Spring Trend | Black and White

Up today on the blog is a fellow Austinite…Michelle Pimm. She is a fashion/lifestyle blogger, social media strategist + copywriter all rolled into one stylish and charming gal. Today, she does her take on a Spring trend, a la Fashion meets Decor.


You might have one of spring’s biggest trends waiting for you in your closet. Like right now. I’m serious. Don’t believe me? It’s the black and white trend that was seen on the runways of Alexander Wang and Marc Jacobs, and after past seasons of pretty pastels and bright neons this might be a bit of head scratcher. But there are plenty of pros to this two-toned duo. When black and white hangout, suddenly things are high-contrast and visually interesting. This look can be graphic, fresh, and modern. The best part? It’s so easy.


All it takes is your beloved white tee or button down, paired with your black skinny jeans or go-to skirt. Yeah, I told you it was easy. Want take to another level? Purchase a few power blazers in black or white and then mix. Suddenly, a chic look is born.


If you’re thinking about introducing this trend into the home, but are fearful of overdoing it, then start with a graphic rug, tile, or art piece. Guaranteed graphic beauty! So what do you think? Is this a trend you’re going to try?

Images: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9

-Michelle from MJP STYLE


My answer? I will definitely try this trend over and over and over again! Thanks Michelle & Happy Friday everyone!

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Elizabeth St. Cafe | Austin

Is it wrong to choose a restaurant just by how it looks from the outside? From my husband’s experience, I do that all the time. I guess, you can say, when it comes to food, I have no loyalty. I like trying something new all the time. So, on a Sunday brunch while cruising at South First here in Austin, we drove by this cafe that we had to turn around. I was drawn to the candy-colored pink and turquoise facade, the striped gray awning was an added bonus and the word Boulangerie literally called my name. This is Elizabeth St. Cafe which offers a French Vietnamese light fare, always with an Austin vibe of course!

French Doors everywhere! Bringing the outside in & the inside out.

A lot of light, striped + turquoise caned chairs and marbled black & white floors are amazing together!
The Parisian chic wallpaper is unexpected in the bar area but totally adorable!
The bar stools have a mix of turquoise & mint hues. The marbled bar with curvy brackets are distinctively French.
You know how I love arched hallways!
The Cafe at night.

 The food? I’m a bit partial as I love Asian & French food. We had a couple of Banh Mi’s {Vietnamese Style Sandwiches}, Nigori Breakfast Punch and Pots De Creme for Dessert, well because Creme Fraiche is good with anything! I’m definitely coming back!

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Austin Downtown Living Tour Recap

So, I’m two weeks late posting about the Austin Downtown Living Tour. Well, this recap is just a partial as I wasn’t able to do the whole tour & had a shoot that afternoon. Anyway, here are some of my snapshots & some things I learned about Downtown & Urban Living.

1. Bedroom Must Have | The Upholstered Headboard: Because of minimalist surroundings, it seems upholstered headboards is a must for that modern bedroom, it gives it the right amount of coziness in the room but maintaining the “coolness” & “chicness” of the surroundings.

2. Make an impact with lighting: Of course every designer & decorator knows that but with modern spaces, every piece should be a statement & the lighting is no exception.

3. Don’t neglect the entryway: Another no-brainer, right? Yes, the foyer or the entryway should be the first place to exude pizzazz.

 4. Choose your decoration wisely: Is it too much to make every piece in a space a conversation piece? I say, a big NO to that. I’m thinking a huge golden nugget, a much huger {?} wall puzzle and a floor to ceiling sculpture of vintage books all fit the conversation piece description.

5. Vignettes shouldn’t be fuzzy: I sort of love maximalism, but in these spaces, being unfuzzy is the way to go!

Thanks so much to DANA & POM PR for a wonderful tour! I especially loved The W & Four Seasons!

Before I end this post, here’s my ever faithful co-conspirator when it comes to Home Tours {Thanks again Kindra & a sneak peek of the photo shoot I styled that day.

