the whimsy and modern aesthetic.
And this incredibly unique work of art makes all the other unique accents in this room really work.
So how about it?  What are your feelings on large statement art?  Are you a fan or more of a “wall of small framed art” kinda gal?  Let us know!  And don’t forget to have a fabulous Tuesday 🙂

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Stock the Bar

The house is still in a total disarray, at least to me. I’m pretty sure you and me have so much in common. Have you ever looked at your space and see it in it’s full glory yet the tangible stuff is not really there yet? I’m not talking about daydreaming but a completed project that’s all just in my mind.Anyway, I would really love to have the “Le Bar” all stocked and decorated. A gorgeous bar cart, decanters, carafes and chic trays is all I need. Well, the liquor…. we already have that covered.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7
For now, we have the “stock” stowed away in the cupboard. At least once a week, we have our little wine and cheese soiree… just us!

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