My Vid at YNN’s House Proud

Happy hump day everybody! A month back, I had my first vid at YNN’s House Proud with the adorable Amy Hadley. She by the way is cute as a button and a breath of fresh air. Me on the other hand looks tired and had raccoon eyes. Le sigh. Hmmm, I think I just got back in town the night before and obviously hasn’t slept well. Note to self…rest and have a good night’s sleep before a vid is filmed. How come those news anchors always looks refreshed even at 4 in the morning! Ok…stop talking, critical me 🙂

Here’s the vid. It’s quite quirky and I think you’ll learn a thing or two.

Brass is Back | House Proud from maureen stevens on Vimeo.

Cobwebs are totally part of the wonderful video. So folks, brass is not just your Grandma’s metal anymore. Glamorous is definitely back and brass is the metal of the moment!

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Video | The New Face of Small Business

Hello all! As some of you may know, I also run an online shop, The Inglenook Decor. I can’t believe it’s been three years since it’s launch in Fall 2009. Owning a small business, whether with a physical location or strictly online has been both exhilarating  and challenging, fulfilling and frustrating. This is a short video of me and two other Austin online shop owners, our short story by this gal. Hope you can check it out! To learn more about the current fate of small online shops, you should also check out Emily’s website here. The other lovely online shop owners are Magpie Fields and Oh Fox Vintage.

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Rustic Styling Photo Shoot

Hello everybody! I am super excited to finally get the new website up and running. What do you think? I decided to go really simple and clean, and yes, lots of white! Seriously nothing beats a classic with pops of color, I think. I couldn’t do this without my friend and super web consultant, Andres & his adorable son Matty who plays with acorns just happily and patiently while I go on and on with changes I wanted to make {a girl has to try a hundred things before settling, right?}. And the lovely Kaleigh, graphic designer extraordinaire. She gets me, she just gets me!

Below is a video and glimpses to how I do my styling projects {well, it’s not really as glamorous as it looks}. I would love to look like a fairy and wear cascading dresses at all times of course!

Rustic Styling by from maureen stevens on Vimeo.

I plan to do more videos & amazing collaborations. I hope you connect with me {see social buttons at the sidebar} —- I’m really super-friendly! You can also subscribe via RSS or by inputting your e-mail at the sidebar.

And I am more than grateful for the amazing people below. I am so blessed to know and work with these creatives. I can’t thank you enough! Next week, please come back for some behind the scene photos.








Shot at my friends humble abode, The Plantation…thank you Joanna!

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Yea, I love Urban Cottage Decor {Video Interview}

Posting this week will be {or already is very slim}, I’m out of town the whole week & being my other persona, a Physical Therapist. Anyway, I’m embedding a little interview when I was at a Texas Co-working event. I warn you it’s  a little boring & a little too long. So sorry , I have to post something somewhat narcissistic. It just amazes me how when you’re so enthusiastic about something {like I am with urban cottage decor}, you live & breathe it. I hate talking about the shop all the time & my passion for design & decor but when somebody asks me about it…I can go on & on!

Thanks to Paul of for great questions! It’s a video blog for Austinites & all things Austin,

Paul Terry Walhus is the founder and owner of and he is currently working on several projects, including Texas Coworking and  He hosts about 250 websites including and, as well as,,, and more.

Have you read our decorating tip of the week? Visit our site at

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