The Brazos Kasbah

When people say, Austin is definitely different and unique, they are just not talking about the wonderful, creative people that lives here but also that their homes is a reflection of their awesome style. Last Friday, I met with Crystal, the realtor extraordinaire from Twelve Rivers Realty to show me this unconventional yet distinctively lovely space on Brazos Lofts. These images truly don’t do it justice. You can view this tour at the Austin Downtown Living Tour this Sunday.

Dining Brazos Lofts

  Sitting Area Brazos Lofts

Dining brazos lofts Dining Living brazos lofts

What do you think? A bit of bohemian vibe, the exotic and the global in the heart of downtown Austin. View this downtown space located in the historic warehouse Brazos Lofts at the Downtown Living Tour, get your tickets here. Oh and this home is for sale too! If you or anybody you know is interested, contact Crystal here.

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Chevron Floors

I am with you…I am actually pretty tired of chevron. Chevron walls, chevron paper, chevron curtain panel…oh unless it’s not straight up chevron & have a twist & added ooomph to it. But I guess, it’s different if it’s floors as I love these ones from Mannington Commercial.

This will be so wonderful in a foyer or bath. Hmmm, hint to all design clients.

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Austin Downtown Living Tour 2013

I am obsessed with Home Tours. As an interior stylist and enthusiast, it is so inspiring to see what people have done with their interior spaces especially if they are right in my neighborhood. Well, I live technically in Clarksville now which is West Austin but we can still walk to downtown {where I previously lived}.  I recently had a coffee chat over at Halcyon with the lovely Amber Gugino, DANA Chair about this year’s Downtown Living Tour. Here’s an insight on this year’s tour:
How is the Downtown Living Tour different this year from previous year’s?

The main difference between this year’s Tour and previous iterations is that this year’s Tour will have complimentary shuttle service for all attendees in order to better facilitate access to each of the stops. The Tour will still be self-guided, meaning you visit the stops at your leisure or in any order you like, but you will be able to hop on a shuttle to get you there!

Towers of Town Lake bath

Gorgeous Tiling in this bath don’t you think?

For people that are new to Austin or new to the tour, what can you tell them about the Downtown Living Tour?

I believe that the Downtown Living Tour is hands-down the best way to get to know many of the residential buildings in downtown Austin in one day.  If you are thinking about moving downtown, OR if you are just interested in seeing how folks live in the condo lifestyle – this is the opportunity to experience that!  This year, we have buildings like The Shore Condos in Rainey, The 360, Brazos Lofts, The 5 Fifty Five Condos, and others on the Tour. There is no substitute to actually visiting the buildings.

Towers of Town Lake master bath

 DLT {Downtown Living Tour} supports DANA {Downtown Austin Neighborhood Association} & proceeds goes to this organization, in a nutshell, what is the mission of DANA?

The mission of DANA is simple – we want to make downtown Austin a great place to live!  We do that through a series of social events called Urban Core Happy Hours, and through working with developers and the City to keep policies and development in line with a high-quality of life.  The Tour allows us to continue our operations and remain influential.

Towers of Town Lake kitchen

Towers of Town Lake closet

Everybody needs an organized closet like this!

 Give us your 5 Best tips for tour-goers this year.

1. Buy tickets now! We only have a very limited amount of VIP tickets (which allow you entry into exclusive Tour stops like the Four Seasons Residences Austin, the JJ Pickle Federal Building, and the Penthouse at Towers of Town Lake) AND prices are subject the increase soon. Tickets can be purchased at
2. Arrive early so you can ensure you have ample time to see everything!
3. Wear comfortable clothing – even though we will have shuttles, wearing heels is probably not a good idea!
4. Learn about DANA and our non-profit partner ECHO before the Tour so you can have an idea of the great causes you are supporting!
5. Come with friends! The Tour is not just a chance to learn about some of downtown Austin residential buildings, but also an opportunity to enjoy everything downtown has to offer – it’s a homes tour AND a social outing all in one.

