It’s An Urban Cottage Because…

It features a romantic color palette and accents with modern, minimalist furniture.

Ok, I might be cheating here just for today since this is more of our InStyle Weddings project…but I just LOVE this picture! And I think it works for an urban cottage right? ¬†Except you might not want to put branches somewhere you’re planning to sit, haha ūüôā

so much love, Rachel

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InStyle Weddings Event Prep

Remember those exciting things I mentioned yesterday? ¬†Well here’s a little peek at some of the decor prep I’ve done for our InStyle Weddings event!

We started with some awesome white branches. ¬†Beautiful, but not quite as opulent as we would want so naturally….

WE GILDED THEM! ¬†Just a quick coat of metallic gold spray paint, which I will now refer to as “chic in a can,” and you’re event ready!

The lamp shades got gilded as well, and with the addition of a few paper pom poms (made with the help of Maureen’s tutorial)…

Viola! ¬†Even though I’m not 100% done yet, I LOVE¬†it!! A few more pom poms and some extra pink chevrons on the vase and we’ll be good to go. ¬†I’ll update you later today with some pictures from the event.

Let us know what you think, we love to hear from you! ¬†ūüôā Rachel

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P is for Pies | Styling Project

Ok, who doesn’t love pies? Buttermilk is my current fave because it’s so Southern & yea…so easy to make! So, about a month ago, I did some pie styling for a photo shoot for Time Warner Cable Media & Clicked In campaign and here are the yummy photos.

Too bad one of my resolutions is to cut my sweet tooth in half…ouch! But hey, looking doesn’t hurt a thing!

Thanks to these people for a wonderful project: Chris Brock Photography & Jette Momant PR & Events. And of course a little plug, styling needs? E-mail me here.

Here’s to a stylish & scrumptious 2012!

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Twilight Wedding Love

I know, I know, I know. ¬†As soon as you read the word “Twilight” you thought “I am outta here!” But give this post a chance. ¬†I’ll be the first to admit I am not entirely on board the Twilight Bandwagon. ¬†The movies are entertaining, but the writing in the books is mediocre at best and Kristen Stewart is just so painfully awkward. ¬†When I went to see the latest installment, Breaking Dawn, with a girlfriend of mine, I was completely blown away by the wedding decor in the movie. ¬†It was beautiful, breathtaking, and a fairytale outdoor wedding dream.

The images I’ve found on the web so far do it no justice, it is beyond gorgeous in the movie. ¬†The dress, in my opinion, lacked a little. ¬†Just something about the way the front draped wasn’t to my liking, but the back was beautiful without a doubt.

It also didn’t hurt that all the wedding guests dressed in a coordinating palette…hmmmm, good call Twilight. ¬†I’m going to include a color palette in my future wedding invitations, so family members, you’ve been forewarned!
Design by Tammy Polatsek | Carmona NY

All in all, say what you will about the Twilight series, but this wedding is untouchable in my mind. ¬†Now if I can only figure out how to get the movie set designers to style my future wedding…

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Repurposing Christmas Decor

So Christmas has come and gone, and now you’re left looking at all those holiday items you bought to decorate your home with and wishing they could hang around just a little longer. ¬†Well, before you put them up in your attic to wait for next year’s holiday season, take a second to see if you can incorporate them into your every day decor.Most of the reason certain items feel “Christmasy” or “Holiday Only” is the way we pair them. ¬†Think about it, that wonderful sparkly vase you bought to create a Christmas centerpiece , it’s probably fine to use for a good chunk of the winter season. ¬†Simply switching out the Christmas ornaments you have piled in it for some stones or flowers changes it from Holiday¬†to Any Day.

Silver and gold home accessories look great for winter decor, so as long as they aren’t directly Christmas themed, it’s fine to keep them up for a few more months.
Incorporating reds and greens is slightly more difficult because the mind tends to associate these colors with Christmas. ¬†However, as long as they aren’t paired together and an editing eye is brought to the amount of the color in the room, they can look great as accent colors for winter decor.

But by far the easiest decor to transition from holiday to winter is BRANCHES!  These beautiful (and often free!) pieces of decor can be dressed up or down to fit a season or holiday as needed.  Simply add ornaments for Christmas and take them off for winter.

