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The heat is definitely on in Austin & it’s not even Summer yet! Hot or not, you can find Austinites outdoors enjoying local amazing events or in their backyard or front porch. You can view some gorgeous outdoor spaces this weekend at the Austin Outdoor Living Tour. I caught up with the owner of Austin Outdoor Design, Jose and got to ask him 3 questions about outdoor design.

1. The design of the outdoor space at Grosvener Ct. is both sleek and thoughtfully planned; tell us more about the process and design for this lovely yard.

This backyard is focused on color and light. Cooking and playing are equally important here, with plenty of different sitting areas for people to gather. The concept is open but the spaces are very defined. Defined by change in material and color and purpose. Color-changing LEDs, recessed cans, and lights shining down from trees brighten every corner of this yard, and a fire pit in the recessed conversation area provides warmth and comfort. The playscape is both an area for children to enjoy, and a vibrant piece of art.

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2. Let’s face it, Austinites loves the outdoors, what advise would you give us when planning for our very own outdoor oasis?

What do you enjoy? Cooking? lounging? working out? reading? Living? Entertaining? Your outdoor space has the potential of fusing the best characteristics of your favorite indoor rooms with the your favorite park, patio restaurant or hotel. Seek inspiration from nature, from art, from your mom and your best friend, but in the end make an oasis for you and your lifestyle. When we interview a client we don’t ask questions about what materials they like, rather we ask questions about lifestyle, experiences and fascinations. You want your space to an extension of how you ideally live life.

austin outdoor design

3. With water in such a high time low in the city, we all want drought-tolerant plants, low-maintenance gardens that is beautiful yet showcases sustainable designs as well; can you give us a few ideas on what plants to use?

My best advice when it comes to low water gardens is to look at the side the road. If it grows naturally in central Texas, then it will grow well in your garden. Many people have the misconception that a low water garden has to look like a desert. Definitely not the case. There are many natives that’s lush and colorful and beautiful. You might even consider a wildflower garden.

austin outdoor design

Thanks so, so much Jose! I wouldn’t have thought of that! Greenery/flowers that grows at the side of the road. See their gorgeous design & more at the Austin Outdoor Living Tour this weekend folks! I know you love the outdoors! Meet your local landscape architects and get inspired by nature! Get your tickets here.

Images by this amazing gal, Ryann Ford.

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Tips to Get Ready | Outdoor Living Tour Austin


1. Buy your tickets now. This is really a no-brainer. There’s no such thing as maximum capacity with home & outdoor living tours but if you like saving and you haven’t bought your tickets yet, buy them here. They’re only $15 but the day of, they will be $25.

2. Dress comfortably. That means, cool clothes and probably flip flops [freshly pedicured nails are optional but highly advised]. This is Texas and even though it’s just Spring, we’ve been hitting more than 90’s here. T-shirt & shorts or a dress?

3. Bring some hydration. Hmmm, I already know what you’re thinking. This is such a lame tip list. Almost everything is just common sense. But hey, I forgot to bring enough to the Modern Home Tour. It is super hot, so bring a gallon of water maybe? But you’ll run into the problem of having to pee. Hmmm, I suggest at least 2 bottles.

4. Map it out. If you want to see them all, map your routes carefully and put the homes in sequence. If you’re crunch for time then go to the property list here and circle the ones that are must check out for you. Oh and another thing, if you don’t have tickets yet or your tickets are held at “Will Call,” you must go to one of these homes first to get them.

#1: 2416 University Club Dr.
#7: 2508 Wilson St.
#8: 6502 Grover St.
5. Have an amazing camera on hand. If you’re into viewing other people’s homes and their gardens [which I am and if you’re an HGTVDesign enthusiast, I’m sure you are!]. This is your chance to take pictures without getting reprimanded. Amazing probably calls for a DSLR but if you don’t have one like me [waaaah], then see tip below.
6. Bring a trusty friend or friends. A party of one is lonely but two or more? That’s a party! I still don’t know how many will be in my party but I know, my dear friend, Andrew who happens to be an amazing photographer will be with me. Wee!
7. Bring a pad or a journal. Ok, I do…because I take notes, especially if something catches my eye. An inspiration? An idea?
8. Bring business cards | Get brochures and business cards. It’s not a networking or a business event but it’s a good idea to always be ready. The people that goes to these tours have the same interests as you. The architects & designers of the homes or gardens may be there and you just may need them for your next project.

9. Have fun! Enough said. It’s a Saturday, the sun is out…I hope, it’s a beautiful city with beautiful people and thank this event company for hosting events like these.

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