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Austin | Downtown Living Tour

Some of the places that will be featured in the Downtown Living Tour: 1. The Map: clustered together, you can easily walk to most of them 2. The Austonian Lobby 3. Four Seasons Residence 4. The 360 Condos pool 5. The Restaurant at the W.
Fresh from the Smarter Spaces Tour…there’s another tour coming up this weekend, April 22nd in this amazing town. The Downtown Living Tour is on again. Now if only I’m a real estate investor, I would buy a unit from each one of the condos featured {there are historical buildings too}. If you must know, I’m a big fan of home tours…I see something new every time, sparks my creativity & enriches that design part of my brain.
Downtown Austin is truly remarkable. Living in one of these spaces, you will be just a walk away from fabulous restaurants, shopping, night life & the lake. That’s why I am so torn about to sell or not to sell our place. Yup, the lingering dilemma from the post last Monday. Still need your help by the way. 🙂
Anyway, get your tix here & have a fabulous stroll in downtown Austin! ————————

Tomorrow, get more Spring Inspiration from Beth of My Design Chic!

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Reclaimed Space

Another Home Tour is brewing in Austin in about a week & I couldn’t be happier! To bring you along my tours, these were seasons past, here for the Modern Home Tour 2011 {sorry haven’t posted 2012’s yet} and here & here . This time, it’s the Smarter Spaces Tour , of course from the fabulous minds of Launch 787. The tour’s theme celebrates great design in smaller spaces. We’re big fans of small space decorating of course! Me & my husband live in a condo ourselves at this time, it definitely got us more creative in creating the most of our space. Even though we’re itching to move into a house soon, I do prefer smaller spaces where I can make the best of every inch of the space & make it all cozy & warm.So, let me tell you about one of the spaces that will be featured this Saturday for the tour: Reclaimed Space. I am totally proud that Austin is becoming one of the nation’s leaders & abounds with forward thinkers who are focused on improving the environment. This company is such a great example…this is their mantra: focused on reversing the impact new building is having on our natural environment, resources and society. Achieving this goal starts with providing alternative energy capabilities and fully sustainable living, while building with reclaimed materials. 

I had the pleasure of seeing the space a couple of weeks ago and had a personal tour, thanks to founder, Tracen & a very talented interior designer, Sarah.

From materials carefully cultivated from deconstructions projects, they are able to make this chic, affordable and eco-friendly portable home.
From the amazing mind of Tracen Gardner, the space does not only celebrate building with quality materials but is also becoming a hub for other builders and product designers to come up with more innovative ideas that are environmentally proactive.

Photos at the entrance: I think everybody should have a windmill…and what about that swinging gate?

Gorgeous lighting with an unmistakable industrial feel by Brent Clifton.
This home was shipping out in about a week to a couple…I’m kinda jealous!
Chicken wire lighting and lovely niches….ahhh, all the possibilities for fabulous vignettes in here!

There’s lots to learn in this space… this is where the Sustain Center is as well; a showroom for integrated sustainable systems. Thanks so much for the tour Tracen & Sarah!

Don’t forget to check out Reclaimed Space at the Smarter Spaces Tour if you live in and around Austin. If not, I’ll bring you along my trip on Twitter & Instagram {inglenookdecor}. See you soon!

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Austin Monthly | Bridal Bash

A Photo Shoot at Barr Mansion: 1. Gorgeous details on this wedding dress by Linda Asaf2. Groom’s Suit by Dandy’s 3. Gorgeous Invitations by Posh Posh Designs 4. Get  pretty by Salon O Day Spa  5. Amazing floral arrangements by Bouquets of Austin Photos by: Songbird Weddings

I blame all the swoon worthy websites dedicated to weddings like Style Me Pretty & 1000 Layer Cake, mags like Martha Stewart Weddings {yes, I adore her!} and meeting amazing planners like my friend Carmela of InStyle Weddings & Destinations, but I am all over looking at wedding stuff & pinning them like crazy on my Pinterest! I kinda wanna renew my vows every year a’ la Heidi Klum & Seal, tsk, tsk, too bad they didn’t work out.

I got married just a little more than a year ago & I must say, although I thought I was pretty organized, there was still a bit of frenzy & chaos surrounding the details of the wedding. Well, lucky for you new brides of Austin & beyond, Austin Monthly is holding their very first bridal bash.

So, here’s the scoop!

WHEN: Feb. 19th
WHERE: At the AT & T Center
WHAT: Meet & learn more about Austin’s upscale & well-known vendors , a former Miss America is hosting, live music by Curtis Grime from the show The Voice & my favorite, a bridal Bling Lounge by Kendra Scott. Ok, I can’t believe it but they didn’t forget about the men, there is a Cufflink Lounge.
WIN: well, lots of prizes…so all brides out there {and non-brides as well I guess, like me who is just wedding crazy}, get your tix here.

