3 Easy Updates for an Old Bathroom

updated old bathroom

The first place we visit in the morning is the loo, right? Well, to start the day right, I say we should see something that’s vibrant and cheerful. Anna from My Bathrooms blog is sharing ideas with us on 3 easy updates for an old bathroom.

If your home is an older one, it probably has a number of charming quirks and interesting features that add depth and texture to your living room or bedroom decor. The one place that you probably do not like to see these old features at is the bathroom. After all, everybody wants a gleaming modern bathroom, not a gloomy one with a stained, oversized tub and dated fixtures and fittings, right? Here are 3 easy updates for you.
1. Color Me Bright!
If your fixtures are sturdy and solid, you are unlikely to want the expense of redoing the entire bathroom. Give your dated bathroom furniture an instant lift by investing in some bath tub paint. This task is a painstaking one, involving thoroughly cleaning the existing bath surface before prepping it for the base coat, which should then be followed by a minimum of two coats of your preferred color.The whole process can take at least one and usually two whole days, so you will need to warn the family that the bath will be out of bounds before your begin. You will be pleased at how something as simple as a couple of coats of paint can brighten and cheer up your old bathroom! You can opt for classic white or you can add a splash of funky color by picking out the tub, basin and even toilet in bright primary colors.
2. Accessorize!
Even the oldest bathroom will look vastly improved with the right accessories from My Bathrooms. Shop around, rather than simply going into the nearest shop and picking up the first set that you see. Look online for ideas and trawl through several websites for inspiration before deciding on the right look for your vibrant bathroom.

3.Light up your Life!

Even if you cannot afford a full bathroom refit, you should invest some money in modernizing the bathroom lighting. Not only is this safer as older electrical wiring can be temperamental and sometimes even dangerous, but the bathroom will look much better with clear bright light banishing the gloom. Modern light fittings can diffuse harsh light, scatter and refract over-bright light and even highlight certain parts of the room rather than others.
Employing just one of the above tips can make a huge difference to your old bathroom, brightening and enlivening the decor and enhancing the proportions of the room. In short, making the best of your beautiful home while creating an attractive and stylish bathroom for family and guests to enjoy.


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