A New Use for Egg Cups

I know it’s never too early to think about Spring, Easter and yes…eggs! In this case egg cups for that matter. I saw some wooden ones at Vintage Laundry {help! I visit this place at least once a week & I always go home with adorable goodies!} and instantly I thought…succulents!So, a trip to Tree House {Austin-based Home Improvement store that’s all about green home making — the shop is amazing & you must visit it soon!} was inevitable & I came home with these mini-succulents.

Prepared the wooden egg cups…oh, like took them out of the bag.
Took the succulents out from their plastic container.
Lovingly tucked them in the egg cups.
And voila! A wonderful display at the bar counter to make me happy when I’m washing dishes. I’m thinking they can be place cards as well, wedding favors? Oh…the possibilities!

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Wild for Wildflowers

I’ve always imagined of owning a prairie ….oh, maybe somewhere in the South of France. Wildflowers & berries will be all around fresh for the picking in the morning. I’ll put them in my French Country basket {which of course hangs daintily on my vintage bike} and off I go back to my little cottage putting the wildflowers in lovely vases and I’ll make jam with the berries later.Ahhhh, oh well! I suddenly thought of wildflowers for an upcoming event for SXSW, this is Texas and people loves rustic. So, when I was picking the variety of wildflowers {there’s lots of them}, I found this inspiration:

And makes me wanna buy these vintage botanical prints from this shop.

So, I went with the following: Acacia, Heather, Pink Wax flower, White Asters, Billy Bulb yellows & White Lepto. So, they won’t be coming from my prairie & I won’t be cutting them myself but I’m sure they will still be as lovely on a wonderful Spring Texas Day.

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Valentine’s Day Sparkle

I hope your Valentine’s Day is off to a good start so far! Not sure what your plans are for tonight, whatever it is…don’t forget to savor the moment, have fun and it may not hurt to have some sparkle & shine.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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Spring & A Picnic | Photo Snippets

So, you know, we Texans are so used to a 60 or 70 degree weather in the Winter, so 30’s & 40’s is tremendously cold for us. At least for me…must be genetic, or it maybe because I grew up in a tropical setting. I must shake off this fear of cold!Anyway, here’s a few snippets of the photo shoot we did in this gorgeous home & surrounding gardens for Nside Austin magazine. Of course caught in Instagram. I was too shy to use my Nikon DSLR while the actual professionals are using their, ultra high tech Canons.

Silverware & gorgeous turquoise glasses via The Vintage Laundry. Bird plates via the shop of course and don’t you just adore my Venetian glass coasters?
Books, vintage basket, doilies & wildflowers via Mi Casa & Mi storage!
The Picnic was just a teeny tiny bit of the gorgeous photo shoot spread…just wait til you see the adorable models!

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Sweeten Up!

It’s time to sweeten up, well, because next week is Valentine’s Day! Amidst a crazy, busy January, me & Jocelyn of Sugaplump Pastries got together to plan this shoot for her sweet menu this month of February. I tell you, these sweet stuff are killers…pink champagne?! I am totally in love with the color palette & yes, the taste is to die for!

 Photos courtesy of Dream Pixel
See those awesome rosettes up close here. I’m dreaming of a luscious cake ball just about now! Are you?

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Austin Monthly | Bridal Bash

A Photo Shoot at Barr Mansion: 1. Gorgeous details on this wedding dress by Linda Asaf2. Groom’s Suit by Dandy’s 3. Gorgeous Invitations by Posh Posh Designs 4. Get  pretty by Salon O Day Spa  5. Amazing floral arrangements by Bouquets of Austin Photos by: Songbird Weddings

I blame all the swoon worthy websites dedicated to weddings like Style Me Pretty & 1000 Layer Cake, mags like Martha Stewart Weddings {yes, I adore her!} and meeting amazing planners like my friend Carmela of InStyle Weddings & Destinations, but I am all over looking at wedding stuff & pinning them like crazy on my Pinterest! I kinda wanna renew my vows every year a’ la Heidi Klum & Seal, tsk, tsk, too bad they didn’t work out.

