7 Rules of Bookcase Decorating

I’m sure many people will argue that bookcases are meant for books only, but most decorators and designers may respectfully disagree. The truth is, you can use any type of furnishings however you want to as long as it’s functional, but function plus aesthetics? That’s much better! Which leads me to one of our bookcases at Casa Stevens. This is a World Market find by the way and super affordable. Mind you, I was hunting for the perfect brass bookcase but I can’t seem to commit to buying one that’s worth two grand {yes, they are super expensive!}. Solution? Just paint this one in glossy black & spray paint the brackets and other hardware in brass.

bookcase decorating

And here folks are my 7 Rules for bookcase decorating:

1. Mix up accessories & books. Now, I love books. But books with accessories that means something me? That makes it double functional!

2. “His” and “Hers” books go together. So, yes, I adore fancy decorative and designer coffee table books but I also love my husband and although his poker books are not as pretty as mine, they deserve to be in the bookcase at our living room.

3. Add something vintage…for character, most definitely!

4. Put personal mementos, yes personal pictures in gorgeous frames are awesome.

5. Dress up the top…that’s kinda it’s crowning glory.

6. Display objet trouves from travels…for nostalgia.

7. And last but not the least, read your books! Yes, we’ve read all books that’s in our bookcase; and the ones we have at our bedside table will soon be added here as soon as we get done with them.

bookcase styling

How is your bookcase looking everybody? Happy Wednesday!

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