Thank you so much Amber! This year’s tour would be amazing with shuttles & champagne.Here’s a recap of my Downtown Living Tour last year. Austin, it’s this Sunday, May 19 and starts at 10:30 am. Get your tickets here! Have a glimpse of what Downtown Austin Living is all about!

Images by Allison Cartwright; Towers of Town Lake Property

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CH 24 | The Wishbone Chair

I am so fond of wishbone chairs right now. It’s sleek but still has some curves. It’s modern yet classic, versatile & totally relaxed. Designed by Hans Wegner, it was introduced in the 1950’s by the Danish furniture makers Carl Hansen & Son. It was actually a mid-century modern update on the Quan Yi chair, a ceremonial throne in the Ming Dynasty. Today, the Wishbone chair can take on any hue and can live and sit beautifully in any space.

I’m kinda in love with the chartreuse one. What’s your favorite?

Images: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

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Paint Line | Jeff Lewis

Raise your eyebrows if you love Jeff Lewis of Flipping Out. His openness about him being obsessive-compulsive is quite endearing & funny at the same time. Well, he just came out with his own paint line. It’s fairly new to the market and features hues that you can mix and match and won’t have clashing results. Talk about “Choosing color for Dummies.” Not that we are dummies, but it simply takes the guess work out of the equation. To me, they are all neutrals divided into 3 categories: the true neutrals like whites & ivory’s, cool neutrals with hint of blues & greens & warm neutrals, the ones with a brown tint.


They even made the glosses much simpler.


In Austin, the Jeff Lewis Paint line is available only at Treehouse. And just for a quick plug, mark your calendars 🙂 May 25th, I’m holding a class at Treehouse on Color Theory & paint. We’ll even get our hands dirty! A more formal invite to come!

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The Simple Process of E-Design

Floor Plan Sketch

Happy Monday! I hope you had the best of Derby + Cinco de Mayo Weekend! I want to share the ongoings with a new E-design client. So, a friend just asked me what I meant by E-design. In my mind, I thought everybody knows. E-Design is short for “electronic design” or “virtual design”. It’s simply a new way of helping clients with decorating a space, a room or even their whole  house electronically, virtually, remotely through e-mail, phone and online . The reasons to want E-design varies ; it may just be that they are in a different demographic , they don’t have the resources or don’t really need full design service. Let’s face it, clients are more design-savvy than ever {well, with so many design-decorate-diy-craft shows, blogs and mags out there!}.

The morris

This is Megan & Jeff {aren’t they adorable?}, newly married, young & just bought their first home, a charming bungalow in Tennessee. Megan e-mailed me & said that our design aesthetic jives & she asked for my  help design their L-shaped living room. Here is a simple step by step list of how the process worked:

1. The e-mail was Step 1.

2. I asked her several questions of likes/dislikes, how they would like their space to feel, function and yes, which furnishings/accessories that to them absolutely must stay {heirloom, sentimental value}.

3. She sends me images of the house and the space in all angles, a floor plan with dimensions {but no worries — if you don’t have the actual plan, you can just describe it, rough sketch it but measurements are a must!}.

4. I started doing a time log via Google Doc that I share with them & we made a secret group Pinterest Board of inspiration images, because a picture is worth a thousand words {yes, when doing E-design, these online resources are very helpful}.

5. I sent them a mood board to give them a framework for design, notes on color palette, furniture dimensions, accessories, etc.

6. I made another Google Doc spreadsheet on what is needed and possible resources {I extend a % of my to the trade discount with them if they decide to purchase with one of my suggestions that’s a wholesaler or to the trade only accounts — a win win for both of us}.

7. They are executing as we speak & of course I’m available via phone & e-mail for questions & advise {because Design truly is a process}.


What do you think? They have been pretty happy so far and we are now in the process of getting their bedroom together! The couple is sending me images of the living room soon for the big reveal! I can’t wait!

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7 Designs for Your Outdoor Space

We have a cold front that just came in but that’s not stopping me from dreaming about the outdoors. It’s one of my must have in a home. Give me a courtyard or a porch & I’m happy! Well I need a cafe au lait and a good book {or magazine} to read too. Whatever vibe you have in your space or home, you can make your outdoor space totally different. It’s your escape, your reverie, your mini vacation. Here are 7 Designs for Your Outdoor Space:

1. French Elegance: So, the name is too formal but how else can I describe an outdoor space like this? Architectural elements, muted soft colors, exquisite furnishings in adorable symmetry.

