Roundup: 5 Designer Finds

It’s Thanksgiving week everyone! Are you running amok with grocery shopping and getting the casa ready for family & friends? We’ll be visiting my Grandma & Grandpa for the week for my little bebe {he’s 2 months old now!} to meet more of the family.

Here’s a little round-up of new designer finds I’m currently swooning for {and you will too!}. Check out the rest of the article here >>>

designer finds

1/ The design world’s infatuation with bar carts is still a “do” & moreso with the holiday season approaching.

2/ Aside from gorgeous lighting, Apparatus Studio in NYC has decorative objects that are swoon-worthy as well.

3/ Although this is not a Venetian-mirror, it is equally gorgeous and delicate.

4/ I have an infatuation with marigold hues and yellow citrine lately & this sofa is a gem beauty!

5/ Wallpaper murals is coming back with a vengeance & this one at Cole and Son depicting old-world architecture is amazing!

Thanks to Terry’s Blinds for this Design Insights article. Have a jubilant week everyone!

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