Ellen Pompeo’s Home : Before and After

So how was your weekend everyone? My weekdays & weekends are all the same to me since the little one came. Anyway, Sundays are usually “magazine reading days” for me. I have my favorite home mags by the couch … Elle Decor, House Beautiful & I must admit, I have a newfound love for Architectural Digest. Even their new website is amazing! {I thought it was really sterile before}. I think since Margaret Russel took over the mag, it found a new lease on life. A much younger voice but still full of class and sophistication. Well, their November issue is all about before & afters and it’s a must read.

I was especially mesmerized by the work of Martyn Lawrence Bullard at the enchanting home of gorgeous actress, Ellen Pompeo. I dissected the transformation & learned/affirmed a few things about design and decorating from the creative genius that is MLB. Oh, Million Dollar Decorators, how I miss you! Here’s a few things I wanna share. Please pardon the drawing & scan copy. I was drawing/scanning with one hand {holding the baby} & why oh why do scan copies have that blue smudge sometimes?

ellen pompeo living room before

In the living room, a cohesive palette and clever furniture/space planning transformed the space into an amazingly inviting space.

ellen pompeo dining room before

ellen pompeo dining room

The dining room transformation is swoon-worthy! Wood on wood treatments {floors & walls}, who would’ve thought this would work seamlessly without looking like a rustic lodge? That chandelier is to die for.

! ellen pompeo bedroom before

Hmmm, so wall paneling is alive & well. And yes, in this room, it works so well and makes for a cozy & warm retreat.

ellen pompeo bedroom

It really just goes to show you how many elements, layers and textures it takes to make a space well done.

Have an amazing week everyone!

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