Rustic Styling Photo Shoot

Hello everybody! I am super excited to finally get the new website up and running. What do you think? I decided to go really simple and clean, and yes, lots of white! Seriously nothing beats a classic with pops of color, I think. I couldn’t do this without my friend and super web consultant, Andres & his adorable son Matty who plays with acorns just happily and patiently while I go on and on with changes I wanted to make {a girl has to try a hundred things before settling, right?}. And the lovely Kaleigh, graphic designer extraordinaire. She gets me, she just gets me!

Below is a video and glimpses to how I do my styling projects {well, it’s not really as glamorous as it looks}. I would love to look like a fairy and wear cascading dresses at all times of course!

Rustic Styling by from maureen stevens on Vimeo.

I plan to do more videos & amazing collaborations. I hope you connect with me {see social buttons at the sidebar} —- I’m really super-friendly! You can also subscribe via RSS or by inputting your e-mail at the sidebar.

And I am more than grateful for the amazing people below. I am so blessed to know and work with these creatives. I can’t thank you enough! Next week, please come back for some behind the scene photos.








Shot at my friends humble abode, The Plantation…thank you Joanna!

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P is for Pies

Who doesn’t love pies? Whether it’s Buttermilk Pie or delightful rhubarb pie, pie is just the quintessential Southern dessert. Time Warner Clicked In ‘s online platform aims to promote local businesses and I got called in by them for tweaking and styling some pies. All I needed were a few Country chic and charming pieces. Galvanized cake stands, vintage bottles and doilies came to mind of course. Plus mint leaves, raspberries, pecans and more! Little props that makes all the difference. Photos by Chris Brock.[easyrotator]erc_76_1350955116[/easyrotator]

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HGTV Headboard Project

So, the truth is I’ve never designed a headboard before. I guess it’s because I’ve been in love with upholstered pieces so much and I’m not sure I’ll have a future in upholstery. HGTV often ask bloggers and designers to come up with something unique, so when I received that precious e-mail, I was giddy with excitement yet flustered at the same time. Hmmm, what to make? What to make? It has to be affordable and has never been done before. I came up with a shapely piece, painted it with chalkboard paint and added a whimsical silhouette. It’s perfect to write little reminders [and yes, you can get dustless chalk] and make the piece personal with your kid’s silhouettes instead.


I’m glad people loved it! Aside from HGTV [slide 3], it was also featured at Apartment Therapy, Desire to Inspire and other design sites. Now, on to the next challenge…

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Our First Urban Cottage

There’s always an excitement being in a new city, well, especially if that city is Austin. When my then fiance summoned me to move to his favorite city, the first order of business was to get a place together. We bought a unit at the 360 Condos when it was pre-selling. I didn’t even know where exactly it was but the model looked good so we jumped in. It’s all about location, location, location right? Well, how about the space, space, space? At a whopping 754 sq ft, I sure did miss my little cottage and my front yard with identical topiaries at the front door. I was determined to make our tiny space our very own urban cottage. Cement walls paired with vintage clocks, geometric wall paper amidst cozy pieces and white office furniture with a birdcage. It’s all about making it personal, right? I was giddy with excitement when it was featured at The Austin-American Statesman paper on February 2011, the web version is here. Some of the photos are by my friend Andrew.

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Eternal Elegance

Maybe it’s the romantic Victorian landscape or the intricate details of lace and chiffon but these images truly exude eternal elegance. It’s reminiscent of treasured perfume bottles, Venetian scalloped mirrors and Jasmine potpourri. Shot at The Vintage Laundry for Bleach Online. Dress by LillyLorraine.



Photographer: Andrew Chan
Model: Camille Nicole
Wardrobe: Rose Tran
Make-up:  Jacqueline Fernandez
Hair: Liz Nevin
Set Design: Maureen Stevens
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A Bit of Rococo in the Park

Have you seen the movie Marie Antoinette? I’m sure you have! The styling is all about Rococo. I have been obsessed with this design style even before I saw this movie. What’s not to love? Intricate details, baroque styles, elegant refinement….the style is all about romance! So, when Diya of In Her Stilletos asked me to style the set for a Rococo-themed project, I was totally in! Shot at Mayfield Park with amazing and super-tall  models with pastel-colored hair, the shoot was featured at the Teen Vogue website.





DRESSES: Boudoir Queen

HAIR: Brittany Baranowski, Lorie Golden

MAKE-UP: Julie Odom

SET STYLIST: Maureen Stevens

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