2. Bohemian: Because there’s a free spirit in all of us. One who thinks freely & lives life creatively, all under a roof of vibrant colors and candle lanterns galore.

3. Coastal: Think Nantucket, red or blue ticking, like you’re celebrating the Fourth of July everyday sitting comfortably in white wicker furniture or Adirondack chairs.

4. Modern: Sleek lines, minimalism; No fuss, no muss.

5. Country: It’s a little Country, a little shabby chic and overall a vintage feel.

6. Ethnic: Go Moroccan or African or just something with an exotic or tribal feel. A canopy in your porch? Why not?

7. Casual Modern: It’s comfortable and cozy with colorful vibrance.

I hope you get some ideas! I’m trying to spruce up my outdoor space as well this weekend. Let me know if I can help & happy weekend!

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Images: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

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A Haute Couture Duplex in Paris

How did they ombre those walls????? Isn’t it gorgeous? Once in a while, I just get so awed and inspired by interiors that so they say, pushes the envelope, take risks and soars freely. It’s a mix of the old and the new, modern meets antique architectural elements. It’s always so subtle yet the move is bold and beautiful.

Do you see the diagonal on the floor, where original parquet flooring meets resin? Oooh la la. And this Duplex is in Paris. It’s haute couture indeed!
Design by Ramy Fischler. Images via InteriorDesign.Net

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Minted + West Elm Design Challenge

Deco Drink Prints 1 | 2

Deco drink prints


Inspiration Board

Who is ready to see The Great Gatsby? Well, it couldn’t come soon enough. Just like everybody else, me & my friend Kaleigh couldn’t wait; that’s why when we entered the Minted + West Elm Design challenge; we wanted it to be about the 1920’s. We made Deco Drink Prints for the Bar Cart Area. We made them with just a hint of the Art Deco era, make it in a soft palette & use quirky quotes by these amazing writers; Ernest Hemingway & F. Scott Fitzgerald himself, author of The Great Gatsby. We love the idea of a bar cart as an end table for a living room and to complete the look, gold serving trays, rimmed glasses & plates speckled with gold dust— all from West Elm of course! The living room look is not complete without a plush velvet sofa in gem-inspired cobalt blue & a Mongolian lamb pillow {just like the furs and coats worn by high-society women of the 1920’s}.

Can you “love” our designs please? Just click here and here. The inspiration board is here. Would love for you to share! Grazie! Merci! Thanks!

bar quote print meldeen maureen stevens

bar quote print hemingway

These prints are a collaboration of Meldeen and me! Let us know if you’d like a print or two!

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Modern Bungalow | Dwell Studio for Robert Allen

via Coco Kelley

Ready for the outdoors yet? The weather here in Austin is still a little finicky, sometimes it’s Spring Warm and sometimes it’s cool. I think tomorrow we have some rain + lightning. Not a good day for strawberry picking at Sweetberry Farms in Marble Falls {a recommendation by my friend Melissa, Pilates instructor extraordinaire}. Anyway, rain or shine, when I think of Spring, Al Fresco dining always come to mind. Whether in a courtyard, a patio, a conservatory, a cabana or a porch. Which brings me to outdoor fabrics. I am just so glad that we have more options now, you can make an outdoor dining table that pretty much looks like the one in your indoors dining room. When it comes to outdoor fabrics, Sunbrella sets the trend don’t you think? Just recently Dwell Studio for Robert Allen just came up with a line using Sunbrella fabrics, the Modern Bungalow collection. With flourishes of blues and greens, natural motifs and bold geometrics, the line is perfect for Spring and Summer.

My Top four clockwise from top left: 1. Jungalow  2. Lazy Cabana 3. Cross Lane 4. Delmano

Gorgeous fabrics right? Now I’m really dreaming of al fresco dining! Have a happy weekend everyone!

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