Sketch | Teal and Red Bedroom

teal and red bedroom

Sketch: Red and Teal Bedroom

Maybe this post should be called ramblings while overwhelmed. Well folks, it’s official. I am finally admitting that I’m overwhelmed. My baby is 5 weeks old and with me and my husband living away from family; there’s no rest for the weary.

I thought I was doing well; didn’t mind waking up several times during the night for feed time, learning beyond what I want to learn on how to do things with one hand {well, I have to use my teeth at times too} or the isolation of being at home all the time {I did start going out}. But the latest situation is kicking my butt. I developed mastitis a couple of days ago which I was dreading and sure enough, it’s dreadful. It’s a mild case but still bad enough to make me cry, become so irritable and yes, even hostile. It’s on the mend and I feel better but during my periods of irritability & hostility, I started nitpicking some relationships in my life. Like how some friends who I thought cared hasn’t visited or called since the baby arrived {I do think that it’s childish for me to think this way}. Then giving them the benefit of the doubt … “maybe they wanted to give me space & thought they’ll be a nuisance.” The resentments I’m thinking and feeling and the pressure I give my husband for the things I want and the things I need …which again, was not a good thought at all. Today, I don’t want to think bad thoughts and taking strides to replace them with positive ones. Stress and pain can be so powerful and take over your life. One negative feeling if left unchecked can heighten to something insurmountable. I’m committed to not doing that.

I started to sketch today {Sunday} and just focusing on something entirely different and creative feels good. I have these watercolor pencils I haven’t used … can u tell as I used it over black ink, hence all the blurriness. Well, I know I should know better but seriously, my brain is not working it’s usual 100% yet … ha! Anyway, have a great week everyone!

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