Holiday branches on the left transformed to winter (or even spring) branches on the right
The common element in all these transformations is simplicity. ¬†Buy pieces that allude to a holiday them but aren’t directly holiday patterned or associated. ¬†Then buy little things that you can add and remove to fit the season. ¬†Let us know if you have any great winter decor transformations in mind!
See you soon ūüôā Rachel

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Christmas Card Envy

I FINALLY¬†got my Christmas cards written and stamped and in the mail today! Woo hoo! But isn’t it always true that as soon as you finish something or pick something, you find one you like better? ¬†Such is the story with my Christmas cards. ¬†Maybe I should have seen this coming since I picked a cat in a Christmas hat, because that definitely does not scream stylish (but hey, everyone loves something cute!). ¬†Either way, I have card envy of the beautiful holiday cards I’ve been seeing on blogs and various stationary websites.

Love the lettering on this one! It feels very vintage inspired, which you know we love.
Simple and beautiful, this card would brighten anyone’s Christmas.
Serious Christmas card perfection!  From Paper Craft Style, check them out! They have awesome ideas.
Another fabulous handmade wreath card, this one taking a less traditional route.
This gorgeous card is die cut, giving it texture and depth.

Adorable photo, fantastic font choices and a great layout.  Personalized perfection.


These are just a few beautiful cards that have inspired me to add “Better Card Styling” to my New Year’s Resolutions list! ¬†What do your cards look like? ¬†And would you swap them for any others you’ve seen? Let me know because I am developing a serious obsession with this topic!

See you soon ūüôā Rachel

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The Parol versus The Wreath

Hello lovelies! It’s my 5th day in the Philippines where I’m from and of course just like everywhere else, the hustle & bustle of the season is in full swing. I’m thoroughly enjoying all the food and of course, the parols everywhere. The parol is the Philippine Christmas lantern. Here’s what Wikipedia stated about it:The design of the par√≥l evokes the Star of Bethlehem that guided the Three Kings to the manger. It also symbolizes the victory of light over darkness and the Filipinos’ hope and goodwill during the Christmas season.

They say that the parol is the equivalent of the Christmas tree in other countries. I don’t quite agree with that, I think it’s more of the Christmas wreath that it is equivalent to. For one, they are both hanged on doors and windows , can be lit or unlit and can be made of pretty much anything.

You can go as festive and colorful as you want, big or small, made of paper or capiz {also known as Mother of Pearl}.
Above Row: Christmas Wreaths Bottom Row: Parol
There’s no doubt, I adore Christmas wreaths but the Parol is all about the Filipino heritage. Christmas here in the Philippines just wouldn’t be the same without it!
images via: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

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6 Ideas for the Christmas Dessert Table

The Christmas season is in full gear. Although sadly, eating anything & everything sweet is in full gear as well … it’s the holidays anyway! Parties are in full swing and so are dessert tables. Here are just a few ideas for a scrumptious and gorgeous sweets table:

1. Go Shabby Chic: Vintage trimmings & pastel colors sets a whimsical & romantic scene.

2. Be Traditional: Use classic red and green, sparkly trees, boxwood wreaths & images of berries.
3. Go Glamorous: A neutral palette with silver & white.
4. Go Modern: Minimalist yet festive.

5. Whimsical & Rustic: A perfect mix of Christmas foliage and woodsy themes.

6. In Tiffany Blue & Red: Not an unlikely pair and such a gorgeous treat!
via 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
Ahhh, so many ideas! What are your plans for your dessert table?

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A Soaring Christmas Tree

I know we’ve been posting about how we would love to have an other than red & green Christmas — have pinks maybe? But this traditional Christmas decorating stole our hearts too. It could be that the¬† Christmas tree soars to new heights at 20 feet tall. Or it could also be that the backdrop is too gorgeous to notice — the tiffany blue walls are beautiful!

You can see more of the holiday spread here . It is by the amazing designer Richard Keith Langham. Oh & you’re probably done with Christmas decorating but for gorgeous tableware for a holiday fete, there’s a wonderful selection here.

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Lady Gaga + Mint Color Forecast

Call me crazy for taking Lady Gaga at her word, but as she states in her most recent music video “Marry the Night”: ¬†“I believe mint will be very big in fashion this spring.”

In the video, Gaga’s nurses were mint “berets” tipped sideways because Gaga finds it romantic and on trend.

Now, I’m definitely not one to follow all of Gaga’s fashion advice…you will never see me in a meat dress! ¬†But this is one trend I can get behind. ¬†There’s something so delicate and refreshing about mint greens. ¬†They’re not too overpowering, yet they give any room or object they’re used in instant personality and a hint of femininity and French refinement.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Personally I would kill for that beautiful mint green camera from Urban Outfitters, such an interesting color for a camera!  Of course, I think all this stuff is GORGEOUS! and I really hope that Lady Gaga is right and mint takes off this spring.

What do you think?  Will mint be the color to have for Spring 2012?  Let us know!

See you soon ūüôā Rachel

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