This was us pre-wedding, ahhh, I wish I can go back to the planning again {I know, sounds crazy right?} For now, I’ll just live vicariously through all of you new brides. See you at the bash!

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Austin Farmer’s Market

When in Austin, do as the Austinites do. And that is supporting local, sustainability and anything {and everything} organic. After all, this town boasts of the birth place of Whole Foods Market. But before this behemoth of a store came to being, there are the always present and innovative local farmers and food artisans. They conglomerate every Saturday  at the corner of Guadalupe & San Antonio}, this is the Austin Farmer’s Market  downtown.So, on a hot Saturday morning, like a sizzling 107 degrees 2 weeks ago, me & the hubs trekked the grueling one block to got to the market {indeed one of the perks of living downtown}. Here are some pictures I took with my new Nikon DSLR D80 {yes folks, I’m going pro…not!}.

Barney-inspired veggies!
Flowers from the yard!
Pasta! And I’m pretty sure the gray-brown looking ones are not worms.
We got a lemongrass ginger one!
This is sooo good & refreshing by the way…hibiscus mint tea!
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Event with the Austin Eavesdropper & Furnish123

Last week I celebrated a Back to School event with Furnish123 and the lovable, Tolly. The scoop: Furnish123 invited us to design spaces for them in their showroom then they threw a party for us. The designing was exciting but not as enthralling as the event itself. Friends, customers and supporters {yup, I think we have supporters} came and partied the night away. Well til 9:30 at least. Here are some pics:

Me & Tolly in my designed space
Vignettes from the space and the inspiration board I made
Above, cutie pies Andrea & Cathy. Below, an intriguing conversation going on after a champagne glass toast at Tolly’s Hemingway inspired space.
Gorgeous ladies Julie & Marian
Two beautiful ladies Sara & Jette
Ansa and her posse
A meeting of the minds between Teresa & Jane
Bowtie is definitely in!
With the owner, Kyle
Above, piece de resistance, sweets from SugaPlump {which I couldn’t resist of course!}. Below, with Chef Jocelyn.
A totally fun event with such wonderful people! Jette, me, Tolly & Jennifer

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Wednesday Soiree | AFW

So, I’m definitely not a big fashionista {although I oooh and aaah at the sight of a lucite chair with tufted seating} but once a year here in Austin, there’s Austin Fashion Week. There are fashion events North & South, East & West. I’m a little lame with event hopping, it seems I can only do one a night but last Wednesday, I went to a whopping not two, not three but four events. I definitely up my game that night. Here’s a recap:

With dear friend Jeannie of ByJeannie jewelry {she won Texas Next Top Designer…woot!}, personalized cookies and mmm cake pops by Sweet Pop {believe me they were delish!}, the team at Shop Underwear & a necklace from ByJeannie’s Dentelle collection.
Photo Booth by Peter Tung
Next stop Touch of Sass & Bella Bridesmaid: jewelry at the shop, the always stylish Joanna of Keep Austin Stylish, 50’s inspired outfits by Tess Dress  worn by Andrea {with dashing husband}, models for bridal designer, Ciarla Bride & hat designer, Lana Chu.
Last stop, Moss: amazing handcrafted pieces from Margot Wolf {even these two guys were completely flabbergasted}, gorgeous gals, Jenna, Jane & Elisa.
Next year, I’ll have more stamina with event shopping…and maybe have a little more ooommph in my fashion choices, nah, I think I’ll always keep it simple.
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T + M Collab

T stands for Tolly & M stands for moi! Here in Austin, Tolly is the gal about town, amazingly adorable and lovable.  I talked about her here. I’m a big fan of hers. She tells me she likes my work. I’m flabbergasted and super-psyched! In short, it’s a mutual admiration club. She wrote about the shop whenever it first started. I introduced her to Amy who wrote about her home at the Statesman. Now, she’s returning the favor again. I say, a collaboration between her and me is meant to be.

Tolly’s write up on the left, mine on the right. Thanks again Amy!
This time, she introduced me to Furnish123 here in Austin. And they had some questions for both of us. “Can you decorate spaces in our showroom then we’ll throw a party for you? ” Hmmm, we say, what?! We’re definitely in! So, this is how the stars aligned and got this project or collaboration for us. Sweet, right? I hope only the first of more collabs to come. And the person to get all of this together? The talented Jette Momant. Stay tuned for more details!

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