I got married just a little more than a year ago & I must say, although I thought I was pretty organized, there was still a bit of frenzy & chaos surrounding the details of the wedding. Well, lucky for you new brides of Austin & beyond, Austin Monthly is holding their very first bridal bash.

So, here’s the scoop!

WHEN: Feb. 19th
WHERE: At the AT & T Center
WHAT: Meet & learn more about Austin’s upscale & well-known vendors , a former Miss America is hosting, live music by Curtis Grime from the show The Voice & my favorite, a bridal Bling Lounge by Kendra Scott. Ok, I can’t believe it but they didn’t forget about the men, there is a Cufflink Lounge.
WIN: well, lots of prizes…so all brides out there {and non-brides as well I guess, like me who is just wedding crazy}, get your tix here.

This was us pre-wedding, ahhh, I wish I can go back to the planning again {I know, sounds crazy right?} For now, I’ll just live vicariously through all of you new brides. See you at the bash!

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Rouge / Rojo / Red

1. Red Shoes Amidst Black Geometric Patterns 2. Pinks, Reds & Champagne 3. Audrey’s Red Lips 4. Chanel Laptop bag 5. Little Red Riding Hood Goes Couture | Valentino 6. Red Fete 7. Red Door 8. Red chandelier + Red Sofa 9. A sweet & romantic cupcake
Hmm, it was a bit hard for me to think of a title for this post, but with February aka Valentine month just a day away {remember romance? hearts? roses?}, I can’t help but pay homage to the quintessential color of love, Red. I must admit, I haven’t always been a big fan. In fact, in high school, somebody told me I didn’t look good in red that I banished the color from my life for a while. Well, I was 13 or 14 & impressionable so don’t judge me 🙂
It may not be my favorite color but I agree that the hue is stunning, gorgeous and alluring. Hints of the color in your space will most definitely imbue the bold side of you. So in the month of February, let’s celebrate Red, well, simply because she is ravishing!

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It’s An Urban Cottage Because…

It combines natural, rustic materials with modern lines and colors.

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Rococo Tea Party Snippets

I think I’m getting used to photo shoots with inanimate objects…like decor, pies, cupcakes, tableware, etc. Props styling is really super fun! But last Sunday, I had the most fun working with a whole team of fashion stylists, videographer, photographers {not one but two}, make up & hair stylists & yes, models! We did the set styling for Diya Liu’s Rococo Tea Party at Mayfield Park here in Austin. She is the amazing gal behind the blog, In Her Stilletos and who by the way won the Marie Claire Front Row College challenge. Woot! Way to go Diya!We’re releasing the “real” pictures soon. In the meantime, here are some snippets….

After the shoot, I seriously thought every gal should have a tufted gold ottoman!
And a turquoise chaise for that matter.A teacup set is a must!

And pale pink roses properly fluffed should be everywhere! Here’s Rachel making the petals camera-ready. She, by the way makes the most awesome paper crepe rosettes. See them here.

I hope you enjoyed this little behind-the-scenes first look of this photo shoot project! And by the way, these vintage shops rock! Thank you so much The Vintage Laundry & Gypsies Antiques.

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SugaPlump Photo Shoot Snippets

We’ve been working on some amazing and fun photo shoots lately, and today I wanted to give you just a few quick pictures of the SugaPlump Valentine’s Day shoot.

Jocelyn Harris-Leffall is the fabulous owner of SugaPlump Catering and Pastries, and let me tell you from personal experience, her stuff is DELICIOUS.  Seriously, whether you have a midnight craving for something sweet and delicious or are planning an extravagant event and need the cake to be just right, she’s the one to call.

If you’re wondering just what a pink champagne cupcake tastes like, the answer is heaven.
And this is just a bit of the decor we made for the shoot.  I actually handmade a good number of those rosettes, but tragically they don’t work too well as a garland 🙁
Just a little bit of vintage love and desserts to brighten up your Thursday!

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